Diamonds Etched in Blood

by Galaxia Alpha

Diamonds Etched in Blood・Author・s Notes

Disclaimer: The characters used in this story are the property of Marvel. The interpretations are mine. No profit is being made by me and these characters are being used without permission.

Feedback: Give me plenty! I live off of feedback. I want suggestions, thoughts, comments, complaints, send ・em all to me. I won・t even complain if you send me a flame. My e-mail address is [email protected]

Archives: Just ask. I・ll probably say yes.

Rating: a mild PG-13 for violence

Special Thanks: A google of thank you・s to my wonderful beta readers, Faile and Skyflare. I love you guys, and I thank you for all the help you・ve given me to make this story complete. You both are great friends and talented people who deserve recognition for all your hard work. Thanks again.

Author・s Notes: Diamonds Etched in Blood is part of a larger arc of stories that I am currently working on, all of which center of the X-Man, Gambit. This particular story is post-Antarctica. It takes place about 2 months after the Trial in the period of time following Operation Zero Tolerance. All of the X-Men are involved in this story, but the focus is Gambit and the other characters are used mostly to explore his character. This story starts with the assumption that Gambit does not realize that it was his self-hate that caused Rogue to leave him in Antarctica after she absorbed him with her powers. This story is NOT primarily a Gambit and Rogue story. Though the couple is addressed, the main focus is Gambit. I think that covers everything. If anybody has any questions, just ask!

Well, that・s it. Enjoy!

-Galaxia Alpha-

Diamonds Etched in Blood: Parts 1-3

Diamonds Etched in Blood: Parts 4-6

Diamonds Etched in Blood: Parts 7-9

Diamonds Etched in Blood: Parts 10-11

Diamonds Etched in Blood: Parts 12-13


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