The Soul of Dark and Light: Part 2

by Cat Claws

I just reread my first part to this story line and I must apologize about how messed up it was. Please forgive me and I hope that the second part is a better improvement.

Sequa and the lady are mine. Everyone else belongs to Marvel and I am not now nor ever making money off of this. This is done for pure love of writing.

Monet's Room, 1:00 A.M.

Monet woke up with a strange fright in her eyes. She looked all around her room as she started to calm down a bit. Beside her bed was Ev asleep in a chair. She smiled slightly and then the thoughts from Jubilee's mind came to her. How much it had hurt Jubilee when she and Ev went out, but then she covered it up with a mask of jest. Like always, never showing the true emotions she felt towards the things that hurt the most but brushed them away with her carefree attitude.

Though Monet would never admit it, she always wished she could have that attitude. She use to think that Jubilee's life was easy, but she was far from right. The pains of Jubilee's past came crashing back to her and she for one instant wished she could have gone back into Jubilee's mind to comfort the girl. She knew it was hopeless, Jubilee had blocked her mind from everyone in order to protect those she loved and the worm was slowly going to drive her mad or destroy her in the process. Monet put her hands to her face and let a few tears slid down her checks. She stopped her sobs so that Ev would not wake up. Her tries were in vain and Ev slowly woke up and sat beside her. He held her as she cried and for a moment she wished that everything were back to normal.

Jubilee's mind. Time: unknown.

Jubilee sat in the corner of her mind trying to hide from the strange invader. The worm claimed his name was Sequa. Jubilee found it impossible to hide from this disgusting creature and even though she tried in a matter of moments he would find her and the chase would start over again. Jubilee watched as the worm slid over to her and smiled.

"Games up, child. Thing to pay the piper." Sequa said and jubilee stood up and tried to fire some pafs at it. The pafs would not come no matter how hard she tried. The worm threw back its head a laughed. "It's no use, child. You're no longer in your world but in mine. What I say goes here. Now take a sit and let's see how much fun we can have in your memories. So much to do and so little of time to do it all in." Sequa chuckled a bit and Jubilee seemed to be pushed into a chair.

Memory #1

The strange landscape around her changed into a bedroom she had almost long forgotten.

There were babies toys scattered all over the floor and a young girl with long Black hair playing with a few of the toys. The young girl looked up at her mother and smiled when she saw her.

"Mommy Play wit me. Pwease." The young Jubilee said. Miss. Lee smiled and sat down beside Jubilee and picked up a doll.

"What do you want to play?" Miss. Lee said. Jubilee smiled and pointed to her kitchen set.

"Kitchen, I play the mommy and you play the litle girl, okay." Jubilee said. Miss. Lee smiled and stood up.

"How about we go and play this game in the big kitchen so Mom can cook dinner." Miss. Lee suggested. The little two-year-old smiled and let her mother pick her up. They went to the kitchen that seemed fairly large. Jubilee watched her mom get out the pots and pans. Soon her mom was making a good-sized meal and Jubilee got curious.

"Mommy, why is there so much food?" Jubilee asked. Her mother looked at her and smiled slightly. Her face seemed to get a few years older and she turned her eyes back to the shove.

"Well, Because mommy and daddy are going to be having some people over for a visit." Miss. Lee said. After a few minutes Mr. Lee came in the door followed by strange looking man.

"Honey I'm home." Dr. Lee said. Jubilee jumped of the counter she was sitting on and ran over to her father. He picked her up and gave her a quick hug. He sat her down and she looked over to the stranger. He seemed to scare her a bit. He had long blond hair that was pulled back in a ponytail and golden hair covered most of his body. He wore a Business suit that was black in color, but none of this really scarred Jubilee. What scarred her was the rage in his eyes that seemed to be covered up but still ever present. Jubilee hides behind her fathers pant leg and tried to watch the strange man at all times. He smiled at her in a bloodthirsty type way that almost made Jubilee want to cry.

A few seconds later Miss. Lee walked in and kissed her husband on the check. She nodded politely to the stranger and Dr. Lee cleared his throat.

