The Circle of Powers: Part One

by Alexandria "Rainbow" Elderling


The X-Men that appear in this story belong to Marvel. And as always if I made money from this...well...I would not be a poor college student. Anne belongs to Ascian, who was really sweet in saying that I could use her in the story. The cute Kelly belongs to Omega. Amber and others belong to me. In addition, Amber and Ravyn are real people even if their mutant properties are not true, so please ask before using them.

This story does not follow anything that has happened in the comics well certain points will be reflected upon, But that・ about it. This is my first story dealing with characters created by others. Please e-mail me with any type of comments. I listen to all.

-Alexandria "Rainbow" Elderling

Bold words are telepathic speech.}

    Standing quietly in her moonlit room, Amber just sighed and flopped back onto the bed. Her hair turned to the shades of blue, which happened to match her dreary mood. Various thoughts passed quickly through her mind as a few of her ・ccupants・woke up. Grumbling she got up and started to get dressed carefully too not wake her roommate. Opening the door she prayed it would not whine, and cringed while it did. Looking over to her roommates' bed, she froze while the bed occupant turned over, still asleep. Smiling she grabbed her keys and shoved them into her pocket as she quietly let the door shut behind her. ・nly on opening do you decide to whine,・ chuckling, Amber tried the knob to make sure it has locked. Heading down the darkened dorm hall, she headed to the doors that lead outside. As she takes a few steps outside, her form seems to melt into the shadows and a small calico kitten emerges from them.

    About three hours later Amber slipped back into the dorm hall and into her room to change and get ready for working at the College・ library. She had already graduated but decided to stay working with the library until school was out for the semester. Looking into the mirror she carefully put in the special type of contacts to hide her ever-changing eyes.
    Ravyn dragged herself out of bed and set her head on Amber・ shoulder, ・mber, I think you should leave your real hair out today.・Shaking her head Amber just moved away from the mirror and let Ravyn get ready.

    ・avyn, I told you the only way I was able to attend the school was that I hid that I・ a mutant. Only you and a couple others even know that I am a mutant. And only you know what my mutation is.・Amber tightly pulled her hair into a bun and slid the brown hair wig on. Checking her reflection in the mirror, she smiled at Ravyn. ・ have to work all day so I・l see you tonight.・/FONT>

    Ravyn just looked down and then called out before Amber closed the door to the room. ・here・ word that the FOH are going to show up today.・Looking up at Amber, she bit her lip, waiting for the reaction. Amber just nodded and smiled lightly, her face clearly showing that she was nervous. ・ell, that・ why I only have this pair of clothes left here on campus. We have been getting ready ever since the night my Mom called to tell me.・Reaching out to lay a hand on Ravyn・ shoulder she smiled reassuringly, ・・l be fine, you just be careful yourself.・Ravyn nodded and looked down to her lap, silent tears falling as the door clicked closed.

    True to the rumors, at one o・lock that afternoon the FOH showed up with a rally to get rid of the ・uties.・Little did they know that Amber was the only one who looked like anything different from normal. Moreover, she had a special way of hiding; all she had to do was find a place to change to another form. Lady luck was not with her, but she was travelling along with a small group who was passing by the college. Lady luck finally decided to smile on Amber when the group stopped to see what was going on.

    Anne, Logan, and Jubilee slowly climbed out of the jeep when they saw who was speaking at the college. Students were passing them quickly as they headed to see what was going on. Slowly the three mixed in with the crowed of students heading towards the stage. Logan just looked about; he did not like the idea of mixing in with this big crowed. He managed to get him and Anne separated from the crowd but still watched Jubilee like a hawk.

    Jubilee snapped her gum as the FOH representative started to talk about cleansing the area of filthy mutants. She looked about, smiled, she actually mixed in with the group of college kids, things were looking up. As the FOH spokesman said Amber・ name and few others, Jubilee just snapped her gum and looked around wondering who these mutants were. No one moved and a few college students seemed to gather tighter in one spot, Jubilee headed over there and managed to squeeze into the circle.

    Amber just stood there and tried to change but some reason she could not. Her hair was wildly changing into bright colors the wig half off. Biting her lower lip she looked around and smiled as her friends were refusing to hand over the alleged muties. Turning she started to change into a small squirrel but as she looked her eyes fell upon Jubilee. Growing white from fear she just looked down at the shorter girl, ・lease don・ let them find me. Please."

    Jubilee just nodded, and opened her mouth to say something, but a rough hand clamped down on her shoulder. Logan・ gruff voice seemed to stand out over the mixture of student・ voices as they started to protest about the FOH. ・ome on Darlin・Anne thinks we should be leaving here and findin・the girl Chuck wants to see.・Jubilee just looked at him and then looked back to where Amber was but she had already disappeared somewhere.
    As Jubilee and Logan headed back towards the jeep, Anne・ voiced came strongly in their minds. ・/FONT>The first student they mentioned, she・ the one who we are looking for.・Logan bit down harder on his ever-present cigar and swore under his breath. Jubilee just looked around, ・ wonder if that mutant I saw a few minuets ago.・ Looking down at Jubilee, Logan was confused. When he had walked over there wasn・ another girl by Jubilee only some squirrel who had been caught in the fray.

