Reborn: Chapters 7-8

by Raymond Wood

 Chapter Seven : Dark Horizons

"Do it again!" Jubilee cried, clutching her 'Wolvie' doll to her chest.

"No." Logan replied gruffly, Remy and Rogue snickering behind him.

"Again!" Jubilee cried, adding a defiant air to her voice, her bottom lip sticking out.

"I said no Darlin', an' I mean no." Logan replied, adding a commanding tone to his voice.

A mischievious twinkle filled Jubilee's eye, a glint that Logan had seen many a time before in Remy's eyes during countless Danger Room sessions and battles where he was about to pull an ace from his sleeve. Logan had thought he knew Jubilee well enough, though he never had to deal with a two year old version of the teenager he had grown to love like a daughter. Realization hit him too late as Jubilee filled her lungs, belting out a fierce scream that caused great pain to Logan's heightened senses. In a futile attempt to silence the toddler for a moment to reason with her, he clamped a hand over her mouth only to be bitten.

"For flaming crying out loud!" Logan cried, pulling his hand back and then covering his ears.

"Jubilee hon! Quit screaming!" Rogue yelled, earning silence from her daughter who merely looked to Logan smugly.

Logan looked to Jubilee, letting a growl rumble from his chest, yet as with her former self, she only giggled at his attempt to appear fierce. With a sigh, he swallowed his pride and took in a breath, while Jubilee squealed with delight knowing she had won, waiting to join in as the first verse was sung.

"I'm a little Wolvie"
"Short and Stout"
"When I loose my handle"
"I scream and shout"
"When I get all steamed up"
"Ya better watch out"
"Cause it'll be over"
"Soon as the claws pop out!"

Jubilee squealed with delight afterwards as she jumped up and hugged Logan, while Remy and Rogue snickered. They knew they still had to work on Jubilee's biting habit, but figured that Jubilee would probably find out soon enough from Logan that his patience wore thing quickly, and that her little tricks would not work. Heading back to the firepit, Remy checked on the hotdogs, while Rogue tended to the pitcher of Lemonade needing to be made. From over the hill, Emma and Bobby soon emerged, with a colourful pair of figures following, known to all as Artie and Leech.

"Jubilee!" Leech cried, running up to the toddler who ran as fast as her short legs could carry her.

Leech picked up Jubilee and spun her around, having grown from the thirteen year old boy to a strapping seventeen year old youth. Artie made a psonic holographic image of the toddler Jubilee, wearing a yellow trench coat and fireworks streaming from her hands, earning a giggle for his effort. Emma and Bobby smiled, then ushered their wards back to the picnic that had been arranged. Monet and Warren still had yet to arrive, bringing a few others of the X-men who would be able to attend the family picnic that had been planned for today.

"And how is my Goddaugther this day?" Emma asked, taking Jubilee from Leech who then grabbed Artie and ran off to arrange a game of football.

"Am fine! Unca Wolvie sang Am a little Wolvie!" Jubilee squealed, earning a big smile from Emma as she found a new taunt for Logan.

"He did, did he? Oh, did Daddy get that on video tape?" Emma inquired, tickling Jubilee before sitting down on the picnic table.

"Not dat Logan know it, but check in de tree when he not be looking, you be finding a toy dat dis t'ief hid there." Remy remarked from the firepit, a wry grin on his face.

"Your price Mr. LeBeau?" Emma inquired.

"Dat you babysit Jubilee tonight. Her mommy and I got some catching up ta do, if you be knowing what I mean." Remy replied, Rogue turning a lovely shade of red while letting thoughts of the lingerie drift out freely for the telepathic Emma Frost to catch.

"Oh it would be my pleasure, do have a good time. You hear that Jubilee? You get to stay with Auntie Emma and Unca Bobby tonight, as well as with Cousins Artie and Leech." Emma announced, Jubilee letting out a cheer, knowing that Emma would spoil her rotten.

During this exchange, Logan quickly walked off with the boys, challenging either of them to a game of football, needing something to take his mind off of 'I'm a little Wolvie', while too not being able to just rid off to the nearest bar and beat up the first stooge that decided to think they were man enough to take on 'The Short, Hairy Guy'. What Logan soon realized during the game was that Leech had come along way since his youth, using his mutation to his full advantage by disabling Logan's enhanced senses, which in turn left Logan disorientated. Artie passed plays to Leech when Logan had his back turned, allowing the boys came out on top, while leaving Logan finding a bar brawl was even more appealing.

