One Night...

by XMenNova

I don't own these people or anything Marvel 'cept my comics. This is just a story of mine. Enjoy it! Don't try and get all legal on me. Thanks.

Jubilee rolled over in her bed. She had not been sleeping well for the passed few nights. She opened her eyes to see the time.

3:45 AM.

She tightly closed her eyes hoping that maybe she could go back to sleep. She opened her eyes again and fidgeted with the pillow tag. She read the tag. The tag read: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE THIS TAG! She tugged at the tag and removed it. For some odd reason she felt better. Let's just hope the authorities don't find out, she told herself. She laid down on her back. She moved her head to see what time it was.

3:46 AM.

She gently tossed her arm over to the right of her body. THUMP! Her hand hit something hard. Not rock hard, but like human muscle hard. Almost afraid to look over her shoulder, and she saw Bobby "Iceman" Drake in her bed! Before she could squeal or scream, she looked him over. He was still dressed and he was on top of the covers. Clearly no bad intentions were made. Only thing he was missing were his shoes. Then memories cascaded over her mind. Her and Bobby went to see some horror movie about some ax murderer. Then they went out for a bite to eat, not to mention Bobby got hit with a club on the back and someone tried to mug them. Good thing we are mutants, she mused. Finally, she asked Bobby to stay with her until she went to sleep. Then, she put two and two together, and concluded he fell asleep, too. But all in all, she did not care. There was a sense of security when she was with him. Ever since she had the whole problem with the X-Corps, Bobby was there. In fact, she was even thinking about joining back up with the X-Men. It would be great to see Kurt and Warren and Logan again. Especially Logan! Then tears filled her eyes as she thought about Sean. Mystique had stabbed him through the throat. He could not talk or even breathe right anymore. Monet and the X-Corps fighters were somewhere in Paris fighting with Jean and Xavier. Her eyes began to feel heavy. She scooted closer to Iceman and rested her head on his arm. Little warmth came from him, but it was still warmth. Within seconds she was asleep again.


"What in the world were you thinking about sleeping with MY little girl!!! "

Jubilee opened her eyes. The morning sunshine flooded her eyes. Then she saw Bobby go flying passed her. He hit the wall so hard he left an imprint of his body, just like in the cartoons. She sat up in the bed as Wolverine soared passed her with his claws out.

"Wolvie! NO!!" she screamed at him. His claws with into the wall around Bobby's head. "Don't kill him!"

"What were you thinking sleeping with him?" Wolverine shouted back at her.

"I don't know if you noticed, he still dressed!" She screamed back as she looked at Bobby who was now only in his boxers. "Well, he was." She threw back the covers. "See Wolvie, I'm still dressed." She looked down at her clothes. Well, the spots where her clothes should have been. She stood in her bra and underwear. She grabbed the sheets and wrapped them around her.

"Look, Logan, I can explain!" Bobby yelled.

"You'll explain later when you have no head!" Wolverine shot back.

"Wolvie, honest, we didn't do anything. Please listen to me." Jubilee pleaded tugging on his arm. "Don't kill Bobby!" Wolverine pulled his claws out of the wall and was fuming that he didn't get to slice Bobby a new one. "Okay last night--"

"Last night we went to a movie." Bobby interrupted. "Then we went out to eat, almost got mugged-- I shouldn't have said that!"

"You WHAT?!" Wolverine screamed. He kept his claws out and tightened his fists.

"We fought him off." Bobby continued. "No one got hurt except the mugger. Then we came back. Jubes asked me to stay with her until she fell asleep. Then I accidentally fell asleep."

"Okay now why are you two almost butt naked?" Wolverine interrogated.

"Well..." Jubilee searched for an answer.

"You know me, Wolvster, I'm the Iceman. I got hot so I took my clothes off. You better be glad I didn't strip down to being naked." He joked.

"I think YOU should be happy you didn't." Wolverine corrected. "What about her, why is she... the way she is?" He pointed to Jubilee. "Will you at least get some clothes on?" Jubilee searched through some drawers and found a long T-shirt and put it on.

"Happy?" Jubilee asked.

"Not really!" He retorted. "Why was she in her bra?"

"All girls wear one, but that ain't the case." Bobby explained. " Um... well, she... she... um..."

"I was having a bad dream!" Jubilee chirped in. "I thought I was fighting Sabretooth and he kept grabbing my clothes so I kept taking them off."

"Uh huh... and?"

"And... I... um... I woke up before he took off my bra?"

"Fine!" Wolverine had cooled off, but was still mad. He just gave up on caring. "But if I ever find him like this again. I'll kill 'em. Hear me ice-boy?"

"Yeah sure." Bobby got up and dusted himself off.

"And put YOUR clothes back on!" Wolverine said as he tossed Bobby his clothes. "Those boxers are annoying."

Jubilee looked at Bobby's boxers, and read them. Around the opening of the boxers it said: Snowman's carrot.