"This is Mr. Creed. He is the one who I was telling you about. Mr. Creed this is my Wife and daughter, Jubilee. Before we start talking about business how about we eat." Dr. Lee said

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea. What ever it is that is cooking smells good." Creed said as Dr. Lee led him to the dining room and they sat in a seat. Jubilee followed her father still trying to hide from Mr. Creed. He smiled down at her. "Come on out, frail. I ain't going to bite you." He said to her.

Jubilee's father gave her a gentle push and she stood before Creed. He smiled at her and looked her up and down. Jubilee gave a little bow like she was taught to when introduced to one of her fathers business friends. Creed gave another smile and looked back to her father.

"Cute little thing. I can see the family resemblance." Creed said and Dr. Lee said his thanks back. Jubilee used the moment to retreat from the area and over to her mom in the kitchen.

"Mommy." She said in a small voice.

"What is it dear." Miss. Lee said putting the last few touches on the meal.

"I don't like that man. He scares me." Jubilee said. Miss. Lee looked at her and smiled slightly.

"There is nothing to be afraid of. He is just a friend. If you want you can eat dinner in here and then spend the rest of the night in your room." Miss. Lee suggested. Jubilee nodded and her mother sat a small plate on the table.

Jubilee watched as the scene faded into the original setting that had been there before. She was a bit shocked. 'Creed had been in my home and I met him with out him trying to kill me. What is going on?' She thought to herself.

"Indeed, what is going on. Your enemy seemed to be very comfortable with your parents and you. Shall we see why?" The worm asked smiling. Jubilee nodded a bit.

7:30 A.M Med. Lab

The X-men had arrived an hour earlier and had been told everything that Sean and Emma knew regarding why Jubilee was in this condition. Now Jean, Emma, Xavier, Logan, Remy, and Sean were in the med lab next to Jubilee.

"De petite look okay." Gambit said looking at Jubilee. Logan made a growl type sound from the corner. He hadn't really spoken a word since they arrived.

"Indeed, Gambit, but her mind is in ruins. I can only pick up faint actions. It seems that there is some type of thing in her mind." Xavier told them from his chair. "She is trying her hardest to protect her mind either to keep it out or to protect us. It is most likely a mixture of the two."

"Professor, how do we help her. If she won't allow us to go in then should we try to get in without her promision?" Jean said holding one of Jubilee's hands. She would give it a gentle squeeze every few minutes.

"Normally I would say no to that idea, but it seems that she is in a great deal of trouble. I am not sure if we would help or hurt her by entering her mind with out her say so. Perhaps if we just skim the surface it would give us a better idea about who we are dealing with." Xavier replied. He began to look but was cut short when Monet bursts into the room.

"You can't go in there. It will kick you out and Jubilee will feel even more guilty." Monet cried out. Emma looked at her student and guided her to a seat.

"Monet what are yeh talking about." Sean asked. Monet took a deep breath and sighed a bit.

"When I went into Jubilee's mind to see if she was okay, I was hit by most of Jubilee's memories. All her life of pain and some happiness. It was strange. Her mind was then attacked by a strange creature who looked a great deal like a worm. It hit me once and I was knocked out of her mind. Jubilee put up her shield so that she could protect us. Right now she is fighting to get that thing out of her mind. If you go in there she will have to fight to keep you out of her mind or protect you. This thing only wants her. It won't care if you get hurt or even die." Monet stated.. She looked at each of their faces and her eyes stayed on Xavier's. He nodded a bit and looked back to Jubilee.

"Den how do we help de petit?" Gambit asked in a light voice.

"For now we give Jubilation time. But if she does not awake in 3 hours, we will go in and try to help her." Xavier told them. He left the room and was followed by everyone, but Logan. After the room was clear Logan went over to Jubilee and took her hand in his.

"Darlin, I know ya can hear me. I want ya to come back. I need ya. But before ya do. Give this monster one hell of a fight. I believe in ya kid. Just come back or else this ol' Canuckle head is going to have to come in there and save your tail." Logan sat her hand down and pulled a chair over by her. He watched her for any type of movement but found only her chest raising as the sign that she was still alive. He was a bit mad when he could not find a smell on her about who attacked her but he was sure that it was Creed. He could tell from the slash marks on her stomach. Logan sighed a bit and continued to watch Jubilee mentally bashing himself for not being here to help her.

