by Burny

Disclaimer: These are Marvel's characters. I'm making no money from this.

Note: Takes place after Generation X #70.

I'm not good enough.

I never was.
Not to the X-Men
Not to myself
Not to my teachers
Not to my friends.

Keep me at the mansion because it's too dangerous.
Send myself to the junior leagues.
Ignore anything I say, since it's all babble anyway.
Chase after the cold, snobbish, beautiful・
        young woman・..
        Who always.
        Went out of her way.
        To make me feel.

You were the best!
Not just a great guy, but the best any woman could hope to land! Kind, considerate, gorgeous, enough love to make Mother Theresa roll her eyes.

Why wasn't I good enough to love? Yes, I'm being selfish. In two days, I've lost every material connection to my past and my
・ my・

And you were the only one who almost respected me. Not just like,
        Not just laugh at,

So. Now what?

Yes, I could try to earn their respect.
But I shouldn't have to-

Alright. I'll earn it from me first.

Even dead and silent, you're still right.

And you're still on my side.

I love you Ev.
Best Buds Forever.
~ J ~