    Amber started to run harder to catch up to the trio, her voice weak but present in the group of minds, ・/FONT>I know I shouldn・ eavesdrop, but if the one your looking for is Amber, I・ right here.・ The squirrel almost ran up one of Anne・ legs as she had stopped suddenly.
    ・/FONT>Where are you?・Anne・ voice seemed almost urgent as the two groups were getting hostile to one another. She moved to kick her foot towards the squirrel to chase it away but stopped in mid swing as the trees showed her what they saw. One second a young woman with wild hair was standing in a spot and in the next, second there was the squirrel. Looking down at the squirrel, the look on her face would have been comical if either had a chance to think about that. ・ou?・/FONT>

    Logan pulled Jubilee back as the squirrel seemed to meld back into Amber・ form. Nodding Amber just looked at Anne and the trees seemed to sing as the two found that they both could converse with the trees and the earth. A look of pain passed through Amber・ face as more of her occupants were getting nervous. They wanted to be safe, not in a situation where they could become hurt. As she reached out with her mind to calm the multiple animal minds down, she sighed almost gracefully as Anne reached out to help her.

    As a part of the FOH saw Amber standing with the group they yelled out, they had found one of the muties they were looking for. With guns, bats, and other blunt objects were coming towards them Logan got into his jeep and started the motor. Jubilee was trying to pull Anne and Amber with her, but the two・ minds were momentarily off guard to the physical sense. To give them some extra time Jubilee fired her weakest paffs at the group. She wasn・ prepared when Anne started to fall back.

    Breaking the connection between their minds, Amber・ body melted into that of a hawk' and was flying towards the group trying to lead them away from Jubilee and Anne. One of the farmers who brought a shotgun with him wasn・ going to be fooled that easily. He brought the gun up, took aim at the hawk, and with pulling the trigger a shot roared out, but not to head for where it used to be aimed.

    Logan had turned at the right moment to see the shotgun and leapt from his jeep, claws bared. As he managed to hit the shotgun off sight of its target, and managed to spare Amber・ life for a bit longer. With the shell being broken the pellets flew at Amber and hit her right wing, and the rest just seemed to go blank from her mind. Anne caught herself before she fell on Jubilee and ran over to catch the falling bird. Her stomach  was churning at the sight of the half-gone wing.

    Jubilee fired off some stronger paffs and the three moved towards the jeep to get away from the now very angry mob of people. The jeep just roared as Logan drove it almost wildly towards the nearest hospital. Lady luck seemed to smile once more and sent them in a few circles to throw the following FOH member off the trail.

    Anne started to wrap a spare blanket around the bird but slowly stopped when the bird was forming back into human. Amber・ arm seemed to be almost gone and the amount of blood seemed to threefold. Anne just clenched her teeth together and started again on wrapping Amber up into the blanket. Logan started to swear as he pulled into the hospital parking lot; both entrances into the emergency rooms were blocked by smaller cars.
    Convincing the doctors to admit Amber was an even harder task. The doctors didn・ want to admit a mutant that might bring trouble to the hospital. Their minds were quickly changed as Logan・ claws were pointed at his face. ・ell Bub, that・ where you don・ have a choice. You have the choice from admitting her nice and easy or I can make you admit her.・Jubilee just snapped her gum; the professor was not going to like this.

    The trip back to the mansion proved to be easier done then was previously thought. Amber seemed to have an accelerated healing but nothing close to Logan・ or Anne・. She was unconscious most of the trip except for when another animal decided that it was time for it to be out and awake. Anne managed to keep the separate animals subdued by conveying messages through the trees that Logan, Jubilee, and herself were trying to help Amber. The only one who seemed to have a problem with this was the small calico kitten, who tried to claw Anne several times.

    ・ don・ understand how she can keep everything straight. She must have a hell of a time keeping sane.・Anne just sighed and managed to hold the kitten back again instead allowing a timber wolf to watch the traffic. ・ll of the animals that I・e seen have their own personalities and thoughts.・/FONT>

    Jubilee looked back at the two in the back seat and quietly regarded the wolf that was looking out at the other cars. ・aybe they just take turns.・/FONT>

    ・ossibly, I almost can・ wait till the human part of her mind is awake so that I can find out.・Anne lightly touched the wolfs・head, to make the animal turn and look at her. ・ou are awake.・The wolf just gave a grin and nodded her head as the human slowly slid back into place.

    Amber・ arm looked like she just was in a bad fight, with at least the skin covering the under-laying wounds. ・ wanted to see how long it would take someone to wonder that.・Smiling she looked down at her stitched arm and side, ・amn, that was my favorite shirt too.・/FONT>

    ・aybe we can get Logan to stop at a small store to get you another shirt and a pair of jeans.・ Anne just glanced at Logan, who grunted back in reply. ・arlin・just tell me when you see truck stop with an attached store and maybe we・l stop.・Anne rolled her eyes and was about to say something, except Amber spoke up quickly.