12:00 p. m. A small lab out side of boulder, Colorado.

Sinister made his way the lab table that Creed was siting on. Creed looked like a bus had hit him. Which he was in a way, Sinister had hardly believed the story told to him by Sabertooth.

'All for the better' He thought finishing up his work and he went to a computer. He typed some notes in and shut it off. 'Everything is set. All we need is for Sequa to finish his work and Ms. Lee will be as dangerous as Creed.' Sinister thought and then laughed.

Jubilee's mind, Memory #C

Jubilee stared at the white ceiling of her childhood bedroom. Her first look into her memories she was just watching, but now she was living it. This strange creature seemed to be happy about her being here. She knew somewhere deep in her mind that something was wrong. Before her thoughts could go any further Her mother came into the room and picked her up.

"Jubilation, We have to go make a visit to someone and you need to come with us. Please be as quiet as possible." Her mother said to her and they left the room. Jubilee could barely see the house due to the fact that it was so dark. She remembered the clock saying that it was close to 3 a.m. Her mother put her into a car and they drove for what seemed to be an eternity. Her mother was rubbing her hands and looked slightly nervous. Her father on the other hand looked absolutely calm. The only thing that gave away his nervousness was his eyes.

After a few hours they pulled up to an old warehouse building and her parents got out of the car. Her mother picked her up and carried her inside the building. The warehouse shined with bright lights and white walls. In the middle of the room Medical equipment was being prepared for some sort of use. Jubilee looked around and her eyes fell onto one man near the operating table. She wiggled to get out of her parents grasp but found that her struggles were in vain. Jubilee's every thought was to get away from that one man. Slowly she was put on the table while her parents talked with the man she knew as Mr. Sinister. She had restraints put on her and a strange doctor leaned over her. He smiled and her world went black as he stuck her with a needle.

Jubilee's mind

"Why." Jubilee whispered in a hoarse voice. "Why would my parents take me to a bastard like Sinister." Sequa smiled and tried not to laugh.

"Because they did not care for you. They hated you. Think about how many times they argued over things. You were their reasons to argue." Sequa said and pushed a few of Jubilee's memories of the long nights in her room listening to her parents argue into her mind. The pain was still there and very hurtful. "They gave you over to Sinister in order to find a way to control your newly emerging powers."

"But.. my powers didn't show up till I was older. I looked only about 6 in that image. " Jubilee said and looked at Sequa.

"You had powers before that. Wonderful powers that could help you to save lives and your parents had them crushed under restraints. They did not love you.' Sequa said in a caring manor. Jubilee shock her head a bit and tried to clear her thought. "They took away all your hopes, your dreams for life. They showed you that no one loves you and they made sure that no one could." Sequa put more images into her mind of all the hard time with the cops in the mall and the M-squad.

"I was loved by people. Some one loves me very much. Why can't I remember his name." Jubilee said and tried to clear her thoughts so she could find the name she was searching for. Sequa pushed more Images into her mind and took out all of the images of happy times with the X-men. Slowly Jubilee's resistance cracked more and more each second. She pushed her self even harder to find out anything about the good times. Some strand of happiness with this man she could not place. Her efforts just gave her a headache and her heart twisted with pain. She was always hard on the outside but never had she even once thought that some one would attack her from within. She wasn't a telepath or anything even close to it. Sequa continued to push Memories into her weakening mind.

9:30 A.m. Med. Lab.

Logan continued to watch Jubilee until The professor and Jean walked back into the room. It seemed as thought they had not gotten any rest as they had hoped and they moved next Jubilee. The professor looked at jubilee's semi pain face and sighed.