"De soup, it be on! Come and get it!" Remy called out, bringing a plate full of hotdogs and hamburgers to the table, while Rogue carried a tray of toasted buns.

As the extended family sat down for dinner, the sun slowly set off in the distance, unveiling a night of fireworks for the Fourth of July, marshmallow roasting, stories, songs, and star gazing. In the end the couples broke off, laying down on blankets and enjoyed the peaceful moment, while the LeBeau's merely enjoyed watching as Jubilee slept form the days activities. Artie and Leech took to exploring the heavens with the telescope Hank brought when he eventually showed up, tutoring them on their astoromy. Finally as fatigue fell over the group like an encompasing shroud, the familes headed to their homes.

Logan woke up with a kink in his neck, and an annoyed expression as he found himself in a bed with frilly comforters and lace pillows. Darting out of the bed, he recalled the night prior and with a sigh of relief he recalled he had joined Emma and Bobby, returning to their home that Rogue and Remy might enjoy a quiet evening alone. Stumbling from the room in his boxers, he made his way down to the kitchen, following the rich aroma of coffee. Mid way though, he heard an odd, yet familiar noise. Singing. Listening closer, he found to his horror, it was his singing.

Racing to the living room, any thought of coffee dispelled by the sheer horror of the nightmares that twisted through his mind, he found Emma sitting in a rocking chair with Jubilee in her lap, watching the television. Looking to the screen, he caught a wink from Emma as she rewound the tape to the mind numbing scream Jubilee had cried out to gain his compliance.

"I'm a little Wolvie."
"Short and Stout."
"When I loose my..."

Suddenly blessed silence fell, while Logan's face grew red as he looked to the former White Queen of the Hellfire club. Upon her pristine lips, a quirked smile rested as Jubilee sung to herself, oddly enough bringing a smile to his lips as the wheels in his head slowly worked without the blessed coffee to grease them.

"How?" Logan asked.

"Am a little Wolvie!" Jubilee cried, looking to Logan and imitating popping claws, then slashing at imaginary foes.

"I have my means. Such a lovely copy don't you think? Oh I do wish I could be there when Charles recieves the original." Emma remarked, tickling her Goddaughter, who in return growled at her, sounding more like a kitten snoring.

Logan paled as he thought of Scott finding the video in the mail, playing it immediatly and bursting out into laughter, sending copies over the internet to the extended X-familes of the world. While they all knew he had a soft spot, he had gone his entire life without singing a single nusery rhymn, let alone one in which he was the main focus. Any holiday from this day forth, with the exception being any from an invation to a LeBeau gathering, would be promptly avoided from this day forth, knowing all too well a chorus of X-people singing 'I'm a little Wolvie' would greet him at his arrival.

"Yer evil." Logan growled, then walked off to the kitchen.

"Is Auntie Emma Evil?" Emma inquired of Jubilee with a smile, ticking her and recieving a giggled yes for her effort.

"Auntie Emma Evil!" Jubilee cried out, Logan yelling his agreement from the kitchen.

"Good, because being too nice is droll and boring. And Auntie Emma will have to teach you that." Emma giggled, kissing Jubilee on her forehead as she set the toddler down.

"So long as you don't get her into that whole 'Eurobondage Fetish' of yours, I don't care." Bobby remarked with a smile as he leaned against the door, promptly getting attacked by 'The little Wolvie', immediatly feigning injury for her effort.

"You haven't complained yet Robert." Emma retorted with a sly smile as Bobby got 'clawed' by Jubilee.

"Hey! What we do in our own bedroom isn't anyone elses business!" Bobby cried out as Jubilee bounced on him, tickling him as Logan walked back from the kitchen.

"Ya better keep it that way popsicle." Logan remarked gruffly as he patted Jubilee on her head, taking to sitting on the sofa and turning off the video.

"Emma!" Leech cried out from the foyer, drawing the attention of all in the room.

Bobby picked up Jubilee, starting to walk towards the foyer, only to be haulted as a thought from Emma asked him to wait in the living room. As she got up and walked to the foyer, drawing her robe tight about herself, she was greeted with the sight she had picked up from the mind of Leech, two officers with grim expressions upon their faces. As she neared, she shooed away Leech, who returned a defiant look to the curious glances from the Officers.

