A Little Bit of Love: Part 7

by Bustix

On the day following the phone call, two important things happened to Jubilee. First, she was taken off the oxygen and IV, and was allowed to walk around, with, of course, a little help from Jean. Second, Remy and Logan finally returned.

It was late when they returned. Jubilee was sitting on the couch with Bobby, and they were having an animated discussion about which was a better movie, 'Wild Things' or 'Titanic', over a bowl of popcorn.

Jubilee, who was in favour of Titanic, said," Titanic is romantic, it's cool, it's got Leo, and it's actually got a plot that is tasteful, unlike Wild Things, where the whole thing is sex, sex, sex."

" It's not all about sex!" Bobby protested. Jubilee snorted.

" Yeah, you're right, some of it's just nudity."

Just then, Jean came into the room.

" Jubilee. I think it's time you went to bed. You've had a long day, and I don't want you to wear yourself out." Jubilee groaned, but got up anyway. She flashed a grin at Bobby," We'll continue this later." Bobby winked back in response.

As they climbed the stairs, Jean sensed someone approaching the house. She brushed it off however, as they approached Jubilee's room.

After Jean was sure Jubilee was settled and comfy, she went back down the stairs to greet the new arrivals. She wasn't very surprised to see Remy and Logan standing there. She smiled and said," It's about time you two showed up." Logan smiled back wearily, and replied," Can I see her?"

Jean hesitated a second before saying," I'm not sure if it's a good idea right now, why doesn't Remy see her first, I have to talk to you for a moment." Remy grinned, and bounded up the stairs, while Jean led Logan into the kitchen for a heart to heart.


When she heard the knock at the door, Jubilee assumed it was Jean, coming in to ask her a question. She sighed and said," Come in Jean."

Remy stepped into the room instead, and she grinned.

" Remy!" she squealed. He smiled, and gave her a tight hug.

" When did you get back?" she asked.

" Jus' a few minutes ago." he said, and sat on the edge of her bed. She just looked at him, knowing he wanted to say something to her.

" Why did you go?" he finally inquired. She shrugged.

" A whole buncha reasons." she replied softly.

" Y'gonna tell me?" he asked. Jubilee shook her head. Remy smiled sadly.

" That's ok chere. Well, I guess you should get yo' sleep. Bon nuit." Remy got up and headed for the door. Just as he reached the door, Jubilee called to him," Remy!"

" Oui?"

" Is- is Logan..." Jubilee trailed off, not knowing what to say. Remy understood though, and said to the girl," He's here Jubes, although he ain't doin' too good." Jubilee lowered her eyes from his, thinking about what he had just said.

" Get some sleep, p'tite. I'll come back in da mornin'." he told her. She lay back in the bed, and closed her eyes. Much to her surprise, Remy kissed her gently on the cheek, before he left the room.


In the Kitchen

" What's up Jeannie?" Logan asked as the two adults sat down at the kitchen table. Jean looked a little agitated, and it was really starting to bother him. She looked at him, and smiled nervously.

" Um... I-I talked to Jubilee awhile ago. I asked her if she wanted to see you, and she said the only reason she wanted to see you would be to tell you how bad you made her feel. Logan, I think you should let her blow up at you, cool off for awhile, and then try to patch things up. I know you want to talk to her right away, but she feels you betrayed her... abandoned her, and that's not an easy thing to forgive. Logan... just take things slow with her... please?" She looked at Logan beseechingly, and smiled when he nodded his assent. Jean patted him on the hand, and then stood, and left Logan to his thoughts.


Meanwhile, at in Massachusetts, Emma was walking up the stairs to Jubilee's room. Since it had been a very busy day for her, she had not gotten around to doing Jubilee's favour until now. As she reached the right door, she went in, and looked around the room in dismay. It would take her ages to find what she was looking for at this rate. On Jubilee's half of the room, it was like a tornado hit, and left nothing untouched.

Sighing, Emma began to dig through the mess, her nose wrinkled in disdain. It was almost twenty minutes later before she found what she was looking for. As she held the object in her hand, she carefully made her way out of the room, and shut the door behind her.


Author's notes: I'm really trying to finish this off in about one, or maybe two more chapters, but I'm not making any promises.