Everyone Says I Love You

by Mice

Copper Pajamas
Sex, confessions, and heartbreak...and if you want any of it to make sense, read all of the stories below.

Bands of Gold
Prequel to 'God...er, Dog' and 'When in Rome'. Hollis Bass and William Drake begin an affair that splits the whole family.

God...er, Dog
Jubilee flies to LA to help Bobby cope with his family.

When in Rome
Sequel to 'God...er, Dog'. Bobby deals with his newfound understanding of his family's problems, while Hank tries to make his new friend Annie Peckenpaugh feel more comfortable at the mansion.

The Wyoming Pie
Prequel to the above stories--Annie Peckenpaugh meets Hank and Bobby on a snowy, snowy night...

A Night at the Opera
Life begins to get complicated for Bobby and Hank.

Something Sometime Soon
The trials and tribulations of Bobby's family continues.

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