A Lttle Bit Of Love: Part Five

by Bustix

Summary: Jubilee runs away, and faces more problems then she barganed for on the streets of New York

Disclaimer: All characters you remember aren't mine... wish they were... but they aren't...

Jubilee was getting worse. Tesia could tell this without any difficulty. Even though she hid it well, Tesia could see that Jubilee was fading fast. They hadn't gotten anything to eat in days, and thier hunger was very persistant. It was harder on Jubilee, because she wasn't used to it. Her cough was worse today, and everytime Jubilee succumbed to a fit, it made Tesia cringe and feel like she was running out of time. It was late, around ten-thirty.

'What am I going to do?' Tesia thought wildly. She knew that Jubilee wouldn't let her take her to a hospital, and Tesia knew no one that could help them. Jubilee was wheezing now, and the noise broke through Tesia's thought's. Jubilee was panicking, thrashing wildly on the pavement in front of Tesia. Holding her friend's arms to keep her from hurting herself, Tesia knew it was getting out of hand. There was only one thing she could do.

Tesia gathered Jubilee in her arms, and wasn't surprised at her slight weight. She ran to the nearest phone, and then turned to Jubilee.

" Call them." she demanded. Jubilee just looked up at her in shock.

" You... want... me.... to... call..." Jubilee was having a hard time talking, her throat was too sore. Tesia nodded. As usual, she showed no expression on her face. Jubilee shook her head feverently. Teisa grabbed Jubilee's shoulder's with a bruising force.

" Listen to me Jube-Jube! You don't want to live on the streets. It's too hard. You've done it before, ya, I know, but if I had a choice, I'd stay in a home. I know you're mad at them, but you have to work it out, and not just run! Running never does any good. Now, Jubilee, you have GOT to call them. You're sick and starving, and I don't want to see you die on the streets 'cause that's not how I want it to end! Now do it before I end you myself!"

Taken aback and a little stung by the older girl's harsh words, Jubilee picked up the phone. She dialed the framiliar number and it started to ring. Tesia nodded in satasfaction.


Jean was sitting in an arm chair by the phone when it rang. Putting her book in her lap, she reached over and lifted the reciever. She recited the message for directing calls and then waited for the person on the other line to speak. When it was silent, she said," Hello?" No answer. Finally she went to hang up with a shrug, but then she heard a faint, almost unrecognisable voice.

" Jean..." there was a faint sense of sadness in the person's voice.

Tears rushed to Jean's eyes and she had to pause before saying," Jubilee?"

" Yeah... it's me..." Jubilee said, the wheeze tinging each of her words. Jean was instantly worried.

" Jubilee, what's wrong? You sound horrible."

" I'm... really sick... need your... help... please Jean... please..." Jubilee's voice became urgent. The tears ran down Jean's cheeks.

" Where are you Jubilee? I'll get over there in no time, I'll take the Blackbird."

There was a slight hesitation and then Jubilee said in a voice full of sorrow," I'm in New York." And gave her the street name. Jean didn't want to hang up the phone, but she had to so she could get to Jubilee in time.

" I'll be right there honey. And Jubes?"

" Yeah... Jean?"

" I love you." she said, her voice cracking under the emotion. Jubes sighed and hung up.


The two girls sat near the phone booth in silence for a little before Tesia said," They're coming." It wasn't a question. Jubilee nodded as another cough escaped her lips. Then tears fell down her cheeks.

" I'm sorry Jubes, but I belong here... I can't come with you, not yet." Tesia said. Jubes nodded. She understood, but it was just so hard to say goodbye.

" You... my sister... Tesia..." Jubes managed. Tesia smiled, tears running down her cheeks too.

" Ditto Jube-Jube, always and forever." She hugged Jubilee one more time, and then stood. She pressed her fingers to her lips, and then placed them on Jubilee's cheek, and then she was gone.

Jubilee looked down the street after her friend.

" Goodbye." she whispered. She struggled into a upright position and pulled her knees up to her chest. She rested her cheek against her knees and let her tears run freely.


Jean lept off of the Blackbird as soon as she could. She cast a look up and down the street, but a few of the streetlights were broken, and she couldn't see much. She could sense Jubilee though, and the pain she was in. Jean broke into a run, and soon she found the broken little girl sitting by the phone booth. Jubilee smiled, a faint ghost of her usually briliant smile, and rasped," Miss me?" Jean dropped to her knees, gathered Jubilee's body into her arms, and sobbed in relief as the others came running up.