The Soul of Dark and Light: Part 1

by Cat Claws

Jubilee is left alone in the mansion and Creed attacks. Things go very wrong and jubilee must fight for her life. Not only against Creed, but the very memories of her past.

Like always, these are not my characters, except for the worm like creature. He is mine. They all belong to Marvel and stuff. No money is being bad or will ever be made off of this story. Please enjoy.

The sun faded over the horizon and Jubilee sat down on her bed wishing for a bit of fun. She was getting so bored with the everyday life of going to classes then training and after that homework. She had hardly had the time to relax and enjoy a good day. But now things were going to change a bit. The other Gen. Xers had left the school for spring break and she didn't really want to go to some stupid thing. The truth was that Logan was suppose to have picked her up two days ago.

When she called the house and Bishop had finally told her that he left a while back on a personal matter and was unsure when he would return. She shook it off and faced the ever-boring week with the White Queen.

Jubilee looked at her clock and notice that what seemed like hours had been that of a few moments. She sighed and walks out of her room and down stairs. Emma walked by and looked at her.

"Jubilee, just who I was looking for." Emma said.

"For me. Well I feel extra special. Who else were you going to be looking for, the ghost of Christmas past." Jubilee snapped back not caring that her tone was a bit harsh but she smiled to keep Emma from suspecting anything. Emma smiled a bit.

"It was your decision to stay here. You know fully well that you and I would be the only ones in the school. Now, I have a bit of business to attend to out of town and I would like for you to stay here and stay out of trouble." Emma said searching a bit for her keys and smiled. She found them and turned for the garage to leave. Jubilee smiled. Free rule of the Academy, well most of it anyway. The classrooms were locked up and deserted. She watched Emma leave the school in her car and turned to get some supper. Then she would start her rang of terror.

8:30 P.M.

Jubilee started to gather her things for her ultimate prank on Emma. She looked over her objects and smiled brightly. A bucket of black paint, two black spray paint cans, scissors, green hair dye, lots of string. Mud, and three mice that she got from the lab rooms. It took her a few minutes to get into the lab but after that everything was a breeze. She collected everything into a bag and carefully carried it all the Emma's room. She went in and started to set up her stuff. She placed the paint bucket so that later tonight she could easily come in and get it ready for it's dumping on Emma. Next she spray painted all of Emma's cloths Black and walked into her shower. She added bright green pernimate hair dye to her shampoo.

Jubilee walked back to the rec. room and started to watch a movie. She grabbed some popcorn and turned off the lights.

About Half way through the movie the front door was smashed open and a large growl reached Jubilee's ears. Not quiet sure what the hell was going on she jumped up and got in a fighting stance. She started to walk from the rec. room towards the front door.

There in the middle of the door way stood a very nasty looking Sabertooth. He looked like the devils had come and dumped five buckets of shit on him. Jubilee stayed hidden from his sight hoping against hope that he would not get her scent. Luck was not on her side that night and she saw Creed smile.

"I know you're here frail. You might as well come out." He said in a deep growling type voice. Jubilee smiled a bit walked out away from him towards the back door. She heard Sabertooth starting to move and she ran with all her might. When she finally reached the outside of the Academy she waited for Sabertooth to catch up to her.

Sabertooth walked out of the building in a confidant stride. Jubilee rushed towards the woods hoping to keep him away from her till some one showed up. After close to three miles from the school she stopped to notice that she was no longer being followed.

'This is way to weird. Normally he would have caught me a long time ago. ' Jubilee thought as she slowly scanned the area. Nothing was moving and there was no sign of Creed anywhere. She sighed a bit and started to walk back to the school.

She got but a few feet when a blurry object of to her right slammed into her. Jubilee hit a tree and black dots danced in her vision for a few seconds. She started to clear her thoughts when she was picked up off the ground. She felt a hot breath on her face and looked Creed straight in the eye. Panic hit her and she pushed her hands at Creed's chest and let lose some pafs. Then connected with his chest and the smell of burnt hair and skin reached her nose as she was thrown away from Creed.

