In The Beginning...

by Salamander

Very Important Notes About Vampires And Magic In This Story

I like vampires. I've been intrigued by them for years. This story has been in my head for the past few years, but I haven't gotten around to writing it until recently.

What some people don't realize is that there are many different types of vampires. Most people are very familiar with the vampires from movies and television. They go out in the light, and they turn into dust. They don't like garlic, and some of their worst enemies are crosses and holy water. They have no reflection in mirrors, and they don't breathe. A simple stake, or anything sharp, to the heart would also dust them. One bite from a vamp, and it's too late for you. You'll be joining the undead very soon.

Well, the vamps in this story aren't those kind. Sorry if I'm disappointing some of you. These vampires are bits and pieces of different ones from myths, legends, and my own imagination. There are many things you should know about these. Lessee . . . where to begin . . .

My vamps come out in the day all the time. Garlic doesn't phase them. Neither does a cross or holy water. Reflections? Got 'em! Breathe? Yep! A stake can kill them. However, it has to be . . . well, you'll see. Also, anything sharp can't kill them. Decapitation? They're goners. A vampire takes a nibble from your neck, and, if he takes enough blood, you're dead. Period. You don't become the newest member in the vamp family.

These vampires are way different than your "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" ones. They have consciences. There are good ones and bad ones just like there are good people and bad people. In fact, vampires are just like suped-up humans with an occassional blood lust. Well, they are dead, but you get what I mean.

So, about now, you might be wondering how one would become a creature of the night. (No, people, not a hooker! Sheesh!) Well, it's simple. Magic. There are many ways a person can become a vampire through magic. Before I get into anything, I think I'll talk a bit about magic and how it will play a role in the story.

Magic is everywhere in the Marvel Universe, so says the mighty Salamander. (It isn't like the stuff Forge uses, though.) However, only a select few know about it. In fact, almost the only people who know about it are directly affected by it. People are automatically part of the Magic Realm even if they just know about it. There is no dark magic or good magic. It's all just magic used for bad or good reasons and outcomes. Anybody can learn spells and use them. But people with the most practice, are more familiar with magic, and are magical creatures (i.e. vampires and . . . other things. You'll see.) are more powerful. So, now that that's out of the way . . .

You know, now that I think of it, I think I'll let you guys find out how all this stuff adds up. Everything I haven't really explained or explained well is talked about in the story. Of course, there are other things I've left out, mainly because I wanted some things to be new to you while you read.

So, sit back and relax. Order a pizza (my fave's pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, onions, and extra cheese, in case you just can't decide.). Take your phone off the hook (unless you're on-line, that is.). And, finally, read. Enjoy the story!



A little equation:

Jubilee + GenX + Marvel = copyright + money

Another little equation:

Jubilee + GenX + Salamander = no money

In other words, some of these characters, namely GenX and a few X-Men, are not mine. Their rights are owned by Marvel. I'm not getting any money. Marvel, I bow down to your ultimate, universal, awe-inspiring, grandiose might. I love you. Don't hurt me. Don't sue. I am but a frail, pathetic fanfic writer compared to your awesomeness.

However, if Marvel were to use any of _my_ characters, I'd have to sue their bankrupt asses into the ground. Any questions?




The first man stepped up. "The last will be the knot in the circle." He placed a bright yellow raincoat into an old chest made of spruce. Numerous other familiar looking odds and ends had accumulated there. There was a ragged cowboy hat, a dark blue stuffed toy with a pointed tail that looked suspiciously like a certain X-Man, an old, worn out skateboard that had an autograph by some guy by the name of Tony Hawk, a comfortable looking pair of well-worn skating shoes, a pair of circular earings with the name of the past owner across it, and a small yellow and blue spandex uniform with a black 'X' incircled with red on the left breast. The man stepped away from the chest and stood in his place among the others in the circle.

The second man walked up to the chest as well. He opened a bag he had carried with him. He reached into it with his left hand and pulled out a handful of a fine, white powder. Ceremoniously, he swayed his hand over the whole of the chest, evenly spreading the powder over the items within. The man then walked back to his place.

A few people down from the man, the first woman stepped up. She slowly walked around the chest, making solemn, meaningful gestures. Whispered incantations fell from her lips as she went. As the two men before her had done, she walked to her place in the circle.

A third man slowly walked to the chest. He placed a picture on the inside part of the lid with a few pieces of tape. "So it has been said, so it will be done." The picture looked out at everyone. Big blue eyes and a bright smile radiated from it. The picture was of a teenager. She had short black hair and a hint of her Asian ancestry could be detected. The

man picked the lid up a bit and then let it slam down. He locked the chest.

The man looked up at everyone. "Everything has been put in place. It will begin soon." He turned to the youngest member of the circle. "Toby?"

The teenager nodded. "Yes?"

The man smiled. "Prepare yourself for the calling. I fear it may be rather painful. If not that, then annoying."

Toby nodded. "I understand. May I ask a question?"

The woman who had made the gestures spoke up. "We don't mind. Although, I would like it if we were all being addressed."

Toby nodded again. "I'm sorry. I was just wondering about our deal. I'm still not sure about how many I'm going to receive when this is all done with."

Another man spoke. "That wasn't a question."

The first man poked him in the ribs and then responded to the teen. "You will get what is left, Toby. We think that's fair enough."

Toby smiled. "I think it is, too. It's almost a suspiciously good deal. Almost. If I wouldn't have to go through everything the others will, I'd be worried." The boy sighed and turned to the door. "I have to go. I have my own spells to ready." With that, he left the group.

When he was gone, several of the others broke out in laughter.

"What a fool!"

"I'm glad we got him because there sure as hell can't be anyone as guillable as he is!"

"I almost feel sorry for the boy!"

"I think we could play with him more. What do you guys think?"


Everyone turned to the woman who had quieted the group. The woman was an eye sore, even in the odd company of the group that was gathered. She wore nothing but black. Her hair was a fiery red. Her skin was actually rather tan. The woman rarely spoke, but, when she did, the meaning behind her words was always important. "Work before pleasure. We must get this chest with the others."

For a moment, things were silent in the room. Then, a few of the others picked up the spruce chest and carried it to the far side of the room where there were 13 other chests. If Toby had been smarter, he would have checked the chests to see who was going to be called for the 'mission.' But he wasn't. That would be his ultimate mistake.


Chapter 1


The "feeling." It came and swept over her like it had so many times before. The difference was that this time she was in the Biosphere, training. She tried to shake it out of her head. She didn't need it while she was there. She didn't know if she could control it or herself.

She knew it was too late. It had traveled from her head to the pit of her stomach. Soon, it was in her legs and arms. Her feet and hands came next. The feeling was really different throughout her body, but they were related so closely to each other that it was talked about collectively as the "feeling."

Her head was pounding. It seared with pain. Her stomach was angry at her for eating breakfast. Yet it was hungry. It was a burning hunger. Her arms and legs ached and were weak. Her hands and feet also ached, but they also burned to be used. Then, there was her chest. There were so many feelings coming from it. Her heart beat was irratic. The beat was hard and fast. Her lungs felt like they were going to burst. She couldn't seem to bring anough air into them. The blood. She could feel her blood in her chest. She could hear it, too. It wasn't doing what it was supposed to. It didn't want to flow.

Jubilee was sweating. Her sight became sharp. The light around her became so bright, things became blurry. She looked around but couldn't make anything out clearly. She stumbled until she backed up into a tree. She clung to it for support. Her chest heaved as she tried to breathe in more air. Jubilee, too weak to hold onto the tree, fell to ground unceremoniously. She curled up into a tight ball, trying to make her pain lessen. She pressed her head between her hands heavily. A moan, loud and fierce, escaped her lips.

Noises. They were a good fifty feet away. Normally, she wouldn't have been able to hear them, but with her heightened senses, they were easily picked up. Several moments later, the noises were beside here.



The voice made Jubilee whince because of her super-sensitive hearing. She pressed her head harder. The pain was almost unbearable. She knew who the person was. She needed help. Anything to relieve her suffering. Quietly, through sore lips, she called out to Monet. "Help." It was the last thing she remembered doing before the darkness consumed her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Hurry. Get me the test results."

"Sean, I called Hank. He's on his way."

"Miss Frost, Mr. Cassidy, I think her breathing is stabilized."

"That it is, lass. Monet, how's her heart doin'?"

"Her heart appears to have stabilized as well."

"Good. I guess we just wait then."

Jubilee was awake. She had been for several minutes. She had refused to open her eyes. She just lay there, listening to them trying to take care of her. None of it mattered. Even if she had died, she would have been alright.

Jubilee reached up and pulled the tubes from her nose. She opened her eyes and breathed in deeply. She smiled. Things seemed so much more real. Colorful. Rich. Lively. Fresh. Everytime she went through the "feeling", this would happen. It was worth it. She sat up.

"Jubilation?!?" Emma was there beside her in an instant. The rest of GenX was soon to follow. "Lay down. You are in no shape to be exerting yourself in any way."

Jubilee smiled somewhat oddly at the comment. She pulled the i.v. from her arm and unconsciously sucked the blood that spilled. She pushed aside a stunned Emma Frost and got up from the bed she was on. Her legs were a bit wobbly but somehow stronger than before. Her whole body was stronger. It wasn't just her body, though. Her mind was much stronger as well.

"Jubilee?" Everett was scared at the way his best friend was acting.

Jubilee looked at him. "Huh?"

Emma answered for him. "Never push me, child. Lay down. I will not say it again."

Jubilee chuckled a bit. "Then, don't say it again. I won't complain." Jubilee's smile grew wider. She spread her arms out and breathed deeply again. She was so powerful now. She could feel it. Soon, she would be stronger. The change would be over. She wouldn't have to deal with the "feeling" ever again after that.

Emma placed a firm hand on Jubilee's arm. "Are you going to make me place you in the bed?"

Jubilee's smile faded. Something grew in her eyes. Something dark. The others didn't want to admit it to themselves, but it appeared to be evil. Pure, dark evil. It scared everyone who saw it. "Remove your hand, Emma."

Emma Frost hadn't seen the change in the girl's eyes; she was behind Jubilee. She had noticed the temperature of Jubilee's skin. It was icy cold. "Excuse me?"

Jubilee's jaws clenched. "I told you to remove your hand. If I were you, I'd do it. Don't piss me off, Emma. You don't know what you're dealing with." Jubilee's Southern Californian accent was gone. She was also speaking in correct English. That would have been enough to make any of those present speechless. That and the menacing words to Emma Frost made everyone dumbfounded, even Emma herself.

Jubilee pulled her arm from Emma's grip and stalked around the MedLab. "Call Hank back. You won't be needing him. I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than I've ever been."

Paige was confused at the way her roommate was acting. "Jubilee? You sure you're okay? You really scared us. The pain Monet said it looked like you were in sounded unbearable."

Jubilee stared at Paige in an irritated and somewhat loathing way. "Pain? You know nothing of pain." A grin crept across Jubilee's lips. "Pain is nothing. It will be over. Pain always has an ending. It will end. Soon."