    ・epending on where we are, I know of a good place. They have the biggest portions of food I・e seen. And I could get another shirt, because that is where I got this one.・Amber looked between the two, and then at Jubilee who had been looking at her for what seemed forever, ・es?・/FONT>

    ・ow do you choose what colors your hair change and why do your eyes keep changing?・Jubilee laid her head on the back of her seat just watching Amber・ hair.

    ・or one to answer, Anne is it?・Anne just nodded and Amber gave a weak smile, ・ only have some control over them, like which form I want to be. I loose that when I become overly emotional or anxious. Like back in that crowed, I couldn・ change because I was so scared.・/FONT>

    Jubilee tilted her head, ・ut you changed into a squirrel.・/FONT>

    ・es but that as when I had you as a distraction.・Laughing lightly she rested her head back against her seat and studied Jubilee with wolf and then almost gentle rabbit eyes. ・or yours, I don・ like to control the color or specie, it・ easier to not think about it then to think about it.・/FONT>

    Jubilee just nodded, this was probably the weirdest mutant she had met in awhile. ・ell, we have Stormy who controls the elements, Anne who works with the earth, and now you with the animals.・Smiling Jubilee sat back into her seat to find out where they were on the map. The truck stop Amber had mentioned was sounding better and better every minuet.

    Amber looked over at Anne with an eyebrow raised, ・ knew about the elements, but the earth?・/FONT>

    Anne nodded, ・hat・ what I can do. One of the reasons why I・ sitting back here instead of Jubilee or Logan.・/FONT>

    Biting her lip she tried to remember what Xavier・ second letter had said. She was sure it hadn・ talked about Anne and her powers. The letter had said that he was going to send two of his students out to the college and pick her up. And here she was with three of them. She sat up quickly when Jubilee thrust the map quickly back at her pointing out where they were at and asking where the truck stop was.

    Glancing at the map and then looking outside quickly to see what the sign that they were passing said, ・ do believe it will be the next exit.・/FONT>

    Logan grunted and looked at Amber in the rearview mirror, ・ow are ya sure of that Darlin・・/FONT>

    Smiling mischievously, Amber winked at Jubilee before looking to meet Logan・ eyes in the mirror, ・ecause I can see it now.・/FONT>

    The group turned to look where she was pointing. The small but well packed truck stop was just about pass them before Logan got on the exit that circled the jeep around to be facing the restaurant. The entire building appeared to be rundown but that was were everyone usually was mistaken. The name sign looked to be freshly painted as the name ・utch・ and Blond・・shined in the afternoon sun.

    Leslie looked up from her counter. Sighing she went back to scrubbing the stains off of the surface. Growling she threw the scour pad she was using at the top, ・here I give in! You win you stupid thing!・Of course, the counter top wasn・ going to respond but she looked at it like willing it to defy her some more.

    Steed popped a head out from the kitchen and looked at his fiancée with a raised eyebrow. Going over he wrapped his arms about her waist, ・ast I knew, counter tops usually don・ do anything against us.・Looking about to make sure no one could see them, he quickly kissed her. ・ome on the restaurants empty and closed for the rest of the afternoon. Let・ go chill out in the back for a bit. I・l rub your feet?・He smiled lightly and started pulling her towards the part where they lived.

    Smiling Leslie just gladly let him drag her and frowned when they heard the jeep pull into the parking lot. Sighing she turned and went over to the door, moving the blinds to the side she was about to tell the person that they were closed till she saw who was there.

    Standing and looking at the surprised face looking back at her, Amber just stuck out her tongue and winked. After Leslie had recovered her shock and had unlocked the door her and Amber hugged fore a good five minuets before they started to chat wildly.

    Anne, Logan, Jubilee, and Steed just exchanged looks before they headed towards the restaurant part of the building. When the two girls joined them, Amber was wearing a new sweatshirt and Leslie was holding some menus. ・ didn・ know if Steed told you what we had but if you guys want me to fix something I can.・/FONT>

    Logan just nodded and accepted one of the menus. Jubilee just kept looking at the blond woman who stood next to Amber. Anne glanced over one section; ・ don・ suppose you could make a mixture of breakfast and lunch?・/FONT>

    Leslie just smiled, ・his restaurant doesn・ have a set time on which meals are prepared. We just feed the guys when they come in.・Looking over the group she first looks at Logan, ・・ guessing you would want a beer,・giving Jubilee a quick age guessing glance, ・nd you a root beer.・Looking at Anne she shook her head, ・・ afraid I can・ tell what you normally drink.・/FONT>

    Anne just smiled lightly, ・・l just take some coffee, after today・ activity I don・ really want anything overdone.・/FONT>

    Leslie just looked at her and then at Amber, ・ou will explain after these fine people have something to eat.・BR>  
    Amber just gulped and meekly nodded. Steed just smiled and barely suppressed a laugh. Collecting himself he got up and excused himself to retrieve the drinks. It was a surprise to none of them when faint laughter was heard wafting through the air.

