Futures in the Mist

by Galaxia Alpha

Author・s Notes

Disclaimer: The X-Men and all other Marvel characters are the property of Marvel Entertainment. They are being used without permission for nonprofit purposes. No violation of copyright laws is intended. Any characters that are created by Galaxia Alpha, should not be used without permission.

Rating: There is a PG-13 rating on this story for violence and some adult situations. (No sex, no cursing, just some generally mature topics).

Main Characters: Gambit, Green Ghost Lady (she will get a name), New Son, Courier, and the X-Men

Things you should know: This story takes place a short time after "Tears at the Crossroad", the story following "Diamonds Etched in Blood", all part of the Diamonds Arc. It is strongly advised that you read those two stories first, before reading this one. The Diamonds Arc breaks off from comic book continuity after the Trial of Gambit and will continue to meander down its own path. J This means that (for those of you who have read the Gambit comics) Courier is not stuck in a woman・s body because that never happened in the Diamonds Arc. This also means that Courier and Gambit don・t have the friendship they had in the comics. As far as this arc is concerned, they barely know each other. Because I・ve now strayed from the comics, I have new, added freedoms that I intend to use. J Forget the established identities of the Green Ghost Lady and New Son, I plan to come up with my own explanations for them (so New Son is not Remy from an alternate timeline!). I guess what I・m basically saying is, if you forget what happens in the comics, you should understand everything fine. ;) That・s it! Happy reading!

Special thanks: I owe infinite thanks to both Skyflare and Faile, the two reasons the Diamonds Arc even exists as it does. Not only have they been great beta readers, but they have also been incredibly honest and helpful, willing to listen to ideas and help me find direction. If my stories are worth reading, it is because of them. Love you guys!!!

Feedback: Thank you to everybody who has sent feedback in the past and will in the future. You cannot realize how much it means to a writer until you have experienced it yourself. I appreciate any and all thoughts and comments, criticisms and ideas, all of which can be sent my way at [email protected]

And thus ends the Author・s Notes. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!


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