"Miss Emma Frost?" The taller female officer asked, while the shorter male took a few steps back.

"How might I help you?" Emma inquired, hiding the sense of dread that threatened to fill her voice with the brief images that flashed through the officers unrestrained thoughts.

"Is there a Jubilation LeBeau in your custody?" The officer asked, looking weary.

"Yes, might I inquire what this is about?" Emma inquired further.

"Early this morning there was a fire at the LeBeau household. I'm...I'm afraid I must inform you that neither occupants survived the inferno. At this point it looks like arson, though that will be up for the fire chief to decide upon. At this point, we would like to place a cruiser out front just to keep an eye out, incase this is..." The officer paused, looking to Leech.

"A Mutant Hate Crime?" Emma finished, earning a nod from the officer, while too picking up on honest sympathy and only eager curiosity towards Leech's mutant status.

"Were there bodies recovered?" Emma inquired, drawing upon an icy exterior to hold for the time, until the tears that threatened to overtake her melted it.

"Yes, we will need someone to identify them of course." The officer remarked, earning a weak nod from Emma.

"I shall have Logan go, he was a close friend of theirs, and is the Godfather of Jubilation." Emma replied, her icy exterior faltering as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"I am dreadfully sorry for having to bring such news. Your family has my condolances." The officer replied, then leaving as Emma gave a nod and slowly shut the door.

Emma quickly passed on the information, leaving Artie and Leech to amuse Jubilee while the adults tended to the matters at hand. Logan raced to his room, quickly getting dressed, anger and rage threatening to overtake him, yet needing to know the truth before he let it happen. He knew Emma had chosen him for a reason, that his enhanced senses could pick up any sign of deception in this horrid act. As he returned moments later, throwing on his cowboy boots, he found Jubilee standing in the hallway, a sad expression on her face.

"Unca Wolvie, why Auntie Emma sad?" Jubilee asked, and in that moment Logan realized that Emma was leaking her emotions to the household.

"Yer Unca Wolvie is sure as heck gonna find that out Darlin'. Now play nice with yer cousin's till I get back, 'n I'll take ya out fer ice cream." Logan replied, hiding his anger from one that did not need see it.

"Mint chip pwease?" Jubilee asked, her eyes growing large.

"O' course Darlin'." Logan whispered as he got down on a knee, pulling Jubilee into a hug as tears of his own threatened to take hold at the innocent expression in her sapphire blue eyes.

Silently Logan got up and walked to the door, turning back to find Jubilee standing in the hallway, waving to him as Artie and Leech stood over her, sad expressions on their faces. Giving the trio a nod, he walked out the door and made his way to his Harley, driving off into the rising sun.

 Chapter 8 : Truth be Told

Logan looked down to the burnt corpse, taking in a whiff of their scent. A growl rumbled from his chest, causing the medical examiner to back away, while the Officer played a hand on Logan's shoulder. With a glance, Logan had the hand falling away as he walked to the next table, looking to the equally burnt corpse. Another sniff, and the growl grew in volume.

"It ain't them." Logan rumbled.

"But the dental records show it to be one Remy LeBeau and Rogue LeBeau." The examiner protested.

"Listen ta me bub, I said it ain't them, and it ain't them. And as fer you Miss Huston, ya better get out there doin' yer job, before ya even try ta tell me it's just cause I lost two very close friends, as those people lyin' on the slabs there ain't them." Logan growled before he stalked off, heading out to the parking lot and pausing to take in the scents.

"Ya here ta raise trouble, as I'm in a finiky mood, don't want trouble but won't turn it away if it ain't smart enough to leave me alone." Logan growled as he turned to a shadow, meeting glowing red eyes, though slowly they vanished into the abyss.

Logan gave a snort and then climbed onto his bike, riding off back to the Frost household, while his thoughts lingered on the revelation and the peace of mind gained from knowing that for a second time Jubilee wouldn't be an orphan. Who would set up this elaborate hoax, and for what purpose. The apperance of 'Him' didn't make matters any more settling, but that would have to be tended to at a later time, as the corpses didn't carry the stench that 'His' dealings always did, so for now the crime was by the hands of another.