    Leslie just glanced back towards the kitchen after she took the groups orders on meals. After telling them about how long it would be until she got their meals to them, she took off towards the kitchen. Amber watched her go and then glanced around at the group, ・・e taken down a full grown Bull Moose as a wolf. but when she gives me that look, I can・ defy her. Ah well.・Leaning back in her seat she closed her eyes trying hard to not think of certain times.

    Jubilee turned and looked at her, ・ou two look almost like sisters.・/FONT>

    ・e・e close but there is nothing between us as in the matters of blood.・/FONT>

    ・o, tell us how you knew of this place and what exactly you can do?・Anne watched Amber・ face for a moment, be quietly adding, ・he professor wanted to know. I guess you didn・ give him too much insight on what you・e capable of.・/FONT>

    Opening her eyes a bit, owl eyes seemed to look over the group. When she finally sat up again and gave them a second look, this time, it was the calculating snake eyes sent a shiver up Jubilee・ back. ・hat exactly do you all need to know?・BR>

    Xavier had assembled a small part of the group and was just finishing a quick rundown over Amber when Hank and Kelly were able to get up to his office. Quietly they listened to the end of the report. Twenty-two, trained in some hand to hand combat by relatives, lived with an ever aging Mother, and no siblings. Kelly tried to look like he was staying attentive but his mind was just wandering what powers she would have. Maybe she was like Bobby or the complete opposite. That could be an interesting mutation, flames instead of ice. At least she would have something better then just plain disappearing. Even though his control was getting better.

    As the meeting was pulling to an end Kelly and Hank just stayed waiting to hear about what they had missed. Looking over the two, Xavier just placed the file back on his desk and almost smiled at the thought of their reactions would be when they told them. ・ assume you two have had luck on your little mystery in trying to figure out the shape-shifting mutation?・BR>  
    Hank just sat there for a moment before quietly speaking up; ・he matter of this certain mutation only comes up when the two of us find time to contemplate the mystery.・Kelly just quickly nodded as if not trusting himself or Xavier yet.

    ・ell, it seems you two will be able to test your theories if the young lady gives her consent.・ Xavier pulled a picture out of the folder and handed it over so that the men could look at the soon to be arriving mutant. ・rom what she has disclosed to me, she is able to change into animal forms excluding the human sense of animal.・/FONT>

    Kelly・ jaw dropped as he heard that, a shape-shifter and one who could do animals. His train of thought was derailed when he looked down at the picture before him. A lady looked back at him, a soft smile on her lips. The one thing he quickly noticed was her hair and how it looked to be three separate colors all at once. Thick black sunglasses oddly stuck out, biting his lower lip he wondered what her eyes would be like. Xavier・ words didn・ seem to hit him anymore although he could see Xavier・ mouth moving. Slowly he just looked down at the picture and grumbled when his body started to disappear along with her picture.

    Squirming lightly on the stool Kelly looked over to a couple machines he was hooked up to. Only part of him had become visible, Hank kept making small notes (or doodles) in Kelly・ ever-growing folder. When Hank noticed one of the machines blinking he looked over to Kelly, ・our visible.・Sighing and setting a hand to his temple, ・ou don・ suppose you could fill me in on why you disappeared up in Charles office?・/FONT>

    Kelly could feel a slight blush working up his cheeks. Holding out the photo sheepishly, that seemed to be forgotten to all but him, he smiled. ・ think she did it. I just couldn・ think of anything.・/FONT>

    Hank's eyebrows raised up another inch. Gently he took the photo from Kelly, pulling up another chair he sat down and looked at the young man in front of him. ・hile I can see what you mean it still disturbs me that your cells can still further mutate. You・e going to have to be careful.・/FONT>

    Hank looked down to the photo the face looking back up at him had the faintest of smiles. Pale skin was framed by unusual hair; the glasses she wore didn・ seem to fit with her. He was going to have to ask about that. ・he does look quite nice,・glancing at his watch he smiled at Kelly. ・he group should be arriving soon.・/FONT>

    Kelly nodded and silently prayed that he wouldn・ make a fool of himself. Deep down he had a feeling some things were going to change for the better.

    After hearing what was probably a fifth scolding Amber finally was able to join the group. She carried a suitcase that looked like it was about ready to burst. Dark thick sunglasses covered her eyes from the sun even when they clashed with her actual face. When she finally was resituated in the jeep Logan started the motor and they continued on to the last hour of the trip.

    Leslie waved to the jeep until long after it was gone. Turning she rushed back to where Steed was hiding himself and cried herself to sleep. All the while a thought ran threw her mind, ・hat・ the last time I・l see her.・Nobody could have known that down the road, Amber would come back to escort Leslie and Steed・ first born off to the mansion.

    Jubilee had traded places with Anne and was talking about many subjects at once. The woeful looking basset hound beside her only kept nodding. After twenty minuets of continues talk filled with questions Amber slowly went to the task of answering.