Sean didn't like the way this conversation was going. "What are ye talkin' about, Jubilee?"

Jubilee chuckled again. "If I told you, your mind would pervert the true beauty in it all. You wouldn't understand. You would want to "help" me. It's really sad I can't share this with you, though."

"Share what, Jubilee?"

"Life. Death. Richness. Beauty. Everything. Everything, Sean. You wouldn't believe how beautiful everything can be."

"Ye . . . ye aren't takin' any drugs, are ye?"

Jubilee's laughter scared everyone. It wasn't her normal one. It lacked the life Jubilee's regular laughter had. This laughter was hollow. "Drugs? No, Sean. Drugs corrupt the body and the mind. They numb the senses. Where as I'm seeing things much clearer than before. Everything is clearer and easier."

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

Jubilee sighed. "Of course you don't. You wouldn't. None of you could."

"Then, make us, lass."

Jubilee seemed annoyed by Sean's onslaught of inquiries and need for explanations. "I can't. You'd all think I were sick. I see that you think that already, but, if I were to explain everything to you, you'd think I were insane. Demented maybe. I don't know really. I do know that you aren't ready. No one is."

"I'm afraid I still don't understand ye."

Jubilee's sigh was much more than impatient. "You don't understand. You can't. You couldn't. You wouldn't. There's no way -- " A pained look crossed her face. She began to look weak. She doubled over and a sound of pure anguish was heard.

Emma and the others ran to her. Emma placed a hand on her shoulder. "I told you to lay down. Let me help you."

Jubilee wouldn't hear of it. She gripped Emma's arms. "Not now." It was a growl that made everyone back up. Jubilee's grip on Emma tightened. Soon, her nails dug in, blood dripping to the ground.

Emma tried to pull away but found that Jubilee was much stronger than she remembered. "Jubilation, please let go." She tried to enter Jubilee's mind. Strangely, it was completely blocked off.

Jubilee could feel it coming. Her gums pounded. They felt like they were going to explode. And then, it happened. A sharp, stabbing feeling ripped through her raw gums.

Jubilee savagely pushed Emma into Sean, making them both stumble back. She turned from them and weakly fell to her knees. She brought her hands to her face. Jubilee knew she would never have to go through the "feeling" again. It was over. She was changed.

She brought her hands down and stared at them. They were different. They were bony and pale. In contrast, scarlet red blood had settled into her nails and had started to stain her fingertips.

The blood. She was completely aware of it. The blood invaded all of her senses. Her heart felt like it would pound out of her chest at any time. She could smell it as clearly as a shark would. Her ears pounded and hummed. Her skin crawled. Her sight became sharp. She could almost taste the blood.

The hunger in her stomach returned. It completely consumed her. It was a burning, sharp hunger that begged to be quenched.

Before she could think, she was upon Emma. Jubilee snapped her neck, killing Emma insantly. Jubilee brought her newly grown fangs into the neck, a fleshy popping noise sounding.

Jubilee drank deeply and fiercely, unaware of the protests and retaliation from the others. Jubilee growled as she was pulled from Emma's neck.

She wheeled around and attacked Everett, who had been the one who had pulled her away. Surprised at his best friend's betrayal, he let down his defenses. Still hungry, Jubilee bit savagely into his neck. He struggled futily for several seconds. Finally regaining some of his bearings, Everett synched into Monet's powers and threw Jubilee off of him.

She banged into the opposite wall and then dropped to the ground. She sprang to her feet instantly. Jubilee eyed the others hungrily. She needed more blood.

She laughed a little at their expressions. "Shocked? Yes, well, as you can see, things change. It was only a matter of time before I did. Paige, do me a favor?"

A horrified Paige just stared back at Jubilee. She was obviously in shock.

Jubilee shrugged. "I'll take that as a 'yes.' Paige, come here."

Sean stepped forward. "She'll do no such thing!"

Jubilee looked at him. "I tire of you. Talk, talk, talk. That's all you seem to do. If you are so determined on getting on my bad side, why don't you wait until I'm through with Paige. I fear I'm deathly hungry."

"Ye'll do nothing with Paige, lass."

Jubilee smiled. "Paige? Come here. I won't bite." She chuckled a little at her joke.

Paige's face changed. Her face was now of unknowing innocence. "What do you want, Jubilee?" Paige started towards her.

Sean caught ahold of her tightly and held her back. "Lass, don't ye see what's goin' on? Are ye okay? Don't go to her."

Jubilee looked at Paige. "Paige, come here. I'll make everything okay. Just come here, and I'll share my gift with you." Jubilee shakily wiped Emma's and Everett's blood from her chin. She hungrily lapped it from her hand.

"Gift? What kind would that be?" Paige began to struggle against Sean's grip.

"Come, Paige, and see. Let me show you what the world really looks like." Jubilee's stare at Paige was incessant. It appeared to burn into her.

Paige's struggle against Sean began to grow more panicked. "I have to go. I need to get to Jubilee. She has something for me. Let me go."

Sean looked toward Jubilee. "Leave her alone! Stop it!"

Jubilee's stare stayed frozen on Paige even while she responded to Sean. "You have no control over things here, Sean. Let her go. Things will only be more drawn out for her if you don't. Be merciful, for her sake. Let her go."

Monet supported a now weak Everett. "Leave her alone, Jubilation. I will not warn you again."

Jubilee smiled, eyes still transfixed on Paige. "Fighting words, Monet, fighting words. Pray you have punch to back them up."

Monet didn't answer. Instead, she tried to enter Jubilee's mind. She was shocked to find out how fortified it was. She knew she'd need help.

Turning to Jono, she whispered her plan. He nodded in agreement. She asked Everett for help. He agreed, too. His neck wounds were beginning to heal and close up. He was just a little dizzy from the loss of blood. He wasn't about to let that stop him.

Together, the three of them tried to enter Jubilee's mind. It took several moments for them to break her defenses. Monet worked fast and halted the control Jubilee had over Paige.

Paige stopped struggling. She blinked as though trying to get something out of her eyes and began to shake weakly. "Wha-What's going on?"

Jubilee was furious. "'What's going on?' Simple, dear Paige. What's going on is the deaths of three of your friends."

Before anyone could react, Everett went limp. Jono went next. Monet stayed up, visibly struggling. Not much later, she joined the other two and Emma on the floor.

Angelo stared at his now dead friends. A thought came to him. He wished he had come up with it earlier. He reached under his shirt and pulled out his crucifix. He lifted the chain over his head. He held it in front of him and advanced toward Jubilee. "There's no way in hell I'm gonna let you touch anyone else, chica."

Jubilee's face crinkled up. She stood her ground, even when she came face to face with Angelo and his cross. She sighed and shook her head. "Foolish boy. You watch too many tv shows and movies. Bite or kill? Kill or bite? Must I really have Paige? Or will Angelo do? Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions . . . "

Jubilee made a sudden movement toward Angelo. Before her intentions became clear, she was blasted by one of Sean's screams. It was one of the strongest she had ever seen him produce. Jubilee stumbled back a bit. Once she became accustomed to it, she started to advance on him, her ears bleeding from the scream.

Jubilee went inside Sean's head and stopped him from screaming permanently. His body was added to the many already on the floor. "I should have done that a long time ago."

Paige was a mere five feet from Jubilee. Jubilee smiled sinisterly at her. "Well, looks like I came to you. You don't have Sean to protect you anymore."

"No, chica, but she has me." Jubilee felt Angelo's skin wrap around her. Arms and fingers entangled and held her tightly. It was beginning to suffocate her.

Paige husked and turned into a diamond form. Feeling better than before, she began to punch Jubilee. Being a vampire had its many advantages. One of the greatest was being somewhat invulnerable. Right about now, Jubilee wished she were more so.

Jubilee pushed against Angelo's skin with a ferocity of someone getting desperate. She could feel the skin rip as she mercilessly pulled it more. Soon, he was no longer binding her. Jubilee used his outstretched skin against him and threw him with it, tearing his skin even more. His anguished screams were heard until he flew through the window and fell to the ground three stories down.

Paige was somewhat hysterical by now. She was the only one left, and she knew it. She looked at the girl who had once been one of her best friends. "Why are you doing this? We loved you! We were your family! Your only family! Don't you love us?? Why???"

Jubilee shrugged callously. "I'm hungry." Not wanting to be bothered any further, she easily slipped into Paige's head. She turned her brain off, making her whole body shut down.

Jubilee happily skipped over to Emma's limp body and began her feeding where she had left off.


Chapter 2


Jubilee gasped as she sat up. She frantically looked around her, searching for her fallen friends.

"Are you okay, Jubilee?" Paige sat down on Jubilee's bed and put an arm around the younger girl. "You were screaming really loud. Really, really loud. We tried to wake you up. God, J, you're covered with sweat."

Jubilee shakily breathed in deeply. She let the breath out slowly. "It was just a dream . . . just a dream . . . I'm okay. You're okay. Oh, God! You're okay!"

Jubilee's eyes teared up as she put her arms tightly around Paige. "God, it was just a dream."

Monet sighed. "I guess she is fine. Should I leave?"

Jubilee was sobbing. She let go of Paige and sprang for Monet, hugging her fiercely. "I'm sorry. Things are gonna change, and they'll never be the same again. I'm sorry for everythin' I've ever done to ya. I'm sorry I waited this long to say it."

Monet wasn't exactly sure how to react. She seemed very uncomfortable with the situation. She put an arm around Jubilee and patted her back with the other. "Like you said before, Jubilation, it was only a dream. There is no need for you to get this emotional."

Jubilee let go of Monet after a while and sat down on her bed again. She shook her head. "It was more than a dream. It . . . it was my future."

This visibly confused the other two girls. Monet sat down with them. "Your future, Jubilation?"

Jubilee thought. Would she really be that way after the change? Would she really be a threat to her friends? Her family? What would things be like? How long was it until she'd know? Until she would never have to deal with the "feeling" again?

Jubilee sighed. "It was my future, Monet. It might be yours, too. And I don't know how to stop it."

Monet's confusion was hidden better than it had been before. "There are few things that I do not know or understand. This would actually be one of those things. Jubilation, please explain."

Jubilee shook her head. "I can't. You'd think I'm nuts or sick or somethin'. It's just too weird to believe or understand. I know I wouldn't if it weren't happenin' to me."

Paige was really concerned for Jubilee. "What's happening to you?"

Jubilee shook her head again. "I told ya I couldn't tell ya. It's . . . oh no . . . "

"What's wrong, Jubilee?"

Jubilee could feel it. The light-headidness that always came before the "feeling". She began to become weak. The "feeling" began to move slowly throughout her body. Her head began to pound almost as bad as her heart. She shakily brought her hands up to her head and drilled them into it as hard as she could. Jubilee began to wheeze as she tried to bring enough air into her lungs. Her arms and legs screamed pain. She doubled over and fell off the bed. Her stomach tensed and contracted. Unlike any time before, spasms began to rack her body. She curled up impulsively, trying to lessen her pain. Sweat began to cover her body again. Uncontrollably, whimpers passed her lips.

