Thicker than Blood: Prologue-Chapter 1

by 2280

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Claire sat in the chair, watching the people around her move and talk - sometimes to themselves. She let her hand lay limply in her lap and kept her head bowed slightly to the right so she could have a good view of the stark white and gray room she was in. Some of the others stood at the windows holding onto the grating, some sat at the craft tables, while others sat on the thread bare couches watching the television that was mounted on the wall. Claire simply sat and watched, she didn't bother anyone and they didn't bother her. It was a simple, but beneficial arrangement.

Suddenly the mindless prattle of the inane sitcom on ended abruptly as a news announcer came on the screen with a news announcement.

"We interrupt you regularly scheduled programming for this important announcement. Tuesday there will be a debate between the FOH and Professor Xavier regarding the threat of mutant beings to humanity. As you may recall Professor Xavier is a leader of mutant liberation in his quest for peaceful coexistence and the creator of the famous "X-men" which have been linked with such events as the Genoshia Liberation."

The screen switched focus from the news anchor to a scene from the Genoshian War. Claire, who had been watching the broadcast, in reaction to the images on the screen, showed more life in that moment than she had in the last 2 years - she lifted her head.

"This meeting will take place in New York City, and will be broadcast live from this channel. We now return you to your. . ."

Claire stopped listening and turned her head to look at the calendar across the room. It said Friday, that meant she had three days. She put her head back down and began to think.

Chapter 1

Logan sighed as he sat across the table from Xavier in the war room. The rest of the team had assembled and looked equally ill at ease.

"You sure ya wanna do this Chuck? Things ain't been exactly calm and peaceful lately."

"Never thought dat I would would say dis, but I have to agree wit da hairball. Ain't we just gonna fan da flames here?" Remy said ignoring the look that Logan shot him from across the table.

"I understand your concerns, but I have put a lot of thought into this, and I believe that the best way to stop this before it goes to far." Charles says grimly as he looks into the worried faces of his students.

"Ain't that typical? Some dirty mutant comes in all fire and brimstone like an' we gotta do damage control. Shoulda listened to mah mamma and become a doctor." Rogue mutters as she twirls a pen in her gloved hands.

"Well I'd be more 'n happy to help you wit dat endeavor chere." Remy grins only to be rewarded with a 'don't push me Cajun' glare.

Charles rested his forehead against his forefingers before he began to speak. "I realize, as you do what is at stake here, as well as the risks. However I do believe that this is the best and least violent course of action. Each of you will be posted on the edges and within the building to discourage as well as to quell any trouble that may arise. With the proper precautions I believe that this can be pulled off with no violence."

"Sure thing Chuck, cause lord knows our ideas always go exactly as planned, right?"

"Yes, I do believe that this will be a success."

Claire watched as the man across the desk peruses his charts, and it took everything in her not to heave a sigh. She had put up with this fool for two years, and it was finally coming to a close today - one way or another. The thought almost caused her to smile.

"It seems that the medication has effectively worked. I can see that you haven't had anymore violent out bursts for quite some time. However it also seems that you haven't been very forth coming in therapy, is there anything that has been bothering you, or that you would like to say for the record before I end our session?"

Claire studied the man in front of her. He had short sandy blond hair, a straight nose, and an easy smile. At first glance he seemed like a good guy, but Claire knew better. There were no angels in hell.

"I'm leaving."

"Yes, eventually with enough time and progress you will be able to leave hopefully."


The man sighed, "I'm glad that you are looking to the future but you must realize Claire that with the amount of medication in your system you haven't been able to move, much less function in normal society. That will take time."

"Fuck the medicine."

"I know that you don't like the medication, but with your hostile demeanor it was the only way we could control you. However I think that with a little more progress we can start to diminish the dosage."

"That's just it doc, you never had me under control."

Claire lunges across the desk and slams the doctor against the wall. Without the limitations of restraints she was able to grab a pen in the process and pressed it into his jugular as she hauled him off of the floor.

"Now we're gonna do things my way. I'm leaving. Now. And you're my ticket outta here. The less trouble you make the less people get hurt."

She narrows her eyes staring at him, she can hear his breath coming hard and fast, and see the perspiration gathering in his trembling upper lip. Her upper lip curls into a sneer as she leans closer to him until they are nose to nose.

"Who needs the sedative now doc? You thought I was violent before, piss me off and I'll show you violence. We clear on that? ARE WE CLEAR?!" She yells into his face slamming him off the wall behind him. The doctor can only look at the arm holding the pen that is pushing painfully into his neck and nod.

"Good, now open the door and lead us outta here. Things go well I'll let you go at the door."

As the pair walk down the hall nurses freeze and guards reach for their guns, but after the doctor shakes his head after a swift jab to his throat they simply back up and walk in front of the pair looking for a chance to disarm Claire. The doctor can hear Claire breathing in his ear, and unlike his her breath is calm and even. They make it outside and Claire surveys her surroundings, which consist of the woods and a road. Making her decision she circles, placing the guards between herself and building.

"We better end this fast doc, you bleeding pretty bad from the back of the head, and judging by how warm my arm is I'd say I gave you a pretty good nick on the neck. So what do you say you tell the guards to go inside and lock the door and I'll let you go."

"You won't last night in those woods Claire. Let's go inside and talk this over."

"You've already seriously misjudged me once today doc, lets not make this a habit shall we. It could prove fatal."

"G-go inside! Lock the door and she'll let me go!" The doctor yells across the yard to the guards.

"You know we can't do that! Look girl, let the doctor go, and back off real nice. We're not leaving until the doctor is safe."

"Safe? You want him safe? Do tell me, what you think you are saving him from?"

The guards look at each other, unsure of how to reply.

"Do you want him safe from me? From people and thing that wish him harm? Is that what you want to do, keep him safe from danger and harm?"

"Yeah, now let him go nice and easy."

"You're sure? I wanna make sure that this is what you truly want before I give it to you. Think carefully now, this is your LAST CHANCE."

"YEAH, that's what we want, now let him go."

"Their wish is my command doc," Claire kisses him lightly on the temple, "Sweet dreams."

The doctors eyes widen slightly as she shifts her grip from his neck to the side of his head, and the guards watch horrified as in one swift movement she breaks his neck in one swift cracking motion. As he drops to the ground with a sickening thump she looks at the guards watching for any sign of reaction.

"Now he's safe, and I've let him go, " she raises her eyebrows, "now I'm gonna have to take my leave boys. It's been fun." She takes off running towards the woods without a back word glance and makes it about half way before she hears them yelling for her to freeze and the sound of gunfire. She feels the biting pain of fire burning in her shoulder and thigh but she doesn't break stride. Pain is good, it lets you know you're still alive. She crashes into the woods and is soon lost in the underbrush.

Three days, she has three days to get there.