    ・y healing just comes from certain species I guess. No I can・ tell you exactly how many different mammals there are off the top of my head. And to make a long story short, I・e had spare clothes and stuff always with them. It turned out easier if I had to make an unexpected trip.・Amber quietly sighed and looked down to her almost healed arm. Leslie had spent the forth lecture while she was clipping out the stitches that were hindering some healing. So far it had taken less then a day, she tried to think back to other ・ccidents・but couldn・ think of another time when her body had healed this fast.

    Jubilee seemed content with those answers or maybe it was the look Logan had given her. Settling back in her seat, she opened the magazine that she picked up at the store. For the first time in forever, Jubilee was actually not talkative.

    Anne and Amber started to have a mental conversation then. It seemed Amber had mentally made the perfect world I which he animal forms could live peacefully and freely. In what seemed to be the center grew a large healthy weeping willow. Amber explained that this is where she likes to reside if another animal was having full mental control. Anne sat down and leaned up against the tree while she was being introduced to a few of the most ・sed・ animals.

    Amber held up the calico, ・・ sorry about earlier she wasn・ sure if she could trust you.・Carefully handing the kitten over, Amber smiled when she could hear a purr.

    Logan looked over to Anne and half smiled at the sight. There curled up in Anne・ lap was the calico. A deep purr rumbling out of the tiny form. Looking back towards the road, he slowed as the mansions drive came into turning distance.

    When the professor had scanned for the group, he had only found Jubilee and Logan. Charles for the first time was worried that a mutant such as a shape-shifter of her power had changed her mind of coming. Shaking his head he tried again when he heard the jeep stop outside, again he only found Jubilee and Logan. However, this time he could feel something else was with them. After a few moments, he suddenly found her, her mind seemed jumbled and slowly he pieced it together. Amber had changed from an animal form to her normal human form.

    Opening her folder again and looking at Amber・ first letter to the school he tried to look busy when the soft knock came upon his door, ・nter.・Looking up he was surprised to see Jubilee standing there. ・es Jubilation?・/FONT>

     ・ just thought you would like to know why were so late before you see Amber.・Moving over to a chair she sat down, ・nne is taking her to her room and helping her unpack a few things. When Charles nodded the mall-rat continued and told him all that had happened.

    Amber was in the middle of a sentence when she heard Xavier・ voice in her mind. ・/FONT>I like to see my new students as soon as they arrive but due to your trip I believe it would be better if we wait till tomorrow night. I would however like you to see Dr. McCoy as soon as possible and have him look at your arm.・Amber started to nod before she realized that he couldn・ see her.

    ・/FONT>Yes sir.・Her response was accurate and her voice had something behind it but right now Charles wasn・ up to guessing what that could be.

    Amber just looked at Anne who was watching and waiting for her to continue. ・orry I do believe I just had my first ・alk・with Xavier.・Anne just nodded, ・e said I should go down to see Dr. McCoy. I・ guessing he means the famous Dr. Henry McCoy?・/FONT>

    Anne nodded again, ・・l talk you down to see him. He has been waiting quite awhile to see you actually.・With Amber・ surprised look she laughed, ・e and Kelly have thought nothing but one figuring out Kelly・ mutation, and two figuring out the shape-shifting mutation like you have.・Opening the door she waited for Amber to set the shirt she had into a drawer before heading out.

    Amber looked over and followed Anne down to where Hank・ lab was. Amber・ senses seemed to on overdrive, as she could smell everything crystal clear and her hearing was picking up the faintest of sounds. As the two reached the door to Hank・ lab the stopped to hearing Hank and Kelly talking.

    ・ don・ know Hank but I feel like I know her already and I haven・ even met her yet.・/FONT>

    Amber leaned on the left side of the door while Anne leaned on her right. Amber took her sunglasses off quietly and regarded the two in front of her. ・ell then if you know me so well, how come you don・ have a hug to greet me?・ She smiled when Kelly halfway fell of the stool he was sitting in.

    Turning both men looked at the women watching them. Anne just smiled and after introducing Amber turned and left to find Logan. With Amber still leaning against the doorframe, Hank looked over her form making quick mental measurements. What fascinated him the most was her hair, which seemed to be constantly changing. ・iss Griffen?・/FONT>

    Amber just smiled, ・all me Amber. Um, the professor wanted me to see you before he saw me.・Quietly she told the two guys all about the little meeting at the college. Looking over at Kelly she smiled lightly as his eyes had caught her own. She felt hers shift to match his and then fade away into another specie. Smiling lightly, she looked back at Hank, ・ast time I looked at my arm, it was looking okay and felt okay too.・/FONT>

    ・till I want to look it over if I may.・Hank looked over at Kelly; ・ would prefer a full out physical if you don・ mind.・/FONT>

    ・eah it・ no prob. I haven・ had one in almost seven years.・She sat over on the table that Hank gestured her towards.

    ・es I found that out from the reports I requested. I also found something else I would like to discuss with you in private.・Laying a hand on Kelly・ should he looked at him while he said the word private.