Paige and Monet were beside her, trying to sooth her. Monet ordered for Paige to wet a face towel with cold water and to bring it back as soon as possible. She turned to Jubilee. "I have contacted Miss Frost. She is on her way here. Try to stay calm."

Jubilee heard Monet and calmed down considerably. She knew she wouldn't deal with this alone. She had done that several times before. Each time, she had been terrified to think of what could have happened to her.

The pain began to become piercing. Jubilee stretched out in writhing pain, her body stiffening and convulsing momentarily. Her thoughts became hazy. She closed her eyes tightly to try to push some of the pain from her head. Her heart beat became incredibly irratic. Her breathing became worse. It was like she was suffocating.

Jubilee felt something cool and wet on her forehead. She heard Paige trying to calm her down. "Shhhh, Jubilee. It'll be okay. Don't worry. Miss Frost is coming. So is Mr. Cassidy. Don't worry."

Pain. Something was adding to the pain. It was on her head. What were they placing on her head? A towel!!! Wimpered protests sounded. Neither Paige nor Monet must have understood because the towel and pain remained.

Footsteps. Hurried. People. Two. They were coming from the hallway. Closer. Closer. Closer. They were in the room.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! What happened to the lass?"

Jubilee reacted almost violently to the loud voice. She wrenched around even more than she had before. She stretched her fingers over her ears.

Footsteps. Sean and Emma were beside her. Now they were kneeling. A hand on her arm. More pain. Jubilee flexed. A strained moan emitted from her throat.

"Sean, it's your touch. Remove your hand. Paige, take the towel off."

Jubilee breathed in deeper when the extra pain left. Emma's voice had been soft and hadn't hurt Jubilee's ears as much as Sean's had earlier.

"We're here, Jubilation. I hope you don't mind that I read some of your surface thoughts. It was only to better help you and ease your pain. Sean, when you talk, do it softly. It hurts her ears."

Jubilee was beginning to wish she would faint from the torture like she had done in her dream. The pain in her dream had been real, but nothing compared to this. At that moment, if she had had the chance, she would have been desperate enough to sell her soul to the devil to relieve her pain.

Then, it started to happen. She could breathe better and her heart beat was beginning to become more rhythmic. Her aches and pains were slowly leaving her body. With them went her energy. Until, finally, she lay sprawled on the ground, trying to catch her breath and drenched in sweat.

Shakily, Jubilee took her hands from her head and dropped them to her sides. She opened her eyes with much effort.

Sean gently touched her arm, trying it out for pain. When she didn't whince, he stood and picked her up. "Ye're comin' to the MedLab, lass."

Emma stood as well. "I'll call Hank and get him down here as soon as possible. Paige, Monet, try to get some rest."

Jubilee rested her head against Sean's shoulder. She mumbled something.

Sean strained to hear it but still couldn't catch any part of it. "What, lass?"

With as much strength as she could muster, she whispered. "Philoso."

Sean and Emma left the room, Emma going in a different direction for a phone. Sean looked at Jubilee. "Philoso? What's that?"

Quietly, she answered. "I need him."

After that, Sean tried to get more information from her but found that she was too weak to speak and to probably think clearly. He sighed sympathetically. "Poor kid."


Chapter 3


Jubilee was set in a bed in the MedLab. She had watched Emma and Sean work around her for what seemed like an eternity. She didn't know when, but Hank had arrived.

Several minutes after he had arrived, he came up to her. "Hey, there. You doing okay?"

Jubilee was too weak to even move her head to answer. Hank could see the strain in her eyes. "Not at your top form, huh? Do not worry! I'm on the job now. And I've brought Cecilia. We will have you fixed in no time." He smiled a bit goofily down at her.

Jubilee saw him turn away and talk to Emma and Sean. She couldn't tell what he was saying; his back was to her. It probably wouldn't have registered anyway. Her thoughts were too far gone.

A reassuring hand. Jubilee tried to move her head a bit to see who it was. It didn't work. Cecilia was over her. "Don't worry or try to move. It's just me."

Jubilee knew everyone was just trying to help, but they weren't what she needed. Even though she wasn't thinking clearly, there was one thought in her head that did make sense. Philoso. She needed him.

Jubilee tried to reach up to Cecilia. Cecilia looked down at Jubilee and smiled. She grabbed ahold of her hand and squeezed it.

NO! Jubilee didn't want a hand to hold! She didn't need that! She opened her mouth and whispered something softly.

Cecilia's face scrunched up. "What was that?" She brought her head down to listen better.

"Philoso." It was soft and strained.

"Philoso? What's that?"

"Call him." It was whispered even lower.

"Call Philoso? Who's Philoso?"

"He knows. He'll help." Jubilee was straining as hard as she could to speak.


Cecilia could see the strain. "You should rest, Jubilee." She knew Jubilee wasn't thinking clearly. Maybe that was why she was asking for this Philoso person.

Jubilee knew what Cecilia would do. She would leave Jubilee and probably talk about what just happened with the others. They weren't going to get Philoso. But, God, didn't she need him right now! There was no way she was going to let Cecilia just go off.

Before Cecilia could go, Jubilee used all her strength to reach up for her. Her hand didn't reach Cecilia, but it did get her attention. Cecilia looked down at Jubilee. "What? Are you okay?" She put her head down again.

"No. Not crazy. Call Philoso. Please." Tears began to roll down Jubilee's cheek out of strain and frustration. "Please."

Cecilia looked into Jubilee's eyes. Frustration could be easily picked up. Maybe she should humor the kid and really call? It probably would ease her a bit, and it probably wouldn't lead to anything anyway. Cecilia nodded. "Okay. I need the number."

Cecilia left for a while and came back with a pad of paper and a pen. "I'm ready. What's the number?"

"9. 7. 3." Jubilee breathed a bit and then went on. "6. 5. 1. 8." Her strength was almost gone.

Cecilia nodded. "I got it. Do you want me to tell him what happened?"

"Yes." It was almost undecipherable.

"Let me just get a phone, and I'll call from right here."

Jubilee watched Cecilia walk away. She was stopped by the other three. They started to talk. No! Not this! She needed Philoso! Why couldn't they just let Cecilia call?

Cecilia began to make gestures, some of them in Jubilee's direction. The others seemed relunctant. Finally, Emma nodded and handed Cecilia a cell phone.

Cecilia walked back to Jubilee. The others followed. "Okay, Jubilee, I'm calling." She dialed a few buttons and then started to wait for the phone to be answered.

A moment later, "Hello?"

" . . . "

"Yes, I'm sorry to have called so early. Is Philoso there?"

" . . . "

"Oh. Hi. I'm calling on behalf of Jubilee -- "

" . . . "

Cecilia laughed. "No. She isn't in trouble. She's, well, ill."

" . . . "

Cecilia seemes shocked. "Actually, yes. How did you -- "

" . . . "

"You do?"

" . . . "

"Well, let me see." Cecilia took the phone from her mouth and looked questioningly at the others. "He says he knows what happened to her and can help. He wants to come over."

Sean and Emma both frowned. They looked down at Jubilee. She looked pleadingly up at them, too weak to voice her case.

Sean sighed and looked at Emma. "I don't see why not. He might be able to help."

Emma relunctantly nodded. "Okay. Give him our address."

Cecilia put the phone to her mouth again. "Hello? We would appreciate it if you could come. Our address is -- "

" . . . "

"Yes, she's at the academy."

" . . . "

"Okay. I'll tell everyone."

" . . . "


" . . . "

"Thank you."

" . . . "

"Right. Bye." Cecilia clicked the phone off and looked at the others. "He'll be here in a little while."

Jubilee was ecstatic. He was coming. She'd be okay. She closed her eyes and stopped struggling against her weaknesses. Soon, she was enveloped in soothing darkness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Voices. Beatiful, loud, vibrant voices. They seemed to jump right out to Jubilee, yet they were being whispered a good thirty feet away.

Jubilee opened her eyes. Vivid, bright, living colors. Everything was crystal clear.

Jubilee wiggled her toes. The soft cotton sheets tented over them. The feeling penetrated her skin. It was a beautiful feeling.

Jubilee smiled. Philoso was there. She could hear him. She could smell him. She could sense him. Slowly, she sat up.

Footsteps. "Jubilation, you are in no condition -- "

"Don't worry. She's fine." A faint English accent. Philoso. Loving, caring, soothing Philoso.

Jubilee turned to the five. Her smile was huge. She loved the feeling of everything being so crisp. To think that life might always be that way was incredible. She almost looked forward to it. Almost. She knew it would come. And it would come with a price. Jubilee's smile faded. "Hey, Philly."

The others made it to Jubilee. Philoso's smooth gait had made it appear as though he had been floating.

Philoso pulled a table up to Jubilee's bed and placed a doctor's bag on it. It was an old, black one doctor's once used when they had house calls. He looked at it lovingly. He turned to Hank and Cecilia. "Got the bag from a friend a long time ago. He used to do house calls in the '20s. He was rich. He would go to the poor and help them for free. Great man. This was the bag he used. The leather hasn't wheathered a bit."

Hank seemed somewhat confused. "It is a nice bag, but what about Jubilee?"

Philoso shrugged. "Ahhhh, she's okay, too. She does have her moments." He smiled playfully at Jubilee. "Actually, there isn't much to worry about. I'll just need to check her for a few things. If you wish, you could leave. It won't take that long."

Emma snorted. "Oh, we'll stay." She didn't like the idea of Jubilee being checked by a doctor that she didn't know (was he even a doctor?), especially one as young as Philoso. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties. He was quite cute with dark brown, short hair. His face was narrow, and his jaw line was well pronounced, as well as his cheek bones. His eyes were the things that drew attention to his face. They were brown. Not plain brown, though. There was something behind them. It was feral, innnocent, passionate, regal, dark, dangerous, and, above all, loving. It was his eyes that had first drawn the unwonted attention from Emma to him. It was also the fact that she couldn't do a mind scan on him.

Philoso looked at her in an odd manner. He shook his head and then shrugged. "If you wish."

Emma smiled snidely at him. "Oh, I do."

Philoso chuckled. "Sure." He turned to Jubilee. "Let's start with . . . how did it start?"

Jubilee sighed. "I had had a bad dream. I woke up really disoriented." Philoso had begun to check her back. From where Hank and Cecilia stood, it looked like he was checking her glands. "I was fine for a while. I was talking with Paige and Monet. In the middle of a sentence, it sorta started."

Philoso felt around her back higher. He frowned. "You're tense. Try to loosen up. Your dream, what was it about? Does it have any significance?"

"I don't know. Yer the doc."

"Jubilee." It was almost a growl. It was something somewhat like Logan would have done. The only difference was that Philoso's was gentler. It was just as loving.