As Logan raced down the roadways, he looked about, families enjoying the bright sunny day, and the warm breeze that blew through the trees, a silent whisper of nature that could sooth Logan on his worst days. He had to get back and let them all know the truth, so that they could prepare. There was no way in Hell that Logan was going to put Jubilee through the loss of her parents again, and not Apocalypse himself could stand in his way this time.

Rogue awoke with a pain rushing through her head, as if her mind was being pulled forcefully from her nose. Coughing, she stumbled to her knees and opened her eyes, only to find darkness. Anger rose as the memories flitted before her minds eye, images of the lovemaking session she had with Remy, having been trying for another child whenever they could find time away from Jubilation, which wasn't all that hard with all the willing Aunts and Uncles the family had adopted. Suddenly though, as if they had been watched the entire time, as the pair climaxed, and explosion ripped their room, sending them tumbling from their bed.

Before them a group of mercenaries stood, weapons drawn and a strange device the size of a briefcase at one of their feet. As Rogue tried to lunge at them with a burst of sonic speed, she tumbled over the bed and fell, with Remy quickly joining her at her side. As he pulled her into his arms, the sounds of guns being cocked brought his attention to the threat at hand. A man pulled a strange gun out, with all of the others covering their mouths. Suddenly a blast of mist, and then darkness as their minds drifted into the void.

As Rogue slowly pulled her mind back to the hear and now, he became aware of what felt like a choker on her neck. Running a hand across it, she felt a metalic covering on it, and with further probing, found what felt like a tiny circuit on it. Sighing, she tried to summon upon her plasmoids, yet to no avail as the truth came to her, that it was a new form of a Genosha Collar. Slumping down in the corner, she found it was already occupied as a muffled groan rang out.

"Chere, next time we make love, you be t'inking you be a little gentler on Remy?" Remy whispered, his mind still clouded.

"Remy, it wasn't Ah that got ya feelin' like yer day old gumbo." Rogue whispered, pulling him into her arms.

"Oh, right, de baddies." Remy hissed, still too weak to express the rage he felt with more than words.

"So, how we gonna get outta here Sugah?" Rogue asked, planting a kiss on Remy's matted hair.

"If I have ta tear dis place apart brick by brick chere, we be finding a way out, but dat will 'ave to wait until Remy finds out where dey put his stomach." Remy whispered, hurling himself to his feet and running to where he caught sight of what looked like a toilet, relieving his nausea.

Logan pulled up to the Frost Household and froze, looking to the door he found it smashed off the hinges, while smoke began billowing from an upstairs bedroom. Racing in, he found Leech and Artie slowly regaining consciousness. Running up the stairs, he barked for the boys to get out of the house. Looking around, the scent of smoke and gasoline grew stronger, as did the rage building. Whatever was going on, he didn't like it. Taking another sniff as he raced to the master bedroom, fear clenched his heart as he found Jubilee's scent growing weaker. As he slammed against the door, he found Bobby and Emma on the bed, frantic expressions on their eyes as they were bound to the bed, with flames flickering about the room. Unsheathing his claws with the ever-familiar 'Snikt', he cut them free and pulled away the gag.

"They took Jubilee!" Emma screamed, clutching to Logan as sobs wracked her frame.

Time froze in that instant, Logan feeling his heart explode with Berserker rage. Fighting for control, Logan leapt through the window and ran away from the house, knowing that the rage that built within him was far more deadly than the housefire that threatened the Frost Estate. As his vision clouded with red, a single soiltary scent caught his attention as the beast told hold, Jubilee. Racing off into the early morning, he didn't even pay heed to the sound of fire engines as he vanished down an alleyway, on the hunt.

Back at the Frost Estate, Emma and Bobby raced to the front where Artie and Leech stood, frantic expressions on their faces as a crowd formed around them. Emma felt the minds suddenly assault her own as the field of the briefcase the attackers had left was breached, her powers returning. Fear and hate rang out clear, accusing thoughts claiming the fire to be due to the 'Muties'. As Emma walked to her wards, she pulled them under her arms and shot the crowd a look of utter malice, perfected over the years. The urge to use their own hate against them rose, as the psi waves flickered out, the closet to her backing away unwittingly. The anger faded as she felt a reassuring hand of her fiance on her shoulder, and with a look to his icy blue eyes, it vanished. Ever the dreamer, she thought, as Bobby put out the fames with a thought, freezing the room in a shroud of ice.