    Kelly just looked around suddenly managing to tear his eyes away from Amber and mumbled an apology before quickly getting out of the room before he got any redder.

    Amber just chuckled softly, ・ think he likes me.・Laughing lightly she looked over at Hank and immediately stopped. ・hat?・She blinked lightly at the look on Hank・ face.

    Hank sat back; ・ell Kelly there has been through a rough time. You・e the first lady who he has even looked at like that.・Looking at his papers he looks back at her, ・ found something in your files that had me quite surprised.・ Hank sat back in his chair and looked at Amber. ・t seems that when you were a baby a experimental device was put by your spine to inhibit or nullify any powers you were to get. It seems that either it doesn・ work or is holding you from your full potential. I would like to take it out.・/FONT>

    Amber just looked at him and then looked down towards the spotless floor. Tears came to her eyes but she quickly blinked them back, ・ake it out then. I don・ care about risks, I・e lived one.・BR>  
    Hank didn・ respond but just nodded. ・e・e going to have to talk to Professor Xavier first. I want him to know what this entails.・ Reaching out with his massive hand, he laid it on hers, ・ell let・ get that physical done and the both of us may head to our respected rooms for some very needed sleep.・BR>

    It was getting close to 12:00 in the morning when she was finally able to head to her room. Sighing she rubbed the back of her neck and felt the bump she had grown up with. She knew who had told the doctors to put that device there. Looking down to he floor she sighed again and then looked up quickly when she realized that she was in-front of her door. Reaching for the knob she twisted it and pushed it open.

    Amber・ jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw Kelly sitting at her desk. ・ren・ you supposed to have an invitation to enter?・She moved to sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Kelly her eyes changing to match his when he finally turned and looked at her.

    ・orry, I was just leaving you a note.・He held up the piece of paper for proof. ・ou missed dinner to so I brought you up a sandwich and some milk.・With his voice wavering a little bit he pushed the tray more into the light.

    Smiling lightly, Amber reached out to lightly touch his arm. ・t・ okay, I・ not going to bite your head off. Of course you probably would be tasty.・Smiling broadly she laughed and brought her hand back.

    Kelly blinked his eyes, ・h yeah・ight.・Smiling lightly he handed the note to her, ・m, Xavier wants to see you at 3 tomorrow.・Standing he turned to leave and make a hasty retreat to his own room. ・tupid stupid stupid. Could I make a bigger fool of myself?・/FONT>

    Amber looked over at the food before looking back at Kelly's retreating back. ・aybe stay with me while I eat?・She bit her lower lip and smiled when Kelly turned to look back.

    ・eah I think I can.・ He moved to sit back down at the desk and handed the sandwich out to her. ・h well, I wasn・ going to get too much sleep tonight anyway. Besides watching her is like looking into the heart of a rainbow.・/FONT>

    The two talked until almost 3:00am before Kelly ended the conversation by saying they needed to get some sleep before they got into trouble. Both slept the rest of the morning away lost in sweet dreams.

    Amber hadn・ woken up until close to 12:00 so it was easy to say that she had missed lunch. Shaking her head groggily she moved into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. ・eesh, I have got to get to sleep earlier.・Looking at her eyes she smiled as normal violet human eyes looked back. Chuckling she shook her head and started to wash her face, the next time she looked into the mirror her eyes had changed into the all knowing owls. ・h well can・ last forever.・Heading over to the suitcase she opened it and pulled out some clothes to wear that when she saw the envelope.

    Moving to sit on the bed she opened the envelope slowly and looked inside. A simple scrap piece of paper along with a few dollar bills was inside. Amber pulled out the scrap and looked at it. The side looking at her was blank and she smiled when she turned it over. ・mber, thought this would help. I also made sure to pack some bathroom items since I know how easily you forget those. I hope wherever this journey takes you that you will be happy. Love you like a sister always and forever. Leslie or rather Blondie・/FONT>

    Biting her lower lip, Amber just looked down to her hands. ・ou always did know how to make me cry.・Looking back into the envelope she pulled out the dollar bills and was surprised to find three $100 dollar bills. ・ow.・Blinking a few times, she assured herself that they were real. She set the note back into the envelope and placed it on the desk before scrounging back through the suitcase.

    At the bottom of the suitcase, she found an address book filled to the brim of addresses and phone numbers of practically all of her close friends. A little note was attached to that, it was printed out, but the scent on it told her it came from Krystie. ・ake sure you write and tell us how you are. Mutant or not we・e still family.・Amber could feel hot burning tears come to her eyes but still she wasn・ crying.

    Along the side secured in with a few pieces of duck tape was a paper wrapped object. Something in her mind told her to be careful with how she handled it. Carefully undoing the tape and then unwrapping the tears started to fall easily. There nestled in the paper was almost a replica of her in her calico form. Amber looked up and looked around, where could she put this. She settled for on the desk, hopefully she would be able to construct herself a shelf sometime and set it on there. Well providing she was able to stay.