"Okay! Sheesh! I guess it does." Philoso put her shirt down and gently pushed her to lay down. He brought her shirt up a bit and started to feel around, also for glands, it appeared. "I was in the Biosphere, training. And then, BOOM! The "feeling." I fainted from the pain. When I woke up, I was here, in the MedLab. I woke up like I did now. Know what I mean?"

Philoso put her shirt down. "Do I! HA! I remember it when I was young. It was so great! The feeling was so different and so new, it was just incredible. Now, well, I guess you can say I take it for granted. Can't really help it. It's been a long time. Sit up. Go on about your dream."

Jubilee sat up. "I was actin' really weird, and I started to think about incredible power." Philoso began to feel her neck. "Y'know, I had a lot more power than I had before but that I would soon have a lot more. Well, anyway, I was actin' really weird. I was havin' trouble controllin' myself. I was actin' really snotty, 'specially to Frost. Then, I started to sorta explain everythin' to everyone. Well, indirectly, anyway. No one knew what I was really talkin' about. I was sorta walkin' around and then the "feeling" came back. I changed. Then, I killed everyone." Jubilee chuckled. "I killed Frost first."

Philoso chuckled and looked at Emma. "Doesn't sound all that bad, kiddo." He ruffled Jubilee's hair. "Sounds more like wishful thinking." He smiled and winked at Emma.

Emma gave a wry smile. She really didn't like or trust this guy. He was too cocky and cute. Emma shook her head, hiding an involuntary shiver. It was almost like another Bobby.

Philoso shrugged off her smile and turned to his bag. He took out a thermometer. "Under your tongue."

Jubilee sighed and complied. While she was doing that, Philoso checked her ears. "Good news! No potatos! Someone cleans her ears!" He waited a little before he took the thermometer out. "Hmmm. Makes sense, I guess . . . how much do you weigh again?"

"101. Last time I was weighed anyway."

Philoso nodded. "Good. When was that?"

A thoughtful look crossed Jubilee's face. "'Bout . . . a month ago."

Philoso seemed somewhat unnerved by that. "Not good. I need to know your weight now. You know how these things can change."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well, we'll deal with that later." Philoso sat on her bed a little in front and to the side of her. "Open your mouth a bit."

Jubilee did it. Philoso moved her lips to the side and started to inspect, what looked like, her teeth.

Hank had watched Philoso. Philoso had done some things that Hank hadn't been able to find a reason for, but he hadn't said anything. Now, he was really curious and somewhat suspicious. "What are you doing? Why?"

Philoso looked back to Hank. "I'm . . . checking." He smiled a cutesy smile at them and then turned back.

Emma looked at Hank and then at Philoso. "Answer the doctor. What are you doing?"

Philoso chuckled. "Something none of you could understand. Even with an explanation." He began to feel around Jubilee's upper gums. "Yep. There you go! Got it!"

Jubilee's eyes widened. "Wha?" It was kinda hard to talk with fingers in her mouth.

Philoso began to look around her gums. "Uh-huh. Triumph!" He took his hand out and wiped it with a nearby tissue. "Want to feel? Right above you canines."

Jubilee reached up and began to feel in her mouth. Her eyes widened. "Holy shnapples!" There was a lump in her gums over each canine. They were fairly good sized, too.

"Mr. Philoso, I demand to know what ye were doin'! I'm not only her teacher -- "

"Let me guess, you're also her client, too, right?" He caught sight of everyones glare, even and especially Jubilee's. He brought up his hands defensively. "HEY! I didn't mean anything sexual! I was just trying to lighten up the mood around here! Really!"

Sean, along with the other adults, was not ammused. "What were ye doin'? I have guardianship over the lass, and I'll be damned if I let anythin' happen to her!"

Philoso got up from the bed. "I'm sorry. You must be Sean Cassidy. I understand what you mean. I . . . You see . . . Jubilee is . . . " He hesitated. He scratched his head and sighed. "Oh boy. There really is no easy way of putting this. You see -- "

"WHAT?!" Jubilee couldn't believe what Philoso was doing. Was he really going to tell them??? Everyone looked at her. "Yer just gonna tell them! Just like that! Ya can't! This is me! My life! The less they know the better! Ya even said that yerself! Ya -- "

Philoso raised his hands to silence her. "There comes a time for maturity, J. You'll learn that. It's not like you won't have the time -- "

Jubille snorted. "Screw maturity, dude!" She sighed heavily. "I don't want them hurt. Not any more than they havta be. Please, Philly."

Philoso shook his head. "Can't you see that's what I'm trying to do?"

Jubilee shook her head in a grudging way. "Let it go -- "

Philoso laughed. "Let it go? Let it go! HA! That's a good one! _You_ can't let it go! It's a part of you, J."

"Don't ya think I know that! Despite what everyone thinks, I'm not stupid! I -- "

"God damnit, J, can't you . . . " Philoso slowly brought his hands up to his mouth. He had an incredulous look plastered on his face.

Jubilee looked just as surprised. In a quiet, unbelieving voice, she reprimanded him. "Dude, ya cursed. Ya know yer goin' to hell for that one."

"Oh my God, I can't believe I . . . " He stopped. "NO! I just used his name in vain!!! I-I have to . . . pray. Yes, I'll ask for forgiveness."

The other adults looked on in quiet disbelief. The whole scene had been strange to begin with. Now, things were just down-right confusing. Why did Philoso care about cursing so much?

Philoso took a crucifix out from under his black shirt. He made the sign of the cross and tightly held the cross in his hands. He began to recite the Act of Contrition.

Emma shook her head. "Just great. Philoso's a religious fanatic. Just the kind of person we want to look over our Jubilation." She directed it to Sean, but it was purposely said loud enough for everyone to hear it.

When Philoso finished, he made the sign of the cross and put the crucifix under his shirt again. He turned to Emma. "Faith is not something that should be taken lightly, Miss Frost. And, for your information, I am a priest. I take my vocation very seriously."

A priest?! Philoso was a priest?! This whole thing was getting incredibly confusing. Sean sighed. "Yuir a priest? What gives ye the education to medically take care of Jubilee?"

Philoso looked down. "I went through the same thing she did. I've been helping others like us. No one else will. Most can't. They have no idea what's really going on with us."

"And what is going on with ye two, lad?"

Philoso looked up proudly. "I'm a vampire, sir."

The silence that filled the room seemed to consume everything. Jubilee took a deep breath in and turned away from everyone. She brought her knees up and put her head down. She brought her hands over her head. She began to quietly cry.

No one really knew what to do. Philoso looked down guiltily. Cecilia wasn't as close to Jubilee as the others in the room were. Emma wasn't particularly close to Jubilee, either. Sean and Hank were the only ones left.

Hank made the first move toward Jubilee. He climbed onto her bed and moved beside her. He brought her into his massive arms and began to talk to her soothingly. For what seemed like an eternity, everyone stayed transfixed to their spots as Jubilee cried into Hank's massive body.


Chapter 4


If you had asked Emma Frost if she had believed in vampires before Jubilee had broken down, she probably would have scoffed at you. She was still a bit skeptical. Vampires seemed the thing of movies, books, and legends. They were what pimply-faced teens pretended to be in those weird role-playing games. <1> Besides, weren't they supposed to be ruthless creatures that could be subdued by crosses and holy water? Before her stood a man who claimed to be a vampire, yet he also claimed that he was a priest. A priest with a cross around his neck. Things didn't seem to quite fit together, at least not to Emma Frost. "A vampire? Mr. Philoso . . . Father Philoso, I'm sorry, but that doesn't seem likely."

Philoso looked up for the first time. "I know. It doesn't. But, yeah, it's what I am. It's what I've been for over 400 years. When I chose my vocation, I never thought I'd be stuck with it for so long. Not that I'm not happy, it's just been a long time. Oh, and, I'd rather you just call me Philoso."

"You said this was what you and Jubilation were dealing with. Are you saying that she is a vampire?"

Everyone, except for Jubilee, turned to him. Philoso shook his head. "No. Not yet anyway. Soon, though. I give it a maximum of another two weeks before the change."

"Two weeks? You expect us to believe Jubilation will be a vampire in less than two weeks?"

"It's the truth."

"You mean, she'll just suddenly change. There's nothing gradual. I find that hard to believe."

"Her body has been trying to prepare itself for the change for a little over two months. You saw her going through the "feeling" earlier. She's been through that many times in the past two months. Her hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, and telepathy have been becoming more keen. I'm sure you've noticed J's sense of style has changed throughout the past two months. Bright colors can sometimes hurt our eyes. No spicy food. That could be dangerous. Can't hang around people who smoke when they're smoking. The smell can become suffocating to those who haven't gone through the change yet. No loud music. That can be unbearable! You also get to learn how people really feel about you. That part of good hearing can sometimes stink. I suspect J has been really careful during training sessions in the Biosphere. Sometimes, even the softest tap can hurt. You also can see what other people are thinking. Control over telepathy at the stage J is at is limited. Even normal telepaths have problems controlling their powers at that stage. Miss Frost, you must have noticed some of these things."

Emma had. She had seen many people go through depression. She had become suspicious that Jubilee may have been going through it. The change of clothes, color and style, had been the first thing that had made Emma think this. It was something Emma had hoped wasn't happening. She began to make rationalizations for the other changes in Jubilee. Emma began to tell herself that Jubilee was just being more mature. She tried to make herself think that the reason why Jubilee wouldn't be around Angelo when he smoked was because she was showing him that she no longer condoned it. Emma also thought that Jubilee's new practice of playing her music at a suitable level was out of respect for Paige and Monet. Emma hadn't thought of excuses for Jubilee not eating a slice of pepperoni pizza, Jubilee's favorite, or wearing sunglasses everywhere she went. This vampire explanation did make sense. Still, Emma refused to buy into such a bizzare explanation without real proof. "I see what you mean. However, I would still like to see something tangible to back this explanation up."

Philoso nodded. "Fair enough. I understand. I'd want something like that if I were in your place. What exactly are you looking for?"

"Well, you said that you are a vampire. Show us."

Philoso was taken off-guard. "Excuse me?"

Emma raised a questioning eyebrow. "Is there something wrong? Won't you show us what you look like in your vampire form? Are you not telling us something?"

Philoso seemed a bit nervous. "You don't want me to change -- "

"Actually, I do."

Philoso shook his head. "No, you don't. It's dangerous. Everything becomes distorted when I'm in my vampire form. Control is hard. Emotions are different. It's quite scary. Even for me. I don't think I should do it."

Emma seemed a bit annoyed. "Alright, then, what can you show us?"

Philoso looked down in deep thought. "Well, maybe you shouldn't see what I can do. Maybe you'd believe if you saw what Jubilee can do."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, her senses are heightened even more because she recently went through the "feeling." You could test her newly hyped senses."

Emma nodded. "Alright. What kind of test?"

Philoso shrugged. "Well, if you want, you could start on her sight. What you should do is write a message, in small writing of course. It can be anything you want. When you're done, go to the other side of the MedLab, to the doorway maybe. Hold up the message and let J read it."

