A Little Bit of Love: Part Four

by Bustix

Summary: Jubilee runs away, and faces more problems then she barganed for on the streets of New York

Disclaimer: All characters you remember aren't mine... wish they were... but they aren't...

Notes: Whew! This is wierd! I've never been able to get this many parts out this quickly before! Well, I'm not complaining!

They ate at a dingy little restaurant on the corner of the street they had met at. The cook had given them looks, due to their scruffy appearance, but had let them eat there anyway. All in all, they had made around twenty dollars that morning. Jubilee had only picked one pocket, and had done a good job of it, except for the fact that she had paused in mid- sentence to do it, and had nearly tipped the guy off.

Tesia leant back in her chair, a smirk pasted on her face, and she stared at Jubilee.

" So, who's the guy you were tellin' me about earlier?" she asked suddenly. Jubilee blinked in surprise, but replied," Uh, Logan?" Tesia nodded. She seemed interested in Jubilee's old life. Jubilee shifted in her seat, grimacing as if she were in pain.

" Well, like I said, he was like my father in a way..."

" Yeah, I know, but ... what was he LIKE and shit?" Tesia intterupted impateintly. Jubilee shifted again as she said," He acted, like, macho all the time, but he was a softie too, like, you just had to see under the rough spots to see the smooth ones, ya know what I mean?" Tesia nodded. Jubilee sat back and said," He acted like I couldn't do nothin' by myself. And I can! I've lived on my own before!" she lowered her voice and leaned forward. Tesia did the same.

" I am NOT Kitty. I am not a clone. I have my own mind, and I'm not perfect." Jubilee muttered bitterly. She reached over and took a long swig of her coke," And... I was just so tired of everybody leaving me behind. I mean, they left the little girl behind because she's 'only a kid'. Oh God, if they'd called me that one more time, I thought I was going to puke." She snagged one of Tesia's fries, and waved it in the air as she talked.

" That's when they sent me to the baby school. They packed me up and shoved me onto the plane, and I was gone. They forgot about me." Tesia nodded, but her face held no expression Jubilee could read.

" What about you?" she asked, finally popping the fry in her mouth. Tesia sat back and told her.

" I was born here, and I'll die here, I think. My mother was about 14, and after about a month, or at least that's what I was told, I was dumped in a dumpster. After that, I mooched off of an old man that sometimes came around. Then he finally taught me how to survive and by that time I was ten. He died the month after my birthday. I never knew his name, but I'll never forget him. I've lived on the streets my whole life." Tesia was quiet for a moment. Then she suddenly seemed to perk up a bit.

" Hey Jube-Jube. Let's get outta here." And she stood. Jubilee did too. They didn't bother leaving a tip.


Remy LeBeau stared at his friend and teammate, Logan. He'd been more than willing to help Logan find, as he put it, the p'tite, but he hadn't realised that the job would include going to a bar, and getting as drunk as possible, which Logan was just now in the process of doing. The amount of beer that man had already put away without getting hammered was mind-boggling, and he didn't seem to be slowing, not in the least. Remy himself was nursing a beer but it wasn't his intent to get drunk. He was merely there to drive Logan back to the motel when he thought it was time.

He sent another side-long glance at Logan. His teammate was in bad shape. Jubilee's leaving had effected him. Logan's eyes were blood shot, and he had a sluggish quality to him. It was as if a storm cloud was raining on him twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. He was more tempermental than usual lately and Remy'd been careful not to cross his path when he was in a mood, which was most of the time.

Remy took a sip of his beer and resumed his musings. Kitty had wisely chosen to stay at the mansion. It didn't take an Einstien to figure out that Jubilee had left partly because of her. The GenX kids had wanted to search too, but Emma had insisted that they stay at the school while she went to look for Jubilee herself. Remy remembered Everett's reaction with a gimace. He'd synched to Kitty, who had been standing by quietly, and proceeded to walk through the walls. He'd gotten outside before he had unsynched himself, and Sean had caught him. The one called Monet had talked him into waiting, but they all knew that if they didn't find her soon, Ev would try. Angelo had been sullen, barely speaking a word, but when he did, it was to say," Just get her home." Remy had come along with Logan at his request because of his easy nature, Angelo had thought he might win Jubilee over if Logan couldn't. Remy was a real charmer and Jubilee might respond to that better than Logan's desperation.

Speaking of Logan, Logan had just ordered another beer. Remy 'tsk tsked' and took another sip.

" Logan, you tink dat be a good idea? Remy don't." Remy chided.

" Shove it Cajun. I'm not in the mood for yer whining." Logan snapped. Remy flashed him an innocent grin.

" Oui, but Remy in da mood to whine. I t'ought was was goin' to find da petite. Not get drunk." Logan gave him a glare and a growl that shut the Cajun's mouth, and then they were both silent.


" I miss her."

Five heads turned to look at Everett. Paige nodded in sympathy.

" We all do." she said. Angelo grumbled something, but no one could quiet make out the words.

" What?" Ev asked.

" I said, then we should be doin' somethin' for the chica." he said, louder this time. Jono looked skeptical.

~ Are you sure that's what she'd want?~ he asked in thier minds. Angelo glared at Jono and snapped," What are ya sayin'?"

~ I'm saying that maybe she just needs some time away. Maybe she has every intention of coming back when she's ready.~ Jono replied calmly. Angelo paused to think about this, but Ev stood and angrily shouted," I want her back! She doesn't know what she's doing!" Suddenly, Monet stood. She placed a hand on Ev's arm and he sat.

" I think Jono might be correct." she said carefully," She could just want to be left alone.." She turned to Jono," But if you are wrong Jono..."

She didn't need to finish the sentence.


A week later...

Jubilee and Tesia were huddled in thier alleyway. Tesia had come to like Jubilee's company, and they worked together well. Jubilee was most useful when it came to getting food. The nights had been okay since Jubilee's first night by herself, but this night was by far the worst. The winds tore at them, and rain came down like a faucet. Neither girl had been able to sleep.

When dawn finally approached again, both girls were exhausted and hungry. It was still cloudy as they wandered the streets, and few people were acually outside, therefore diminishing the possibility of geting money, which they were fresh out of. Tesia sorted throught thier options, but was interupted when Jubilee began to cough.

Dry, horrible sounding coughs escaped Jubilee's lips, causing her to bend over. It lasted only a few minutes, but that was enough for Jubilee. She thanked God when they stopped. Her throat ached, and her whole body was sore. Her head pounded, and she felt hot and cold at the same time. She'd never felt this sick before.

" You okay, Jube- Jube?" Tesia asked. Only the faintest lines of concern could be seen in her eyes. Jubilee smiled weakly, and assured her friend that she was alright. Tesia nodded and then went back to trying to slove thier problem.


Ev sat in the library. He wasn't doing anything in particular, but his face was as cloudy as the skies outside. Angelo was walking past the library and saw his teammate sitting there. One part of him wanted to run, and not talk with Ev, but the other part of him wanted to help Ev in any way he could. With a sigh, he stepped into the room. Ev barely looked up when Angelo appraoched the table he was sitting at, but when Angelo sat, he did.

"What'r you doing here?" Ev asked.

" I thought I'd catch up on some reading... this is the Li-br-ar-y ain't it?" Angelo joked.

" Hell Ange, I didn't know you could read." Ev replied. Angelo smiled a little.

They both sat in silence for a little, just thinking, when all of a sudden Angelo said," I think she'll be okay Ev, I honestly do." Ev looked at Angelo for a moment, and then smiled sadly.

" I know, but I wonder if she knows what it's doing to us." he said, then then turned his gaze away.