    When Amber had gotten something quick to eat she headed up to Xavier・ office. All the while thoughts ran threw her mind. The others were putting the scents and looks of the two X-Men she had met in the kitchen to memory. Jean was kind enough to help her make a sandwich while Ororo told her a bit about the mansion itself. Amber just sat there quietly and listened intently, she had taken a quick liking to these two.

    Jean was thoughtful enough to send Amber a map of the mansion mentally so that she wouldn・ get lost. While Ororo promised that thy would take her shopping so that she was able to have more then a weeks worth of clothing. Amber wasn・ sure if she totally trusted the shopping aspect, but it looked like she was accepted.

    She remembered Kelly・ words last night before he left her room, ・ust watch out for Scott and whatever you do play it cool.・After thanking the two, she excused herself to head back up her room to brush her teeth and get ready to meet with Xavier.

    The walk to Xavier・ office seemed long and went slowly but when she got there her nerves were calmed a bit. Upon admittance, she noticed Hank was sitting in another chair. Xavier smiled lightly and held out a hand to shake hers. ・elcome to my school, I hope you slept well last night?・/FONT>

    ・es sir, thank you.・/FONT>

    ・ank and now Jean have told me that you do posses a great bit of telepathic ability along with your shape-shifting.・/FONT>

    ・es sir, I believe I got that because there are a few animals which use that as a form of communication.・/FONT>

    Xavier looked surprised at this but quickly hid any sign of emotion. ・t seems you also have a slight healing factor as well as heightened senses.・When Amber nodded lightly he continued, ・ubilee also told me that you let her and Anne see quite an extensive world you have set up in your mind.・/FONT>

    ・es sir, I found it was easier to control my forms that way.・/FONT>

    ・ay I see it for myself?・ Xavier set a hand to his temple and Amber felt the lightest of touches in her mind. ・ find it amazing that you can hold a world of that size together.・/FONT>

    ・hen I first started being able to hold other forms my Mother had suggested setting something up like what a zoo has. I thought she was joking until I found I could control everything better that way. It wasn・ till I was outside sitting by the weeping willow tree that I figured just a world would be better. I had to work at it slowly but as I got older I could, well, hold it easier and better. That・ when I found myself anchoring my mind to well the tree.・/FONT>

    ・es, I did see that your shields are set up like Anne・ but more like Jean・ or my own.・ Xavier sat back in his chair and folded his hands on the desk, ・ank and I were talking, before you came in, about the device you have. Are you sure you want it to be removed? The control that you have over your powers right now might be removed.・/FONT>

    ・ still want it gone sir. I don・ want anything like that in me anymore.・/FONT>

    Xavier nodded and looked over to Hank, ・ow long would both the re-movement of the device and her healing take?・/FONT>

    Hank sighed lightly, ・harles while she doesn・ have anything like Anne or Logan she does have a healing factor. I would say a week would be more then sufficient.・/FONT>

    Xavier looked at some papers on his desk before looking back at Amber, ・o be it. When will this minor operation take place?・/FONT>

    Hank looked over ・ could do it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Providing nothing be eaten 4 hours before hand.・/FONT>

    Amber smiled lightly, ・ould we do it tomorrow morning then?・/FONT>

    When both Xavier and Hank nodded, she broke out a full smile.

    ・h yes, I received a call from Jubilation this morning, she wants to know if you could stop over soon. I believe she wants to show you off to the Generation X team.・Xavier looked back down to his papers, ・・ sure Kelly could take you over there the next time he heads over there. You are both dismissed.・/FONT>

    Amber half smiled at the thought and stepped out into the hall way with Hank behind her. Her smile faded when she looked back at Hank, ・hat exactly might happen to my powers?・/FONT>

    ・hey most presumably will become stronger. I hope you don・ mind but I talked to Anne and she is willing to help you out mentally since both of you have some sort of connection with the earth.・He smiled a comforting doctor smile and took her hands in his, ・ have no reason to think that this won・ be a step in the right direction.・/FONT>

    Amber smiled delicately and then excused herself to go to her room to think. As she walked away Hank shook his head, ・ do hope you understand what might be coming with the thought of more power.・BR>

    Stopping at her room, she hoped Kelly hadn・ left for the academy yet. She went over and opened the suitcase pulling out a light jacket to slide on over her tee shirt. She walked across the hall and tentatively knocked on Kelly・ door. Standing up straight she smiled and waited to see if he was there.

    Kelly looked up, he hadn・ missed a training session, ・ho・ there?・/FONT>

    ・t・ me, Amber.・/FONT>

    Kelly smiled broadly as he finished putting on his jacket; he managed to hide the smile when he finally opened the door. ・ey, I was just leaving.・/FONT>

    ・eah I know. I was wondering if maybe I could come with you. I mean I can easily fly or run behind. Besides I do remember last night I said I would show you some of my forms.・ Smiling lightly she stepped back and held out her hands, ・o can I follow you there?・BR>  
    ・eah come on or else I・ going to be late.・He smiled lightly and led the way down to the garage to where his bike was.