Emma nodded. "Sounds good." Emma went to work looking for a pen and some paper. She was beginning to feel much better about Philoso. She still didn't like the guy, but she felt like she could trust him more.

Philoso walked over to Jubilee. He sat down next to Hank and Jubilee. "I'm sorry, Jubilee. They have a right to know. You up for these tests?"

Jubilee nodded. "Yeah."

Philoso smoothed down her hair. "Good. Can I ask you a question?"

Jubilee smiled for the first time since Philoso had admitted to being a vampire. "Ya just did."

Philoso lefted an eyebrow. "Now look, you! No, seriously, can I ask you a question?"

"Seriously, yes, you can."

"What was the real reason you didn't want anyone to know?"

Jubilee shrugged. "I was scared. I still am."

Philoso nodded in understanding. "You know, when I changed, I had no one to tell. I was pretty much completely disowned by my friends and family for being a Catholic. I hadn't told most of them that I was a priest. Who knows what they might have done if they had known. I really don't know which is worse: having to tell people you really care about or not having anyone to tell."

Jubilee thought. "In the long run, I'd say it's easier not to have to tell anyone. I mean, if ya don't have anyone to tell, ya don't have anyone to outlive."

Philoso nodded. "Point. However, there are many people one meets that one will outlive. It's just the facts of life. Even if you weren't going to be a vampire, you'd still outlive some people. For example, your parents."

"Yeah. My parents." It wasn't true. They were alive, and she knew it. Her foster parents had been the ones to die. It didn't matter; it wasn't as though she was close to them. Hell, Jubilee didn't even know who they were!

"Philoso, Jubilation, I'm ready." Emma was at the doorway already.

Jubilee turned around towards her, like everyone else did. "I'm ready. I guess. I mean, there's, like, no way to get ready for somethin' like this."

Emma held the small piece of paper up. The writing was so small on it that the adults in the room, save Philoso, couldn't even tell there was writing.

Jubilee scrunched up her forehead and looked at Emma. Everyone's eyes were turned to her now. With the look that Jubilee was giving Emma, it appeared that she couldn't read the message. Emma pursed her lips in annoyance. "Well, it appears -- "

Jubilee snorted and then started to chuckle a bit. "I didn't think ya'd know such a stupid, corny joke!! Geez, Frost!"

Emma looked shocked. "You can read it?!"

Jubilee snorted again. "Well, yeah!!!" Jubilee read the words on the paper easily. ""Why did the gum croos the road? Because he was stuck to the chicken's foot."" Jubilee shook her head. "Lame, teach, lame."

Emma was flustered. "Yes, well. . . . Yes."

Philoso smiled. "Want to do anymore tests?"

Emma shook her head, obviously still amazed. "That's alright."

Philoso opened his mouth, ready to say something when his beeper interrupted him. He checked it and frowned. "I have to be going soon. Jubilee isn't the only one having these kind of problems."

Sean nodded. "'Tis okay. Thank ye very much. I'm sorry we acted the way we did. Ye didn't deserve it."

Philoso shrugged it off. "I would have acted the same way."

Hank stood up and extended his hand out to Philoso, who accepted it. "I applaud the work you do for . . . well, you know."

Philoso laughed. "Yes, I know. Thank you. From what J has told me, your work is something to be applauded as well."

Hank shrugged. "I do what I can."

"That's all we can do." Philoso turned to everyone. "Is there anything else that needs to be addressed before I leave?"

Cecilia spoke up. "Actually, I think there is. What do we do for Jubilee? Is there anything we can do for her before she changes? What do we do while she changes? After?"

Philoso nodded. "Good questions. You can't do anything for Jubilee now. Later on next week, I'll be around. I'll be here for her change. I'll make sure of that. I'd like Logan to be around as well. Maybe Jean. Anyone else that is close to Jubilee. I'll explain about that when the time comes. After she changes, treat her normally. She'll still be J."

Philoso turned to Jubilee. "I do have some things to say to you, though. You should eat meat. After you change, you can't have any, so have your fill now. Same goes for milk. Stuff that has ingredients from animals, such as jello, will be okay. It's just the stuff that mainly consists of meat and milk. If you do eat it, you'll be sick as a dog for days. Fever, stomach cramps, even hulicinations sometimes.

"Get new clothes. Long sleeves, pants. Dark stuff. It doesn't have to be black. I know you've already started to wear different clothes. That's good. You'll have no use for any of your old ones.

"Above all, rest. Rest will be very important in the next week or two. You'll need all of your energy for the change. I've actually heard stories where people have died during the change because they were weak. I doubt that would happen to you. The people who have died, most of them were ill or sickly. You should be fine, but you should still rest."

Philoso turned to everyone again. "Anything else?"

Sean looked at everyone and then shook his head. "I think we'll be alright. Thank ye again."

Philoso nodded. "It's really no problem. If you have any questions, just call. I really must be going." He picked up his doctor's bag and, with a wave, left, Sean showing him out.


<1> I have nothing against RPG's. In fact, I play one on-line. Not only that, but the character I play is a vampire. Weird, huh?


Chapter 5


Breakfast. Jubilee had assured Emma and Sean that she wasn't tired and that she was able to eat breakfast with everyone. They had finally given in.

This was where the others would learn about Jubilee. Emma had decided that she would tell them. In a way, that made Jubilee nervous. Emma wasn't exactly really close to her. What if her explanation of what was going to happen to Jubilee made her look like a monster?

Jubilee looked at the breakfast. Sean had made it. Jubilee had a few pancakes but piled up on bacon and sausage.

Angelo looked at her plate. "Think ya got enough meat, chica?"

Jubilee shrugged. "Not really. I want ya guys to have some too, though."

Paige and Monet were the last ones to make it into the kitchen. They immediately spotted Jubilee. Paige flung herself on her. "Are you okay? You scared me so bad!" She wasn't lying. Jubilee could smell the relief from Paige.

"I'm fine." She hugged Paige back.

Monet, seeing Hank and Cecilia, knew that something may still be wrong. Her question was for anyone who would answer. "What's going on?"

Sean looked up from the stove. "Get yuir breakfast and sit down. We'll tell ye after ye eat."

Everett and the other boys, including Artie and Leech, were really confused. He looked at Jubilee. "What happened?"

Emma cleared her throat. "Later."

Everett sighed impatiently but didn't argue. When did anyone, besides Jubilee or Monet, argue with Emma Frost?

The teens, except for Monet and Jubilee, ate fast. They were curious. It wasn't that Monet wasn't curious. It was that she wouldn't show it.

Everyone finished breakfast in record time. Well, except for Jubilee, Monet, and the adults. The teens and the two little ones silently urged them to eat faster. Finally, everyone was done. Just in time, too. Those waiting for an explanation, save Monet, looked like they were about to explode due to expectation.

Emma sighed. "This is very difficult to explain. You all will have to excuse me if I can't find the words quickly.

"For the past few months, Jubilation has been going through some changes. -- "

"Wait a minute!" Angelo held his hands up. "If this has to do with feminine things, I _really_ don't want to hear about it!" Everett and Jono both began to look uncomfortable. Artie and Leech looked confused.

Emma sighed impatiently. "I would appreciate it if no one interrupts me." She paused. "No, Angelo, this does not deal with feminine issues.

"Like I was saying, Jubilation has been going through some changes. I'm sure some of you have noticed differences in her. Different style and colors of clothing. Playing her music lower. Not eating anything spicy. Stuff like that."

Some of the others nodded. They had noticed.

"Right. Well, that wasn't the only way she was changing. Her body and, the way I understand, her mind have also been changing. -- "

"You sure this has nothin' to do with feminine things?"

Emma glared at Angelo. "I'm quite sure this has nothing to do with feminine issues. Please, no more interruptions.

"Anyway, her mind and her body have been changing." Angelo whinced. Emma glared at him. She went on. "She's been changing so that she'll be ready for . . . another change."

The teens were getting bored with all this "change" talk. They got that Jubilee was going through changes. They understood it after the first time Emma had said it. Angelo sighed impatiently. "What kind of change?"

"Well," Emma went on, "she's going to change and . . . and the change is . . . going to change things around here dramatically. -- "

Jubilee had had enough. "Look! I'm becoming a vampire!"

Everyone looked at her.

Artie projected an image of a vicious creature with humoungous fangs. Blood was dripping down it's chin. It's eyes were bloodshot, and it looked evil.

Jubilee could smell how scared he was. She could smell the fear from Leech as well. Apprehension was coming from everyone else. Maybe blurting it out hadn't been the best move.

Emma projected a feeling of comfort towards Jubilee, showing the girl that she did have someone in the room who was behind her. "I believe Jono has been reading too many bloody comic books to Artie and Leech. Jubilation will not turn into a savage animal. She will remain Jubilation. -- "

"Yeah! She'll just be after our blood!"

"Angelo! I am sick and tired of your outbursts! You know nothing of -- "

"I've seen the movies and tv shows! We'll have to stock up on holy water and crosses and stakes just in case! -- "

Jubilee whinced. This conversation was getting too loud. It was beginning to hurt. She put her head down in her hands. She was getting a headache.

Hank moved over to her and knelt down. "Are you okay?"

"'S too loud."

Hank looked up at the others. "Jubilee can't take loud noises or voices. Please refrain from yelling too loudly."

Angelo nodded. "Yeah! Wouldn't want to hurt the blood sucker! _That_ would be a shame!"

Everett glared at him. "Shut up."

Angelo glared back. "Oh. I see! You're on her side! -- "

~SHUT UP!!!~ Jono sent it to Angelo alone who whinced from the 'loudness' of it.

Angelo rubbed his head and started to mumble some incoherent things. Jubilee knew what he was saying. His thoughts were being transmitted into her head. She couldn't stop them. They were hateful words. Words she was surprised he would ever use on anyone. Angelo wasn't someone to put others down because of something they couldn't control. It was because of the way he looked. He wanted respect from others, so he gave respect.

Jubilee couldn't take it anymore. She stood up and looked at him. Angelo backed up a bit, not sure if she was challenging him. Jubilee just shook her head. "Hypocrite." It was the last thing said before she left the room.

In the hallway, she heard their voices, especially Angelo's.

"What's the chica mean by that? 'Hypocrite'?"

"Angelo, you are such a jerk!"


"I'd rather be a jerk than have two holes in my neck!"

"Mr. Espinosa, I would like a talk with you in my office."

That was the last thing Jubilee heard before she was out of range to hear their voices. It made her happy, too.


Chapter 6


Jubilee had been in her room. She had been in there since she had left the kitchen. It had been about thirty minutes before, and she hadn't been able to get the words and feelings that she had felt being projected from Angelo out of her mind.

Jubilee had found a Rubic's cube. It had been on the clutter on Paige's desk. Jubilee was stretched out on her bed, back resting on her headboard. She had been trying to figure out the Rubic's cube over her massive headache. It wasn't working.

The door opened and her roommate entered. Paige was somewhat apprehensive but also sympathetic. Jubilee could smell and feel it.