"Perhaps now would be the time to start. Jean could you call Emma." Xavier asked. Jean nodded and telepathically called Emma. After a few moments Emma walked in wearing her normal generation x attire. Logan stood up and walked over to a corner to allow the three telepaths room to work. Jean sat to the left of Jubilee, Emma to the right, and Xavier at the foot of the bed. "Now we are just to do a surface scan for now." Xavier said and they all began to search for a way in. After but a few moments Jeans face shined and she broke threw the barrier in Jubilee's mind. After she stepped inside she left a path for Xavier and Emma to follow.

Jubilee's mind. Telepaths point of view.

The three of them entered Jubilee's mind and slowly they began to realize what hell was. The once bright, energetic girl was now nothing more than a small spot they stood on. Around them were vast endless seas of fire and lava. In the lava stepping stones of dark black formed a type of path. Each telepath searched the area in hopes of finding some other trace of Jubilee. After some time they found nothing more then a few disappearing spots of bright colors and happy lives.

"Professor, is this really Jubilation's mind. It is so dark and almost deadly looking." Jean asked in a soft tone.

"Yes, Jean, I'm afraid that this is young jubilee's mind. Some how an object has entered her mind and taken over. We must work quickly to remove this creature before it destroys Jubilee." Xavier said and began to search deeper into Jubilee's mind for any sign of the creature. He was stopped cold by a soft laughter from an unknown source. Slowly the creature and jubilee began to appear. Jubilee was in a chair with a heart-wrenching look on her face. The creature stood beside her but no longer took the shape of a worm but of a gentleman.

"Jubilation, can you hear me. It's Emma, get away for that creature." Emma shouted. Sequa smiled and hummed lightly.

"Listen to them Jubilee. Look how the invade your mind and order you to run away. They don't care for you. They think of you as a child in spirit, body, and mind. You are no child for you have seen things that even they could not understand." Sequa mentioned in a soft voice. Jubilee looked over to Emma, Jean, and Xavier. She took a few deep breaths.

"Why?" She asked half hoping that they would give her a reason that would make everything right. But the other half of her was hoping that Sequa would be right.

"My dear, we fear that this creature might try to hurt you. So we came into your mind to try and protect you." Jean said in a motherly tone of comfort. Sequa smiled and looked down to jubilee.

"See. Now she is trying to act as if she was your own mother. We both know how much your mother cared for you." Sequa stated.

"Why don't you care for me. You treat me like a child when in truth I have seen more in my years then you could even guess. Leave, I don't want you here. Your nothing but a bunch of liars." Jubilee shouted. The last colorful spot that the three telepaths were on disappeared and the world began to spin. They barely had time to escape before they hit the lava.

Med. Lab. 10 a.m.

Jean, Emma, and Xavier returned to their own minds but were deathly pale. Logan looked at each and started to get angry.

"What happened. Who is attacking Jubilee?" He asked having a million questions but none where answered. Slowly he looked over to jubilee and what he saw frightened even him.

Out of every pore of Jubilee's Carmel skin black gel poured out. It covered Jubilee's body and after almost doubling her size it began to harden. Logan rushed to her side and tried to rip the hard cover off of her but found it almost impassable. He tried to use his claws but could only scratch the surface. Jean laid a hand on his shoulder and he slowed and finally stopped.

"She is still alive, Logan. This may just be another way for her to protect herself from what ever that awful creature is trying to do." Jean reasoned with him. Logan let out a sigh and retracted his claws.

"I hope your right Red, because if anything happens to her. I swear that I will not rest until the person response able for this pays with their life." He growled out and left the Med. Lab for some air. Jean sighed and looked over to Xavier.

"Professor, do you think that Jubilee is okay." She asked in a light tone.

"I do not know, Jean. What ever has attacked her mind has made us look like the bad guys. I don't see how Jubilation could turn against us like that." He replied. Emma stood up and put her hands on her hips.

"Perhaps she is right. Look how you have all ready given up. Jubilee is in danger of being lost in an eternal void of death and darkness and all you can do is sit here and complain. Jubilation holds all of the X-Men in high regard and you do not even have the respect to think that perhaps she is fighting for her own life. Some X-men you are. The way Jubilation spoke of you almost had me convinced that you were some high and mighty fighting force. Well, let me tell you something, Jubilation has always been there for you and cares for you deeply but you show nothing of it in return. You should be ashamed. Besides, Sequa had to have something to start with. Perhaps all those times you never visited finally added up and if your ignorance cost me my student, then by god you will pay." Emma said and left the room leaving two very shocked telepaths.