It took her a moment to regain her thoughts and she stood up holding her shoulder a bit. She landed on it wrong and it ached a bit. Creed had gone into a very dangerous rage and headed at her. She could see the skin healing and the hair growing back. At the last second she jumped as high as she could and grabbed a tree limb. She pulled her self up as Creed rushed by. She gave out a sigh of relief, but was cut short when a large hand grabbed her foot and yanked her back down to the earth. She landed on her arm and bit her lip as a surge of pain shot threw her body.

Creed didn't give her a chance to recover from the pain but instead grabbed her by the hurt shoulder and put a great deal of pressure on it. He smiled and threw her at a tree Headfirst. Jubilee recovered fast and twisted her body of hit the tree feet first. She landed on the tree in a sense and bent her knees to jump up. The plan worked and she was in the air for a few seconds. During those moments she sent a god deal of pafs at Sabertooth's face.

He covered his face with his arms and shouted in rage that seemed to echo threw the dark moonless night. Jubilee landed on the ground and got ready for his next attack. Creed rushed at her and sent his right claws at her face and left claws at her belly. By instinct she got her head out of the path of the right hand but screamed out a bit as Creed's claws slashed across her stomach. She put a hand to her stomach and it came away with five lines of blood. The pain started to sink in fully and she barely saw Creed's hand come down at her head. She threw her right hand at his and let lose a large deal of pafs that covered fist. When the fists connected an explosion started and threw the two fighters away from each other.

Jubilee hit a tree shoulder first and cried out in pain as her bad shoulder slide down the trunk of the tree. She slowly started to get up, but was pulled to her feet by Creed and then raised over his head.

"I'm enjoying this frail. Almost as much as I did when I felt the runts heart stop in my hands and the sweet taste it had to it. He gave up a good fight but that didn't matter in the end." Creed said smiling a bit. He ran his tongue over her bleeding stomach and made a sound that could have been a purr.

Jubilee's mind as mixed up with the pain she was feeling and the thought that Creed said he killed Wolvie. Her mind ruled out the thought. There was no way that Logan could be dead. She sent her right hand at creed's face but it was stopped by creeds other hand.

"We can't have any of that now. I tend to like my meals with very little fight left in them while I take their hearts." Creed said smiling and threw her at the ground hard. He watched as her body struck the ground and bounced a bit. He put his hand on her chest and began to claw out her heart slowly.

Jubilee lost all of her thoughts in the pain that was coming from her chest. Her vision began to fade and she shock her head to clear it. If she passed out now then she would have no chance to get free of Creed. She closed her eyes and when she opened them they were lined with pafs and seemed to glow brighter. She let lose some pafs from her right hand and they connected with Creed's chest. He flew a few feet and slowly stood up. She seemed to lose all control and large amounts of pafs flew from her hands and collected into a bright ball. She pumped half of her soul into this one ball. This ball had nothing less then every happy, wonderful, and blissful thought and time in it. Every thought about how many times she and Logan had spent and all the carefree times with the generation x and x-men. The ball grew into the size of six feet high and was brighter then White. That color looked dark compared to the pafs collected in front of her.

She sent the ball at Creed. He seemed to easily leap out of the pafs way and smiled at her. She slowly began to stop it and turn it around. She stopped it and it hung in the air behind Creed's back.

"You missed frail. Now be good and sit still." He growled out and started at her again.

Jubilee gathered her pafs into her hands and created another ball that was equal to the first. But this one was different. It was the darkest paf she had every made. It glowed but didn't and was a deeper black the darkest, deepest black. Like the other one, this one held half of her soul. This one was different; it held nothing of the happy times, but instead the dark dreadful nights at the mall. Every fight she had gotten into and the hatred she felt for the person who killed her parents. Every dark thought and black dot in her soul from the countless nightmares and days was present. She pushed every thing that her carefree mask hid into that one ball. She threw the paf at Creed and moved the one behind him to continue at him. For what seemed like a few years to Jubilee, the pafs continued to head towards Creed. By the time Creed realized what a bad position he was in, it was to late. The pafs connected and let lose a large explosion that destroyed forests for a three-mile radius. As the explosion rushed at Jubilee, she let lose more pafs that clung to her as a type of shield.

