A Little Bit of Love: Part 6

by Bustix

Summary: Jubilee comes home, but this is where chaos insues. ( part 6 is a tad boring)

Disclaimer: All characters you remember aren't mine... wish they were... but they aren't...

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When Remy called the mansion, he wasn't surprised to hear that they were all gone. What did surprise him was the reason. He grinned widely, and clutched the phone tightly in excitement and happiness," You sure? Ok! Gambit not doubt you.... Oui, I tell Logan.. .. Oui... Aurevoir." Remy hung up with phone.

Logan was sitting on the couch, absorbed in his own thoughts when Remy burst into his motel room. He growled at the intrusion, and popped his claws in annoyance.

" Logan! Dey find de petite! She was in New York, an' Jean got a call, it was Jubilee! An' dey fly de Blackbird over, an' dey brought her home, an' now we gotta get dere too..." Logan was already getting his things, even as the Cajun told him the good news.

' Finally! Jubes darlin' when I get there, we're gonna work it all out, you'll see, everything'll be fine now... you'll see...'

Logan was in the car before Remy, and almost took off without the New Orleans native.


Jubilee felt so tired. She sat alone in her room at the mansion, IV attached to her arm and oxygen mask covering her mouth and nose. She also felt like she had just gone in one huge circle. She knew her life was going no where, and there was nobody she could really depend on. She had once thought she could depend on Logan.... Logan. Jubilee had begun to cry tears of loss, anguish and defeat. The only friend she had really trusted was Tesia, and she couldn't even count on her anymore.

" Tesia..." Jubilee whispered and then lay back in her bed. She cried herself to sleep, the face of her best friend haunting her dreams.


" Has Remy and Logan arrived yet?" Ororo asked as she sat down at the table in the kitchen. She slid a cup of coffee to Jean, who accepted it gratefully.

" They were going in the opposite direction of Jubilee, so the should be here soon." Jean replied.

" How is Jubilation, anyway?" Ororo asked, taking a sip of her own coffee.

" Hank said she's pretty bad off. Rough case of pneumonia." Jean replied quietly.

" Not only that, but she's so depressed, Ororo, and I don't know how to help her. i have no idea how she'll react to seeing Logan, and she's just so..." Jean trailed off, groping for the right word.

" Detached, from everything." she finished finally. Ororo nodded," You've talked to her though?"

" Only for a little bit. She said she wanted Tesia. Then she refused to tell me about this Tesia person. " Jean sighed wearily.

" Perhaps we should get Remy to talk to her. He's good with children, and he's a charmer. He could get her to open up a little, I'm sure." Ororo suggested.

" That's a good idea." Jean smiled," We can ask him when he gets home, but what about Logan?"

" I think we should ask Jubilation that question."


" Jubilee? Are you awake?" Jubilee was awakened by a knock at the door. She groaned, and attempted to block it out, but it was persistant. Finally she yelled," I am now. Come... on in." She was still short of breath, so her voice still faded in and out.

" How are you today?" Jean asked as she entered the room. She had a bowl of soup with her. She set the soup on Jubilee's nightstand, but didn't expect her to eat it right away.

" I've... been better... Jean." Jubilee replied slowly. Jean smiled briefly as she sat on the corner of her bed. She fiddled with the bed spread as she asked Jubilee," Can I ask you a question?"

" Ask... away..." was the faint reply. Jean looked down as she asked," What do you want to do about Logan? When he comes home I mean." Jubilee winced at the mention of her former-mentor's name.

" I... I don't... know..." the young teen seemed to be on the verge tears. Jean was quick to soothe her, apologising the whole time. Finally Jubilee said to Jean," I wanna see him... so I ... can tell him... how bad... he made me feel....and... Jean?"

" Yes Jubes?" Jean was not pleased with the way Jubilee was handling the situation, and in her opinion, Jubilee needed to work things out with Logan, not shun him. Butshe knew there was nothing she could do to change the girl's mind, it was Jubilee's choice after all.

" Can... I talk to... Frosty... please?" Jean stared at her for a second, and then she nodded. She hadn't expected that request at all. Jean knew that deep down, Jubilee loved her teacher, but she would never admit it.


About half an hour later, after Jean had almost had to force some of the soup down Jubilee's throat, she helped Jubilee to the phone, since she was still too weak to walk by herself.She plunked Jubilee in a chair by the phone, and then dailed for her. Jubilee rolled her eyes at the motherly attention she was recieving. The phone rang several times before Sean picked it up. Jean quickly handed the phone to Jubilee.

" Hello?" Sean said.

" 'Lo Sean." Jubilee said.

" Jubes!" Sean yelped.

" No Sean... it's... Santa." Jubilee started to laugh, which just brought on another round of laughter. On the other line, Sean chuckled uncertainly.

" How are ye lass?" he asked. Jubilee sighed," I'll be... fine..."

" You dinae sound fine." he replied.

" Yeah... price you... pay... when having... pneumonia..."

" I suppose so." the Headmaster replied awkwardly.

" Can I talk ... ta Frosty... for a sec?" she asked. Sean began to nod furiously before he realised he was talking on the phone, and so, Jubilee could not see his gesture.

" Uh... sure Jubilee. Hang on." Jubilee was on hold for about five mintues before Frost came on the phone. She sounded as cold as a January morning, but Jubilee was greatfful for this, because she didn't want people to treat her differently than before... well, a little bit, maybe. She could hear the voices of Paige and Ev in the background yelling various things mostly about wanting to talk to her. Jubilee had to smile at that.

" Hey... Frosty, how's it... hangin'?"

" I assure you Jubilation, that everything is... hanging... just fine. I assume you are being properly taken care of?"

" Yeah Frosty."

" Good." the White Queen said," Is there something I can do for you Jubilation?" Her voice softened a little when she said that.

" Besides not callin'... me Jubi... lation.... yes... there is something... I need ya... to do..."


What does Jubilee want Emma to do? What's going to happen when Logan returns home? Will Remy be able to talk to the girl? Will Jubilee ever be the same again??

Ok, enough with the questions!! :o)