    Jubilee threw some grass at Angelo and ducked when he threw a mixture of wet grass and leaves at her. Unfortunately, for Jono when she ducked that left him open and the grass not being fussy hit him in the face. ・/FONT>Hey now.・/FONT>

    The sound of the bike engine made them turn to face the spot where the path came out of the woods. Angelo just laughed, ・ey Man your 20 minuets,・the smile fell from his face when a large golden lioness came into view right before the bike appeared. ・ate.・With his eyes still on the large cat he moved backwards, Jubilee・ laughing brought him out of the trance.

    ・ey Amber. I think you caught Ang off guard.・Jubilee calmly went over and rubbed the lioness head. Looking back over at Ang she shook her head and then turned to look at Kelly while he got off the bike.

    ・ey Guys, hope you don・ mind but she wanted to come along so I let her tag along behind. But for some strange reason she decide to move to taking the lead.・ Kelly just looked down to the lioness who was changing back to human.

    ・ heard voices and wanted to freak someone if I could, didn・ think I would.・Smiling over to Angelo Amber held out her hand, ・mber and you are?・/FONT>

    ・ngelo and this is Jono.・He lightly took her hand in his and then gestured over to the quiet Brit.


    ・/FONT>Hello, quite an interesting trick you pulled.・ Jono crinkled his eyes a bit for a smile and then moved the book of his lap to shake her hand.

    Smelling the air lightly, Amber looked between Jono and Kelly before shaking her head and smiling at the group. ・he professor gave me your message Jubilee, one of the reasons why I wanted to tag along with Kelly.・/FONT>

    Jubilee just nodded and then quickly grabbed Amber・ arm and started to drag her into the academy doors. ・ome on you have got to meet the others.・BR>  
    Kelly started to laugh at the look on Amber・ face as she was pulled inside. Angelo just chuckled and Jono clasped Kelly on the shoulder, ・/FONT>She・ cute.・/FONT>

    ・ou got that right. What do you think Ang?・/FONT>

    Angel just looked over at the door that Jubilee and Amber had disappeared in to. Looking back at Kelly, he shrugged lightly, ・i. She・ cute.・/FONT>

    ・o what are you guys going over?・Kelly turned and finally took off the helmet off. Running a hand through his brown hair, he sat down in the grass. Looking over he smiled when Penny came a bit closer. ・ey Penny, did you see her?・/FONT>

    Penny regarded him quietly and it reminded him of when Amber was sitting on the edge of her bed the other night and just talked with him. He could remember telling her about Andrew and what had happened. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and then tried to look at the others. ・orry, I was just remembering my little trip with Gambit and Beast.・/FONT>

    Squeezing Kelly・ should lightly, Jono crinkled his eyes a bit, ・/FONT>It・l get better.・Sighing the best he could Jono turned and went back to where he was sitting. ・/FONT>Well I・ finishing up some math and I had seen Jubilee looking over her science.・/FONT>

    ・・e got an essay to do for Frosty.・Angelo grumbled a little bit and once again pulled out his notebook. ・ou like the chica?・BR>  
    Kelly was taken back a bit but then smiled, ・eah could you tell?・/FONT>

    ・migo, I think Penny could tell.・/FONT>

    ・elly looked over to Penny who was sitting besides his bike, ・orry Penny, fruit isn・ ripe yet. I promise I・l find you something the next time I come.・Penny nodded and then ambled back off towards the bio dome.

    As Jubilee pulled Amber into the main hall she was talking rapidly, ・ just knew that you were going to come. Have you gone to the Danger Room yet? If you haven・, try to find out with Chuck when you will go there. I want to watch if that・ cool with you. Oh hey Paige.・/FONT>

    Paige had just walked out of the den when Jubilee had seen her. ・ello Jubilee and who is this?・Paige looked at the woman standing beside Jubilee and cocked an eyebrow.
    ・eah, this is Amber and she might be joining the X-Men. Amber this is Paige , and standing behind her is Monet.・/FONT>

    Paige moved to the side a bit and Amber was able to see both girls. She liked Paige but there was something about Monet that she didn・ trust. Faking a smile Amber nodded to the two. ・ice to meet you both.・She held out her hand to Paige who it and then she moved to Monet who just stared at her like she was contagious.

    ・ assume then you have a mutant power other then the flashy hair and eyes.・/FONT>

    Amber frowned now she knew that she wasn・ going to have an easy time with getting along with Monet. ・・ a shape-shifter with slight telepathic properties as well as accelerated healing and heightened senses.

    Monet seemed slightly impressed in this but just stuck her nose up in the air and turned to walk away. Jubilee laid a hand on Amber・ arm who looked like she was ready to rip Monet apart. ・hinks high of herself doesn・ she?・/FONT>

    Paige nodded, ・ isn・ one of the best people to get to know.・/FONT>

    ・eah, come on I know Sean wanted to meet you. Any you・e lucky, Frosty is out of town and won・ be back for a week.・Jubilee began pulling Amber off towards the kitchen where Irish grumbling could be heard.

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