When the dust finally cleared there was an indent in the earth about seven feet deep. One single pillar seemed to stand. On it was a standing Jubilee looking at her work threw bright eyes that had pafs spitting off of them. After but a second the pafs faded in her eyes and they returned to normal. Her eye rolled up into the socket and she passed out.

9:30, five miles from the academy. 3 minutes before the explosion.

The Generation xers minus one member and teacher drove on their way back to the mansion. Their visit to Washington seemed to boring with out their firecracker and they had decided to return home to enjoy a pleasant week of peace.

"Sean, how much farther do we have to go." Angelo said in a mocking whiney tone. He had been doing that for the last several hours just to see how mad Sean would get. So far things were turning out good.

"About five minutes, lad. Now don't yeee ask me again." Sean said and sighed a bit. Driving for hours on end seemed to be a very bad idea with Angelo asking a thousand questions. He knew that Angelo was just trying to stop the ever-present silence in the van. Monet seemed to be looking at one spot of the forest very strangely.

"Something is not right out there. There is a great deal of emotion." Monet said in a low voice her eyes were a bit glazed over and she shook her head a bit. Sean took his eyes of the rood and looked over to the spot. A strange light was coming from an area of the left. It was hard to explain it but Sean stopped the car. Everyone piled out of the van and stood watching as the strange light faded.

"What was that all about." Angelo asked.

"I'm not quiet sure Angelo. But one thing is for sure. It came for about two miles away." Sean said starting to get into a combat mode. Things went bezerk when the explosion started a few moments later.

"Ev, synch with Monet and both of you get Paige and Angelo up in the air now. Get out of the path of that thing." Sean yelled and watched as everyone did as told. He picked up Jono and joined the other moments later just barely missing the blast. When the dust settled, everything was gone. They could see that the school was mostly intact. They began to fly over the larger creator.

"My god, what happened. There is so much area destroyed. Mr. Cassidy do you think that Jubilee and Emma are safe?" Paige said wide-eyed.

"I hope so Paige. Don't yee worry. We be finding out soon." Sean said scanning the area up ahead. When the reached what looked like the center of the large creator, a human like object came into view and they began to descend to the area. Gasps could be heard from a few of the female members of the group as they noticed the figure was Jubilee. She was lying on her side on a small pillar of ground. They began to get closer and saw blood around her.

"Monet, check to see if she is alive and how badly she is hurt." Sean shouted to her once he was on the ground. Sean sat Jono down and watched Monet. Monet sat Paige down and flew over to Jubilee's side. After a few seconds, Monet looked over at Sean with wide eyes that seemed to be shaded a bit.

"Physically she is alive, but I'm not getting any thing for her mind. There is nothing there. Hold oníŽ." Monet looked back at Jubilee and looked as though she was in deep thought. After a minute or so, she held her head and started to scream. Monet's screams were silenced after a few seconds as she fainted.

"MonetíŽ. Ev get Jubilee to the med. lab. We will be right behind out. Hurry." Sean yelled, as Ev looked a bit doubt full about leaving Monet. He quickly but gently scooped up Jubilee and took her to the Med. lab. Sean picked up Monet and they all headed for the mansion.

10:05 P.M. Med. lab of the Massachusetts Academy.

Paige, Angelo, Jono, and Ev were waiting out side of the Med. lab doors. Sean and Emma were inside working on Jubilee. Emma had shown up a few minutes after everyone arrived at the Academy. She took one look at Jubilee and went a bit white. She rushed down to the Med. lab and began to work.

"Ev, do you think Jubilee will be alright. She looked real bad." Paige said.

"This is Jubilee, she's one tough chica." Angelo said smiling a bit. Everyone was silent and watched the door hoping for some sort of news.

Med. lab.

Sean sighed placing the last few stitches on Jubilee's stomach. She had got a great deal of injuries from her fight. A large bruse covered her left shoulder, but other then that it only had to be relocated into the socket. The gashes on her belly had taken close to thirty stitches to fix. She had to have two IVs. Other then that she seemed to be okay. The only problem was that she wouldn't wake up, no matter how many smelling salts he put under her nose. She seemed to not move either. Only the repeating in and out takes of air showed she was alive. Her heart beat seemed strong and for the most part healthy.