Paige stayed just inside the door for a moment. She began to walk to her bed, which was a mess of blankets, clothes, books, and papers. Paige sat down. "You okay?"

Jubilee didn't answer. When she had been in the kitchen, she had felt everyone's feeling and had smelled their emotions. During Angelo's assault, Paige had been sympathetic for Jubilee but had also felt some of the same things Angelo had. Jubilee didn't want to talk with someone who thought anything even remotely like the way Angelo did.


Jubilee stayed quiet.

"Look, not everyone thinks the same way Angelo does."


"What? No, Jubilee, -- "

"I could smell it. Hear yer thoughts. I could even somewhat feel it. Ya lie."

Paige was silent for a while. "Jubilee, -- "

"I hate that name. I have nothing to be happy about."

"Look at me."

Jubilee continued with Paige's Rubic's Cube.

Paige shook her head in disbelief. "You just expected us to be happy for you or something, didn't you?"

Jubilee's jaw tightened. Paige was wrong. That wasn't what she had expected. Paige was beginning to piss her off.

"Is that it? And now you're upset because you realized that we don't think that the new weapons you're getting are that cool?"

Jubilee threw the Rubic's Cube at Paige. "Ya think this is all about ya? Ya don't know!" Jubilee whinced from her own voice but went on anyway. "Ya don't know how much I hate this! I have an ugly feeling that somethin's gonna happen! I don't want anythin' to happen!"

Paige was silent for a while. She hadn't expected Jubilee to be that emotional.

Jubilee could feel and smell Paige's emotions. That made her angry. Those were Paige's. Jubilee didn't want to know them. In no way did Jubilee have the right to see, hear, and feel other people's feelings, emotions, and thoughts. She hated it so much.

Paige shifted on her bed. "What's it about, then?"

"Yer brother, he's an external, right?"

Paige nodded. "What does that have anything to do with?"

"He isn't too thrilled about being one, huh?"

"Well, no, he isn't."

"Why isn't he?"

Paige opened her mouth to say something. Then, it hit her. Sam hated the idea of being an external because he would watch all those he loved die. He hated the idea of ever being lonely. The thought scared him. "Are you . . . will you be immortal?"


"Oh. . . . Miss Frost and Dr. McCoy didn't tell us that. They did tell us a bit about you, but not that."

"They might not know."

"So, that's what's bothering you?"

Jubilee shrugged. "Some of it."

"What else is bothering you?" Paige was beginning to realize how stupid and selfish she had been for listening and starting to believe in what Angelo was saying.

"I don't want to be able to hear or see everything. I don't want to know what everyone is thinking. I don't want to suck blood. I don't want to be out of control. I'm afraid that I'll kill someone. I want to be able to eat meat whenever I want to. I hate the fact that two little boys that I consider my own brothers are scared to death of me. I hate it that people that I consider my family are scared of me. I don't want to hurt people. I don't want to hear people's whispers. I don't want to feel what they're feeling. I don't want any of this."

Paige didn't really know what to say. She was feeling really guilty for even listening to Angelo.

Jubilee could feel Paige's guilt and could hear Paige's thoughts. "Don't feel bad. People are afraid of things they don't understand. They follow others that seem to know what's going on. That's what the FoH does. Look at Hitler. The man used Germany's fears and weaknesses to make them think that he'd help their economy and get them back on their feet. He used that to make the citizens do things they normally would never do."

Paige looked at her in shock. That wasn't a 'Jubilee' argument. It had been well thought out.

Jubilee answered Paige's thoughts again. "Weird, huh? Philoso thinks that my latent telepathy must be very strong. With that telepathy and the telepathy I'm developing through becoming a vampire, I have what is called an 'undercurrent.' An 'undercurrent' is a telepathic link to anything living that's around me. The link is so small, though, that it can't be detected, and it can't be taken away unless I get away from a person. Subconciously, I'm continuously getting information from everyone on this link. The information I get from it, I use it without even realizing where I got it from. Philoso says that I'll be able to control the link when I'm a vampire. He also says that I'll be able to get certain information from people. And that I will be able to find new information I picked up from the link by trying to identify things that I had known and things that are new to me.

"An 'undercurrent' isn't how I feel emotions and thoughts, though. That's just with the telepathy I'm getting from my change. That can't be controled yet, either. However, I will be able to control it when I become a vampire. I can turn it off completely, too. There are more differences between the two types of telepathy, but I can't think of any at the moment."

Paige had been bombarded with new information. It wasn't all straight forward, either. She was happy that she had done an extra credit project on telepaths and the different forms telepathy can take in a mutation. If she hadn't, she may not have understood. This 'undercurrent' thing sounded like something she had put in her report and had read about.

Paige nodded, satisfied that she knew what was going on. But she was still wondering about -- "Philoso? That the vampire that came over to help?"

Jubilee nodded. "Frost tell ya that?"

Paige shook her head. "Mr. Cassidy."

" . . . Paige? . . . "


"Things are gonna change completely around here, huh?"

Paige didn't want to say anything. She was fairly sure that Jubilee could sense if she lied. She could probably hear Paige's thoughts.

Paige looked at Jubilee. She had a far off look in her eyes. She looked so weak and pale. Paige could tell that she needed - probably wanted - someone to lie to her. Finally, Paige answered. "Everything changes, Jubilee. Maybe it's about time you did."

Jubilee shivered. That was almost the same thing she had said in her dream. That definitely couldn't be good! Right?


Chapter 7


A week and a half. It had been a week and a half since the first time Philoso had come to the academy. Jubilee was close to her change. She had gone through the "feeling" twice throughout the whole time. It was gradually becoming worse.

Logan, Jean, Ororo, Kitty, and Gambit had all come to help her. That had been odd for Jubilee. She could understand why Logan and Jean - and Ororo a bit as well - had come. Kitty was a mystery. Jubilee had no idea why she had come. Then, there was Gambit. Sure, Jubilee liked Remy, but she never thought of him as one of the first people to come to her when she was on her deathbed.

Deathbed. That's the way she thought of it. Officially, Jubilee would be dead. Her temperature would be an icy 65 degrees Farenheit <1>. Her blood pressure would be incredibly low. She still needed blood and oxygen but in incredibly low levels. However, in magical terms, she would be considered dead. She also thought of it as the death of Jubilee. She wouldn't be the same after that.

The visiting X-Men had caught both of the times Jubilee had gone through the "feeling." The first time, they all had been incredibly worried. They weren't sure what to do, and they almost did more harm than good. The second time, they knew what to do: nothing.

Jean seemed the most worried of the bunch. Logan was worried, but he knew Jubilee. She was a fighter. He trusted her to make it through. Ororo was almost as worried as Jean was. She had a somewhat motherly relationship with Jubilee, just as Jean did. Kitty wasn't exactly sure how to think about the situation. She was worried for Jubilee, but her turning into a vampire was a completely different thing. Remy had almost the same reaction as Logan except that he was more worried.

They had all met Philoso. He had become a familiar face throughout the past few days. The first time he and Logan had met had almost been disastrous. Logan had sensed something behind him, yet he couldn't pick up the normal sounds that people make. The smell that he had been smelling hadn't been right, either. The hair at the back of his neck was standing at full salute. If it hadn't been for the fact that Philoso could feel what Logan had been feeling, things would have gotten out of hand. Philoso had sent images to Emma, who had been the closest person to the two men. She had gone to Logan before he had time to do anything rash and had introduced the two.

Angelo was still being a jerk. He didn't trust Jubilee. Logan didn't trust Angelo, especialy when he was around Jubilee. It took all the strength he had from jumping on the kid and teaching him a lesson.

Artie and Leech were still mortified of Jubilee. They would huddle up when she was in the room with them. Angelo's preaching wasn't helping the two young boys become accustomed to the change Jubilee would be going through, either.

Monet had, what appeared to be, a passive attitude toward the whole thing. She had had that reaction towards other things dealing with Jubilee in the past, so almost everyone didn't think anything of it. Jubilee knew differently; she could feel it. Monet was actually jealous of all the attention that was being focused toward Jubilee.

Jono seemed the most at ease with Jubilee. He began to be around her more often. She needed it; no one else, besides Logan and Philoso, was acting normal around her.

Everett and Paige were incredibly worried for Jubilee; they were, after all, her best friends. Still, they couldn't help but feel a little nervous around her. They also couldn't stop being nice and trying to 'help' her with everything. Jubilee was really beginning to get aggrevated with both of them.

Emma had changed almost dramatically; she was being nice. To everyone. Except Angelo. Still, she didn't go out of her way to torture the boy. She just did the necessary punishments when he got really out of hand. Jean was really impressed by the way Emma was taking care of all of her students, not just Jubilee.

Sean was trying to learn everything he possibly could about vampires from Philoso. He was Jubilee's guardian; he needed to know anything and everything about her if he was to raise her.

Tension built as days passed. When would Jubilee turn into a vampire?


<1> That's 18.3 degrees Celsius for all of your normal folks.


Chapter 8


Saturday morning.

9:27 a.m.

Jubilee's room.

Things were beginning to look bad. Really bad. Philoso had all of the X-Men at the academy and the two headmasters in Jubilee's room. He knew that she would need them.

Jubilee had turned incredibly pale and weak during the last few days. Philoso couldn't understand it. She didn't appear to have an illness. The change would make someone weak, but not like this, especially when the person was in perfect healthy beforehand.

She had been bedridden for those days, trying to retain as much strength for the change as she could. Jubilee hadn't eaten much and hadn't been in the talking mood. In fact, the whole time she had been in bed, Jubilee had done practically nothing at all. She hadn't had the drive to.

Philoso sighed and took the thermometer out of her mouth. He shook his head. Her body was doing the opposite of what it should have been. She was getting hotter. 107.8 degrees Farenheit <1>, too be exact. Jubilee was practically soaked in sweat. She didn't feel hot, though. She was having another cold flash. Her teeth were chattering.

Philoso smiled down at her and pushed some of her hair from her forehead that had become stuck there from the sweat. "You going to change soon? All this waiting . . . "

Jubilee smiled back weakly. "If I want ya to wait, ya'll wait!"

Philoso shook his head and then turned to Logan. "We should get ready. Who knows when the change will happen. Get the bag on Paige's bed, and bring it over here."

Logan nodded and retrieved the bag. He sat next to Philoso.

"Get the tall bottles with the red liquid in it. It's blood. We'll need that. She'll be extremely hungry when she changes. A hungry vampire is a dangerous vampire."

Logan nodded and took the bottles out. There were four in all. "Where'd ya get this stuff from?"

"There are places where you can buy it from. You can buy magic stuff at some stores. You just have to know where to look for real magic shops. That's where you can buy bottles of blood for real cheap."

Logan nodded, happy with the explanation he had gotten. It wasn't that he didn't trust this guy; actually, Logan really liked Philoso. Logan was just curious.

Jubilee looked at the bottles disdainfully. "Yucky. I can't believe I'm actually gonna live off of that stuff."