"Mutie freaks!" A man from the crowd called, igniting a new wave of hate.

As the crowd drew closer to the gates of the Frost Estate, a single gunshot silenced them, the bark of a police siren drawing away their attention. Looking past the crowd, a smile crept over Emma's face as the form of Officer Huston appeared, a look that could rival any of her own upon her hardened features. Soon another squad car pulled up, other officers pulling out and barking at the crowd to stand clear that the nearing fire engine could have admittance. The Police Force of New Orleans were all to used to usual sights in their city, and knew after many a year of the Mardi Gras that humans were far more often the threat than the misunderstood mutants.

As Emma and Bobby ushered the boys through the crowd, keeping a watchful gaze on any possible threats to their wards, Officer Huston made note of the missing Jubilation Lee and of the enigmatic Logan. With a few words to her peers, she sped off into the rising sun, listening to the radio for any possible sightings of the man, an unknowing sense that if she found him, she would find the child.

Rouge and Remy sat in the cell, having spent an exhausting few hours looking for any sign of weakness to no avail. They wouldn't give up though, as they had all the reason in the world waiting from them on the outside. The sudden sound of metal slamming against metal rang out, then accented by the sound of a chain pulling against a pulley broke the silence. Rogue froze in that moment, something familiar tingling against the back of her mind. Jumping to her feet, she slammed against the door, looking for purchase to peer from the bars and see what their captors were doing. What she found made her blood run cold, while a frozen anger locked her in place.

"I want my Mommieeeee!" Jubilee cried out, Remy soon jumping to his feet and sending a volley of kicks and punches at the door.

"I kill you!" Remy cried out, his knuckles growing bloodied as his assault carried on.

"If there will be any killing, it will be of you LeBeau!" A harsh voice rang out.

"If ya hurt mah baby, Ah'll tear you apart so slowly, that Logan would feel squeamish!" Rogue cried out, a sudden flash of hot rage thawing the cold anger that she felt.

"Oh don't worry, we'll be treating your baby real well. We didn't get our revenge when you came back to town LeBeau, but we'll have it now as we raise your child as our own!" The man called out, against the cries of the young Jubilee.

As the shadows passed by their cells, Remy and Rogue collapsed into heaps, Remy puling Rogue close to him as he comforted her wails of pain. The sound of doors slamming called out again, as Jubilee's frantic cries were silenced. They lost track of how long they sat there, but they knew a lifetime of tears had been shed, and fresh cuts against their souls bled freely until time could heal them.

When the red faded, Logan found himself outside a warehouse on the edge of New Orleans, the scent of Jubliee still strong. The last thought he recalled was Emma's frantic cry, the truth that Jubilee had been kidnapped like her parents. Now he sat and watched, a predatory glint in his eyes as his senses extended to the range that only were possible when the beast bordered on his conscious mind, not holding it back, but riding with it in the wild like he had once done with the wolves of Northern Canada. He was not quite human anymore, humanity having crept to the caves with their fires to scare away the predators of the prehistoric nights. No, he now joined the predators of those nights, turning his back on the warmth of the fires.

Suddenly the scent of car exhaust filled his nostrils, a stinging pain as he growled in contempt. Looking back, he saw a squad car pulling off into a wooded ditch, hidden from view. Stalking off into the underbrush, Logan approached the interloper, intent on finding out which side they were on, and eliminating them had they chosen wrong. As he grew closer, the face he saw was familiar, yet with the beast clouding his mind, he couldn't recall from where. Waiting silently, the woman crept from the car and looked around. Shock and fear fell over her face, and Logan realized that she had spotted him. Creeping slowly out, he walked up to her and sniffed.

"Whyyy...areeee...yoo...heaarrhgh..." Logan growled, fighting for control.

Officer Huston stood frozen, looking down to a beast that appeared half human. Looking closer, a cry of shock fell from her as she recognized the features mixed within the beast before her, the man named Logan who had been sent to identify the bodies. Kneeling down to him, she placed a gentle hand on his face, a growl growing for his efforts.

"Same reason your here, to save the LeBeaus. I don't think Jean-Luc would like it much if I failed with the money he pays me to keep out of Guild business." Huston said, casting a glance to the warehouse.