Emma had tried repeatedly to get inside Jubilee's mind and wake her. It did not work and only resulted in giving Emma the largest headache she had felt in a long time. The silence between herself and Sean seemed to last forever.

"Sean. What happened?" Emma asked.

"I don't know, Emma. The lads and lasses and I were just a few miles away from the school when we saw the explosion. We barely made it out of the way in time. I don' know if the wee lass did it or not. Emma, where were you?" Sean said in a tired voice.

"I was doing some quick business to see if I could find out what happened to Adrienne and if I could be track her down. I should have stayed. If I was here things might have been different." Emma said looking at the Jubilee. Sean put a hand on her shoulder and shock his head.

"It could have easily been yee on that table beside her. Don't blame yeeself. Did you get anything from her mind? Anything on who might have attacked her."

"No, nothing. It's like she is protecting her mind from something. But what I do not know why. It might have something to do with how Monet entered her mind. She could be trying to protect us by not allowing us to enter again." Emma said. Sean nodded and the both watched Jubilee for any sighs of life.

Jubilee's mind, dream state.

'Run. Run, run.' Everything is telling her to run. Something is after her. 'Must get away. Have to protect me' Jubilee thought. Her thoughts were in a chaotic matter and she tried to get them to calm down. After what seemed like an hour they finally calmed down to a whisper. She had blocked of her mind to all telepaths unknowingly.

She scanned the area looking for any type of life. Images began to flow past her. Pictures of her parents that she could barely remember. Images of her childhood where she spent countless hours on her dad's shoulders and holding her mom's hand. Happy times full of love and emotions of gold.

The next image seemed to be dark. It was of an argument her parents were having. It was all her fault always her fault that her parents argued. If she hadn't of been born then they might still be happy.

Next came an image of her at the age of 13. She was talking with her friend, CynJen, while shop lifting. She loved those times. The happiness it brought with having a place to belong.

Then an image of being chased by someone. She was trapped and her powers came and she escaped. Next the death of her parents and her constant running from the cops and having to use her powers to make some money. Then the strange fear that came from being attacked by the M-squad and following the X-men to safety. Next the hiding and stealing from them.

Then she was saving Logan and the change that would forever change her life as she joined on as an X-man. Images went by faster and faster. All telling of a strange past that seemed twisted with happiness and sadness, protection and betrayal.

Jubilee grabbed her head and screamed as all the images rushed at her. All of the emotions she had felt threw the course of her lift shoved into her at the same time. After what seemed like an eternity, she fell to her knees and cried.

A strange figure walked up to her. Jubilee's mind began to clear a bit as she noticed the image of Monet. Monet knelt down and tried to comfort Jubilee.

"I'm so sorry, Jubilee, I had no idea. What a mask you made to hide. Please don't hide from us. We're your family now. We would never hurt you on purpose." Monet said in a gentle voice. Then out of no where, Jubilee's mind was attacked when a strange worm like creature came threw the walls of the room Jubilee had made. The creature hit Monet and she faded with a scream the echoed through Jubilee's entire mind. Jubilee grabbed at her shields and blocked out everything and everyone. She was left alone with this worm and she stood to face the fight she knew she might not win alone.

Med. lab 10:10 P.M.

"Perhaps we should try to get all the Telepaths together. You, Xavier, and Jean should try together to get Jubilee back." Sean stated looking at Emma.

"Your right. We need to tell the students something to. They are getting worried." Emma said. "I'll do it. Yee just rest up a bit." Sean turned and left the med. lab. He was greeted by a small group of students, Angelo, Paige, Ev, and Jono. He motions for then to get quiet and sighed a bit.

"Jubilee is alive and for the most part healthy. She has got some nasty cuts and bruises on her but other then that she is fine physically. Mentally we do not know. Emma can not get a reading from her and that is why we are going to call up the X-men for a visit. I suggest the rest of you get some rest." Sean said and left to his office to make a few calls. The group of students began to leave to their own rooms with different things on their minds, but all are related back to what happened to Jubilee.


More to come. Who is this strange Worm like creature? Can the telepaths help Jubilee or is this one fight she must face on her own? Check out the neck one to find out. Please give me your thoughts on this Story at [email protected]