Philoso shrugged. "It really isn't that bad. You get used to it. Actually, you crave it. From the beginning, too. You won't care when you're berserk."

Gambit laughed. "Berserk? Dat's a nice way to put it."

"Actually," Philoso turned to Remy, "berserk is what it's called when a person is in their vampire form and is lusting for blood. At least, that's what I've always heard it being called."

Jubilee sighed. "Great. I'll go postal."

Philoso gave her a look and then turned to Logan. "When she changes, things are going to get hectic. I'm going to need your help. Basically, I'm going to need your help holding her in her spot. I know this is going to sound harsh, but the best way to hold her is in a head lock. If you get her in one, make sure her face is pointed upwards. In other words, you're going to have to have her from behind. Know what I mean?"

Logan nodded. "What are ya gonna be doin'?"

"I'll be holding her, too. I'll also be trying to feed the blood to her. She'll probably struggle from that. Blood from a bottle isn't the same as fresh, warm blood. Speaking of which . . . when _was_ the last time I had a bite?"

Everyone but Jubilee, Hank, Cecilia, and Sean had different stages of mortification or disgust on their face. The other four had spent a lot of time with Philoso and knew the sense of humor he had; they laughed at the other's faces.

Philoso chuckled, too. He held up a hand. "Sorry. Couldn't help it. I'm just kidding."

Jubilee slowly pushed herself up until she was sitting. Her breathing was weird. The only people who knew it were Philoso and Logan, though; they were the only ones with good enough hearing to hear it. It was much slower.

This was much more like the change! Philoso put a hand on Jubilee's shoulder. "You okay?"

Jubilee didn't answer. Her eyes were glazing over, and she had a far off, distant look. Her mouth opened a bit like she was going to whisper something; nothing came out. She seemed a bit hesitant about something. A worried look began to appear on her face.

Philoso was confused. He had never seen anyone do this before. He shook her shoulder gently. In a concerned voice, he tried to reach her. "Jubilee?"

Jubilee brought in a loud, shuddered breath. Slowly, in a quiet voice, she spoke. "Ita haec dicta, ita factura."

Philoso looked at her in a curious manner. The language she had spoken was Latin. He hadn't been able to recognize the phrase, though. She was also in a trance-like state. Something wasn't right, but he didn't know what it was. He had never heard of anything like this. Never. He shook her harder this time. "J? Come on, Jubilee. Jubilee?"

She blinked her eyes a few times. Things had become oddly blurry for her moments before. Jubilee turned to Philoso. "I don't feel so good."

Philoso nodded. "Understandable." This part was, anyway. "What's bothering you?"

"I feel like I'm gonna puke."

"That happens before the change sometimes."

"I feel light-headed."

Philoso put an arm around Jubilee and brought her closer to him. "It'll be okay. I'll be here." He turned to the others. "Have the bottles ready for Logan and myself for when she changes. Have the tops off and everything."

Remy and Ororo stepped up to the bed and opened the bottles. They were ready for whatever was going to happen. Or so they thought.

A groan came from Jubilee. Some drops of blood fell from her mouth onto the light sheets she was lying on. She began to cry lightly.

Philoso held her tighter. He rocked her back and forth. "Shhhhh. I know it hurts, J. I know it does. It'll be okay."

Philoso turned his attention to the others. Most of them seemed like they wanted to help her in some way. "The change has begun. She's losing her canines. It's incredibly painful. It's even worse than having teeth pulled without novicane. Her teeth are actually disappearing little by little. As that happens, the nerves in her teeth are severed at the same rate. There's nothing we can do for the pain."

For several moments, everyone listened to Jubilee's quiet whimpers of pain. It was all they could do from actually running out of the room. It was incredibly hard for them.

Jubilee sniffeled a bit. "My head . . . I . . . my ears are . . . "

Philoso shushed her. "Don't strain yourself by talking. It will probably just bring you more pain. We're here for you." There was something soothing to everyone about his slight English accent.

A soft cry came from Jubilee. She pulled on Philoso's shirt. She could feel her gums pounding like they had in her dream. The teeth seemed to explode from her gums violently, making more blood absorb into the sheets. She brought her hands up to her head and pushed hard. She desperately tried to fight the urge to change completely. Her fight was cut off when a preditorial cry came from her lips. It was too late.

Before she had a chance to gain her bearings, Philoso had her in a tight hold and instructed Logan to do the same thing. Logan followed suit and held Jubilee in the kind of headlock discussed earlier.

Jubilee fought the two men savagely, almost knocking Logan from her. If Philoso hadn't been holding on to her, too, Logan would have been the next fixture on the teen's wall.

Philoso grunted as he held onto Jubilee. "You better feed the blood to her. You won't be able to hold her down; you aren't strong enough."

Logan let go and received a bottle from Remy. "Just put it to her lips?"

Philoso groaned as Jubilee got a good hit to his stomach. "Force her lips open with it. Keep it there until she takes the blood. Hurry, though. She's a good fighter."

Logan nodded and forced the head of the bottle into her mouth. Jubilee's eyes widened, and she choked on the blood. She began to fight against drinking it. The blood began to splatter around them as she refused to swallow any. It began to make streaks down her face and chin.

Everyone but the three on the bed looked on in horror. They had never witnessed anything like this. It was terrifying to think that the person who was doing it was there little firecracker.

Jubilee began to take in some of the blood. It was hard not to. She wanted a kill, but her body knew it needed blood. She decided that the blood from the bottles would have to do until she could finally sink her teeth into soft, warm flesh. She drank hungrily.

The first bottle was finished within a few huge gulps. There hadn't been much left in the bottle due to the amount that had been spilled during the struggle. Jubilee waited quite impatiently for the next bottle, but she wasn't acting as intense as she had before. She drank that bottle fast as well. She drank a third bottle of blood and seemed content.

Jubilee sighed sleepily. She changed a bit. It was somewhat hard to tell, though. Her teeth had grown shorter and her eyes, which had become dialated, had gone back to normal. There had been more than that to the change, but most of the others hadn't really noticed the other parts. They just knew that something else had been different.

She yawned. Jubilee looked at the blood around her. "Ewwweee . . . " She fell backwards as she fainted from exhaustion.

Silence filled the room. No one really knew what to do. Everything had happened so fast. Even Philoso seemed a bit flustered.

Finally, Philoso put Jubilee in a more comfortable sleeping postion. "Poor, kid. That was much worse than I thought it would be."

Emma was the first of the others to regain her composure. "Will she always be this way when she's hungry?"

Philoso turned to her. "You mean, when she's lusting? She'll be hard to control, but not this hard. This was her first time. First times are always more difficult. Besides, I don't think it's possible for a vampire to get that hungry without feeding. I don't think anyone can have that much self control."

He sighed and turned back to Jubilee. "Let's give her a change of clothes. Change the sheets, too. Could someone bring me a wet cloth? I want to get all this blood off of her."

People began to move around.

Hank went up to Philoso. "That was rather intense."

Philoso nodded. "Quite. Hey. You wouldn't happen to speak Latin, would you?"

Hank smiled. "Yes, I do. Why?"

Philoso sighed. "Did you hear what she said before the change really started? It was in Latin."

"Oh. Yes. I remember. I believe the saying she said was, 'So it has been said, so it will be done.' Does that hold any significance?"

Philoso frowned. "No, it doesn't. It sounds fishy, though."

Logan had been listening the whole time. He decided to break into the conversation. "How's that?"

"Well, I don't know why she was turned into a vampire. That Latin saying she said may be a clue as to why someone changed her."

Logan just nodded. If he ever got ahold of the people who did this to his precious darling, he'd kill them.


<1> That's 84.2 degrees Celcius for all of you normal people who use the metric system. Why the hell do we Americans have to be difficult and use a system that no one else uses?


Chapter 9


New York city.


A storm howled around the hunter and its prey. It made the noon sky darken to a loominous color of dark grey. Rain pelted around the two on the rooftop. Lightning illuminated the sky and the scene high above the streets.

Seth looked around cautiously. Slowly, he made his way out of his hiding place. He stealthily made his way to another hiding spot.

Curtis had his crossbow wielded in his right hand and a wooden stake in his left hand. He was a talented slayer. He had learned to fire his crossbow using only one arm. With his magically-inhanced senses, he could hunt down almost anybody.

Seth gulped. He knew he shouldn't have used his senses and telepathy he had gained when he had become a vampire to stalk those girls. He couldn't help it, though. They were just so beautiful. He always had this thing for beautiful girls. He always had to know more about them. He would follow them home and watch them. He would watch everything he could. He would eat up everything they did like it was candy. It just became easier once he became a vampire.


Things changed after he had turned into one, though. He was no longer pleased with just keeping at a distance and merely watching. He had to be a part of the girls' lives. He needed to be able to call them by their names and see that look of recognition when they saw who it was. He needed to be able to give them a hug when they would meet on the streets. He needed to be able to go into their homes and smell everything they touched. He needed them.

The first girl was named Lisa. God! She was gorgeous! She had long, silky blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her cheek bones were well-pronounced. She was skinny and she didn't have the greatest figure; she would have never been able to make it as a pin-up model. But, when everything was put together, she was drop-dead gorgeous. And she was, too. Dead, that is. Seth had killed her. He hadn't meant to. Really. He had just gotten so excited. There he was, in her house, touching things she touched every day. She had come back into the room with two mugs of hot coffee. Everything was too much for him. It was the first time he had gotten this close to one of his obsessions. He changed into his vampire form. He hadn't meant to. It just happened. He couldn't control himself. He didn't even remember what happened. He still wasn't sure if he raped her or just drank all of her blood. He woke up in his own apartment; he was sure he had made it there on his own. It wasn't that far from Lisa's. Her blood was everywhere on him. He was soaked in it.

The second girl had been Carla. She hadn't been as beautiful as Lisa, but there was no denying about how great looking she was. She had light brown, wavy hair that fell just below her shoulders. She had a long, narrow face with beautiful brown eyes that seemed to be begging for something. That's the way Seth took it, too. Carla was just as dead as Lisa. This time, though, he was sure he had raped her. It had happened before he had changed.

The third girl was the cutest thing he had ever seen. Her name was Lianna. She was short and slender. She wasn't as well-endowed as many, but that didn't matter. Her hair was dark brown and shimmered down to passed her buttocks. She had an oval-shaped face covered with freckles. Unlike what most people say about freckles, they made her look even more precious. Her eyes were a light hazzle color and her skin was a dark olive. Seth didn't want to hurt her. She was just too fragile-looking, so precious. He wanted to protect her. He hadn't seen it as rape. He had never seen it that way with any of the girls. This time had been different, though. He saw it as the making of beautiful, blissful love. It actually meant more than that, but words couldn't express it. He didn't want to hurt her, so he used his telepathy to make her unconscious as he sucked the life from her neck. He came to the realization that they would find her naked. Seth didn't like that. The thought that anyone besides himself would see her naked enraged him. He knew that, even if he put clothes on her, she would still have an autopsy done. She would be naked for that. The doctors would see her . . . naked. He wouldn't let that happen. The officials didn't find her naked. There was no autopsy. They still needed to find some parts of her body that Seth had maticulously cut into small pieces.