"Friend..." Logan growled, then bounded off to the warehouse, claws unsheathed as Huston quickly followed pace, opting for a Bo staff and plasma pistol rather than the weak trappings of the Force.

Rogue and Remy sat in their cell, pushing away any emotions that would cloud their minds from their first task, escape. If it wasn't for the blasted collar, Rogue could merely kick the offending door clear over into the next county. But for now, they were powerless. The blasted technology that had stolen their powers and left them utterly human. Then a though stuck Rogues mind.

"These damn things don't make us not Mutants right Remy? Just inhibit our powers?" Rogue whispered, looking down to her husband as he laid staring at the ceiling.

"Oui. As de Cookie Monster would say, dey cannot take it away, for de Law of De Conservation of Energy state that energy cannot be destroyed, only change state." Remy remarked, recalling the countless hours of lectures he had inadverntly sat in on while seeking the solitude of Hank's lab.

"So, then we still have our powers then. These damn things are just makin' it like we're spittin' inta the wind. Keeps comin' back at us." Rogue remarked.

"Roguey, you going wit dis where I t'inkin' you be going?" Remy asked.

Rouge fell silent as she drew upon her anger and rage, drawing upon every ill or injustice that had ever fallen upon her during her life. Her initial mutation, cutting her off from a Normal life. Mystique finding her, only to manipulate her into stealing the mind and powers of Miss Marvel. Her betrayal of the Brotherhood and joining the X-men, only to receive suspicious glances for years to come. The battles with Carol as they fought for control of one body, the other X-men obviously enjoying her more than Rogue, despite the penance she had paid. Her blood boiled as her stomach grew tight, ever adding more to the ball of anger. As she threatened upon crying out in anguish, Rogue drew the final bit to the fuse, a single sharp cry, 'I want my Mommy!'.

Remy was thrown against the wall at the resulting explosion, falling limply to the ground. Looking up in shock, he saw Rogue glowing with utter malice and an aura of plasma that shifted through the colours of Jubilee's paffs that they had all been familiar with. Now, as he found his way to his feet, he found himself staring at the possible extent of her powers, had her own compassionate heart not kept control over them for fear of hurting anyone. With a glance from Rogue, his own collar erupted in an explosion, the very matter detonated on the Sub-Molecular level. As he felt his eyes glaze over with the red on black of his gift, his sight grew sharp as he lead the way, mother and father intent on getting their daughter back.

Logan and Huston paused as they neared the warehouse, an explosion sounding out from deep within. Logan quickly did away with the door, barreling through the corridors and sending whoever stepped before him to the ground with wounds ranging from fatal to merely crippling. As Huston followed, she slowly picked out the familiar faces of the Assassin Guild, knowing all to have been expelled and finally having sought their revenge. As a man came from a corridor, she spun around and slammed the end of her Bo staff to his family jewels, a shattering scream erupting from him as he toppled. Looking ahead, she held her ground, ensuring that the LeBeaus and Logan had a way to escape.

As Logan made his way deeper into the warehouse, he found the scents of the family growing stronger. Looking ahead, he spotted a pair of burly men before a set of double steel doors. While it looked sturdy enough, nothing could withstand the fury of a man with Adamantium claws. As the guards noticed the bestial form bounding towards them, shots were fired as flesh was torn from bone. But it did not stop them as Logan leaped up, and in that final moment the beast bucking it's rider from it's back, lashing out in feral fury at the offending tree dwellers, the tool makers of the jungles, the Humans.

As Logan came too, finding grip upon the husk of the neck of his own personal beast, he viewed the carnage with cold eyes, knowing that he had done far worse over the years for even less reason. Slashing away at the doors, he leapt in to find a new battle raging as the LeBeaus stood back to back with their daughter protected underneath them, anger and fury fueling them a they fought against the tens of opponents that assaulted them. As Jubilee noticed Logan, a single word passed her lips, loud enough for him to hear, 'Unca Wolvie!'. Pulling the beast into a choke hold, man and beast fought for control in the wilds of Logan's mind, with any offender daring interrupt the battle being slashed away by instinct alone.