Generation X's rec. room. 10:30

"Hey Paige did you hear what all Emma said to Jean and Xavier. She went full force on them." Angelo said and smiled. Paige looked a little more like crying then smiling. Jono put his hand on her shoulder. Monet and Ev. sat on the couch holding hands.

"I for one do not think it is funny. Our own teammate is in danger and all you can do is laugh. You should be ashamed." Monet said.

"Poor Jubilee. She don't deserve this." Paige said trying to hold back the tears.

"Stop it. Your acting like Jubilee is already dead. She is going to come threw this just fine. Come on Monet. Let's go some where else." Ev. Said and they both left. Paige cried a bit and Angelo sighed.


"Sir the plans are coming along nicely and Sequa has a report for you." A man said to Sinister and left the room. Sinister hit a button a young man appeared. He bowed slightly and smiled.

"Sir, Jubilation is ready for pick up. Her state is at the point of deep sleep. She has no doubt to the mistrust of her X-men. She now hates them with ever fiber of her being. The form her body is changing to is unknown to me at this time." Sequa stated. He looked extremely tired and worn out. Mr. Sinister smiled evilly.

"Sequa leave jubilation's mind but make sure she can not find her lost memories. I will be sending a team to pick her up. Oh and Sequa make sure to have Jubilation like Creed. He will be teaching her and watching over her. After that get some rest." Sinister told him and then turned the COM link off. He let a long laugh roll out of him and unknown to him a small figure ran from his room and exited his complex. The figure vanished into mind air and arrived at Jubilee's room.

Med. Lab

Gambit had just walked into the room to check on Jubilee when a strange figure appeared. Gambit quickly pulled out a couple of cards and began to charge them. "Gambit dink you need to leave, mon ami." The figure turned to him and pulled back the long hood covering her face. The face was almost indescribable. Long white hair surrounded her heart shaped face and matched her light eyes and pale skin. Her lips were a reddish color and balanced out her face. She bowed her head a talked in a hushed matter.

"Sir, please to not harm me, for I mean no harm to you or anyone here. I am here to warn you about Sinister's plans to take Jubilee from you." She said calmly and looked him in the eye. Her light eyes began to glow a deep emerald green and Gambits cards returned to normal. She dropped the cards and nodded.

"Yes, you are here to help de petite." He said in zombie type voice. The lady nodded and walked over to Jubilee's cocoon shaped protection. She laid a hand on it and smiled slightly. Slowly she began to gather her energy and teleported herself and Jubilee away. Gambit's mind returned to his control and he went to tell everyone of his latest encounter and Jubilee's kidnapping. Half way there he began to realize he would not like this job at all when Logan found out. "De Wolverine is going to have me for breakfast." He muttered under his breath. To his bad luck Logan seemed to be standing with in earshot of him and was starting to walk towards him.

"What about me having you for breakfast?" Logan said in a ruff voice. Gambit looked around and noticed that there was no one in the rec. room.

"De petite was kidnapped by dis mind controlling lady." Gambit told Logan but only got a few words out before Logan had his claws near his neck.

"What do ya mean Jubilee was kidnapped. And I suggest you choose your words wisely. Bub." Logan growled a bit and Gambit started to explain the whole thing about the lady and her mentioning Sinister. "If that bastard goes anywhere near Jubilee, I'll slice him up into tiny pieces that even he won't be able to heal from." Logan said as he released Gambit and ran out the door.


The strange lady appeared before Sinister with Jubilee and bowed slightly. Sinister smiled ad looked at Jubilee. "Good work, Kat. Now take her to the medical room so that they can scan her and I will be in shortly." Sinister told Kat and she teleported herself and Jubilee out of his room. Sinister smiled and left his room think of how his plans to destroy the X-men are working out. So far their youngest will bring their death to them very painfully. ***

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