The last girl was Stacy. She was much more endowed than the previous three. She wasn't as skinny. She had long, black hair and dark brown eyes. Out of all of his obsessions, she was the only Hispanic one. They actually started a relationship. That was new to him. He got a different kind of pleasure from that than from just stalking her. At first, he had been attracted to her commanding attitude. After a while, it became a hindrance. She wanted to control his life. What Stacey didn't know was that she already did. Everything Seth did, in some way, related to her. If she had known this, she wouldn't have been as pushy with him. In fact, she would have left in a heartbeat. She didn't though, and she pushed harder. That's what got her killed earlier than planned. Seth had had enough. He savagely beat her to death in his vampire form. His memory was blurry of the event. That he remembered, he hadn't raped her. He did drink the amount of blood left in her body.

Seth hadn't meant to do any of it. Really. He just got urges. Weird urges. He couldn't control them. He didn'y know how to.

"Se-eth!!! I know ya're up here! I can hear ya breathin'!" Curtis actually couldn't hear Seth through the rain. He just wanted Seth scared. People did the dumbest things when they weren't thinking clearly.

Seth was sorry! He was! He hadn't meant to! He was going to pay for something he couldn't control. He didn't want to die! Death was for vulnerable people, like his beautiful girls, not for people like him!

Seth tookin a deep breath and raced to the ladder on the side of the building. Water splashed as he stomped through the flooding roof top.

Curtis turn at the noise Seth was making. He smiled. Easy target.

Curtis brought his crossbow up and aimed. He shot the arow -- LIGHTNING!!! "Damn!" It had startled him. His arm had jerked when the arrow had left the bow.

Curtis looked up at the scene. Seth was gone. There was a scent in the air. Was that blood? Vampire's blood?

Curtis smiled again. He looked closely at the spot Seth had been. Red was beginning to dilute in the rain. He had gotten Seth! The ladder was still a distance from where he stood. He knew that Seth wouldn't have been able to make it. He began to walk to it. He placed himself in front of it. Now, if Seth wanted to get off the roof, he'd have to go through Curtis. There was, of course, the stairway down. Jake was there, though. Good ol' trusty Jake. He was Curtis' partner and brother. Seth was going nowhere!

From his hiding spot, Seth could look over the edge of the building. Twenty-seven stories. He doubted his healing factor would kick in on time after a drop like that. Curtis and Jake would him dead in no time!

Seth looked back at Curtis. He would have to rush him and hope to catch him off balance. He went over his plan, making sure it was his only chance.

Curtis saw the movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned and drppoed his crossbow, knowing he wouldn't be able to use it. He had forgotten to reload it.

Curtis turned toward Seth and went into a defensive stance. "C'mon, perve! Let's see what ya can do 'gainst someone who isn't defenseless!"

Seth stopped, slipping a bit. He crouched into a fighting postion. "I'm not a perve. I loved them!"

"Ya're sick!" Curtis lunged the stake forward.

Seth dodged it easily. "Don't piss me off! I'll change into my vampire form if you make me!"

"I've fought and killed vampires more ferocious than ya. Ya won't be that hard to kill. Try it!"

Seth could feel his anger begin to burn inside of him. Before he knew what was going to happen, he had changed. He smiled. "If you wish."

Seth began to circle Curtis. Soon, they were circling each other, trying to find their opponents weaknesses. Curtis threw a round house kick. Seth grabbed Curtis' leg and twisted it, making Curtis fall in a splash. Seth tried to stomp on him with crushing power, but Curtis rolled out of the way and jumped to his feet.

Seth backed up a bit. He could take Curtis easily with the extra strength he had now. His face turned into a toothy grin. This was going to be beautiful. He loved beautiful things.

Curtis chuckled a bit but didn't relax. "Watcha smilin' at, ugly?"

Seth's voice was deeper than usual. "You. You're dead."

Seth tried to rush Curtis. Thinking fast, Curtis kicked Seth's legs from under him before he got run over. Seth flew over Curtis.

Seth got up to his knees. He was dizzy. He got up slowly. By the time he looked up, a stake was mere inches from him. Curtis pushed the stake into Seth's heart.

Seth looked up at him, tears in his eyes and lower lip trembling. "That hurts, man." He tried to gulp. "Do it. Fast. Don't make me suffer."

Curtis didn't want to at first. He realized thatif he didn't, he would be just as sick as Seth, though. He nodded. "Forgive me." It was said in a gruff voice, but it was sincere. With all of his strength, he kicked the stake completely into Seth.

Seth dropped to his knees. His face showed his agony. Then, an odd smile marred the pained face. He would be with all of his beautiful girls again. Forever.

Seth stumbled forward, face-first into the pool of water on the roof. It was turning pink. Tiny air bubbles surfaced from Seth's mouth and nose. He didn't have enough strength to bring himself out of the water. A few moments later, vampires from as far away as Virginia could feel the death of one of their own by a little twinge in the back of their minds.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In a big apartment not very far from where Seth had just been killed, a large group sat together in eager anticipation. They intently watched the fourteen wooden trunks in the corner.

With what appeared to be no apparent reason, one of the trunks burst into flames. They were immense ones. They licked the ceiling and the other trunks; however, none of them, besides the one in flames, became burned. The flames flickered out almost as immediately as they had started.

One of the men in the group laughed. "One down, thirteen more to go." The others in the group followed in their own laughter.


There was almost nothing but ashes left of the trunk, nothing but the picture of a man in his early twenties really. The picture was sharred on the edges, but one could still see his bright face. He had short brown hair and dark green eyes. He wasn't the best looking man in the world, but he wasn't ugly.

The picture had been lifted by the flames. When they had died down, it began to slowly drift downward. It landed face-down several feet from the lady in black. The words "Seth Garrison" stared up at everyone.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There were other vampires and creatures, twelve to be exact, who had a worse feeling than just a little twinge when Seth died. Some of them had migraines for the rest of the day. Others actually felt what Seth had, but on a smaller scale. There were also a few that completely blacked out.

Toby was the thirteenth 'person' who had felt more than the others. He wasn't a vampire yet, so he couldn't be put in the list with the other 'people'. He had just had a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni. He had shrugged off the feeling he was having by saying it was indigestion. "Damn greasy foods. I should know better by now."

Jubilee was one of the twelve 'people' mentioned above. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Everything had been cloudy for her. She knew she was asleep. She was sure of it. She was fairly sure she wasn't dreaming, but there was an odd scene being played out before her. Actually, it wasn't before her. It was almost like she was one of the people who were taking part. She knew she wasn't, though. She was just observing.

Dark, thick rainclouds. Heavy rain. Lightning. Thunder. Wind. Somewhere high. A building rooftop?

Someone was after 'her'. They fought. 'She' was knocked down or caught off balane. 'She' could see the stake. . . .


"NNNOOOO!!!" Jubilee brought her hands up to protect her from the stake that didn't reach her.

Philoso looked at her. "You okay?"

Jubilee shook her head. She couldn't get the sight of the stake almost flying towards her out of her mind. She could also feel some pressure. It was in her chest. Then, for a few scary moments, it was hard for her to breathe. Then, there was an odd twinge in the back of her mind.

Philoso scrunched his features up. He had felt the twinge, too. It wasn't the most comfortable thing to feel.

Jubilee looked up at him. "What was that?"

"Another magical creature just died. I'd say it was a vampire and was rather close to where we are; I could feel it rather well."

"I . . . I saw his death. I think."

"Must be your telepathy. You're really strong."

Jubilee nodded. Then, she noticed that she was alone and clean. So was her bed. "Where's everybody?"

"They went to eat. I told them I'd watch over you. We cleaned you up, in case you're wondering."

Jubilee nodded. "Thanks for everythin', Philly."

"No prob."

"So, I guess I'm a vamp now, huh?"


"What do I do?"


"Well, I mean, there are things I'm going to have to do, like get blood. I don't -- "

"Don't worry. I'll show you the tricks of the trade so you won't kill anyone."





Author's note: The girls that were described above were modeled after family members. They look exactly how I described them. Well, the first two are older than I described them, but they looked that way when they were younger. Stacey isn't Hispanic. She does have Spanish blood, but it's a really small percentage. She looks Hispanic, though. You guys see anything wrong with killing off family members in a story and enjoying it? I'm just curious. . . .




Toby walked into the huge New York apartment. He smiled. He loved the idea that he would soon be living there. He walked to the group further into the room. "Hey."

A few turned to him with various informal salutations and nods. So what if they weren't the friendliest people! They were going to give him exactly what he wanted. That's what he thought, anyway.

"Yuir late. Ye better 'ave a damn good excuse." The speaker had been a pale Irish man in his early thirties named Duncan. He was built like a rock. He wasn't someone you wanted to piss of.

Toby faltered a bit outside of the group's circle, which they had already formed. "Well, I . . . I wasn't feeling good. I went to sleep late, and I woke up late. Sorry. Last night's dinner had been a little too greasy for my stomach's taste."

Duncan grunted as he gave a curt nod at Toby's excuse. "Whatever. Just get yuir arse in the circle."

The others chuckled and snickered at Duncan's command and Toby's hurry to do what he was told. Even the woman in black grinned a bit.

Toby wasn't too happy about being laughed at, but it was better than getting his face beaten in! He sighed and -- caught sight of something . . .

Toby pointed to the corner where the chests were in. "There's less!! There's . . . *mumble* . . . five, six, seven, . . . *mumble, mumble* . . . twelve, thirteen. Thirteen! Where's the other one! There were fourteen before!"

"Be happy with what we got, kid." Carl was the first man to speak while casting spells. Outside of that, he wasn't a big talker. Sometimes, though, he saw Toby as nothing more than a hindrance.

Toby wheeled on Carl. "'Be happy with what WE got'!!! I think you're confused! Those are my vampires and creatures!!! MINE!!! When you guys are finished, they're MINE! MINE!!!"

"You would not have wanted this one." Everyone turned to the lady in black. "He was unstable. He stalked women and then raped them. He would have been hard to control."

"As much as I appreciate the knowledge I'm now receiving, I would still rather have him. I have ways of controlling people."

"Really? Even his girlfriend couldn't. She was the last one he killed." She held out a picture for him to look at. "His name was Seth. He was a psychopath. He hadn't been that bad before. It was all the power he received when he became a vampire that did it. He didn't know how to use it. You wouldn't want someone like him."

Seth frowned. "Well, if I had to lose someone, at least it was someone like that."

"I couldn't give an arse's arse 'bout what ye would rather lose. Get in yuir bloody place in the circle."

Toby sighed as he did what Duncan told him. After the group calmed down after another round at laughing at Toby, they began the spell. They induced the change in Toby. He became the final creature in the circuit. It signaled the beginning.

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