Rouge and Remy paid little heed to the man who had come to their rescue, having gone to the trouble of finding their own freedom. Now the personal vendetta had to be paid, for even daring to touch their daughter. With the little control of their anger they had, they ensured they didn't kill any of the scum, leaving them for the Guilds to clean up. Disgraced vermin of the City of New Orleans, slandering the honorable names of the Guilds were dealt with by all in a swift manner, honor the only thing that kept all out war from destroying what they had made over the years. Finally as they found purchase for a flight to freedom, Remy grabbed Jubilee, who in turn was picked up by Rogue as she sped off down the corridor, leaving Logan to deal with whatever might dare follow.

At Huston's feet, a dozen men sat, unconscious after their attacks upon her. There had been a reason she was so well in the Thieves Guild's pocket, that being her former membership. She had wanted to do more for the city she loved, and for the efforts of keeping the Force out of Guild business, she had been allowed to leave with her honor. Now once more repaying the debt, she knew Jean-Luc would reward her well for this assistance with his children. Looking down the corridor, she could see Rouge and Remy flying towards them, with the crying Jubilation in the Cajun' charmers arms. A warm smile passed over her lips as she ran out with them, directing them to the cruiser that had awaited them.

"Huston!" Remy called out as they reached the cruiser.

"De one and only Remy! God it feels good ta have de accent back after having ta hide it from de Force. And dis be Grand papa LeBeau's pride, non?" Huston asked, looking down to the still crying Jubilee.

"Oui, she be crying dat we left her 'Wolvie' behind. She don believe us when we say dat he be alright." Remy replied, bouncing Jubilee as Huston put the car into gear and sped off back to New Orleans, putting in a call about an attack by Sabertooth at the warehouse.

"De Kitty cat was in town here a year ago, de Force found him a bit harsh ta deal with after he got drunk and started a rampage. You remember dat non? Was de night Jean-Luc called ya into de Guild to protect ya." Huston called back, earning a nod from Remy.

"What 'appened ta him?" Remy inquired.

"Lets just say dat de Assassin Guild scared him outta town." Huston called back, earning a smile from Remy.

"Ah want mah 'Wolvie'!" Jubilee pouted, taking on her mothers accent as she did when she pouted.

"Ah know ya do Sugah, but he'll be coming home before ya know it." Rogue replied.

"About your home...." Huston remarked, trailing off.

Remy sat under the tree, watching as red haze off in the distance faded, while a dark shroud fell over the city. Looking down to his hands, he sighed with disgust when he found a cigarette gingerly held between his fingers, smoke gently rising into the night. He made a note to fess up to this brake of his personal promise, and would gladly accept Jubilee scolding him as a 'Bad Daddy' as she often did when Rogue got after him. But that could wait until he finished this one cigarette, calming his nerves after the horrid past two days. His family life had been turned upside down, and his home burnt to the ground. Remarkably enough, Jubilee's 'Wolvie' doll had been left outside with her swing set, probably all to easily comforted by the real 'Wolvie'. Looking to the doll in his lap, he smiled.

"Good Evening Mr. LeBeau." A voice called out from the shadows, shivers running down Remy's spin at the familiar tone.

"What do you want?" Remy asked, looking to the shadows and finding a set of red eyes greeting his own.

"To say I am glad you and your family lived. After all I've invested, I would become very angry to see all that thrown into the wind." The man replied, the eyes taking on a sadistic twinkle.

Remy stood frozen, looking to the man who was his own personal demon, fears that he would forever haunt him until his death, and beyond. Finally finding purchase against the fears, he rose and closed the distance between himself and the man.

"What do you mean?" Remy asked, the cigarette taking on a glow of kinetic energy as the ember died.

"You never questioned how Rogue had that child did you? Ignorance is bliss, is it not? She is yours though, you can be proud of that. I have waited a long time for her to absorb the right mind, and with it the genetic sequence. The nanite did the rest." The man remarked, taking pleasure as Remy's face paled.

Remy stood frozen, the implications running through his mind as anger rose. Finally as he found control of himself, he sent the shadows a hate filled glance before turning away to walk to the Frost Estate.

"Leave my family alone!" Remy yelled as he broke into a dash for the house, needing to be near them, protecting them from the demons of his past.

The figure stood there, watching as Remy ran and finally reached the door, pulling it open and busting into the house as it slammed shut. A smile crept over his lips in that moment, as he slowly faded into the shadows, with only one last phrase braking the silence of the still night.

"Say goodnight to my Granddaughter." The voice whispered, the figure vanishing finally.