Ultimate Change

by Witheld


Many of us were surprised by Logan in the Ultimate comics. He was tough, he was meaníŽe was a softy. He changed sides like that. *snaps fingers* Well, we know there was more to it than that...here is the full story.

Disclaimer: X-Men, Logan, and all other characters are owned by Marvel. I'm just using them for fun, not for profit.

Logan liked Magneto. Let's be clear on that, at the very least. Magneto was his kind of guy. When you have a problemíŽou whack it. Some flunky is performing substandard? Whack `im.

Magneto was tough. Magneto was mean. Magneto wouldn't eat meat, true, but that didn't bother Logan.

Magneto was an idealist. That was okay. Logan could handle it.

But still, he wasn't really truly satisfied with the Brotherhood. Their easy cameraderie was easy to accept, but something was missing. Something he truly needed.

He chafed with them. He knew what he needed, but he would never admit it. Not to them. They all knew he was a big, tough guy. And they would just laugh at him if they found out he was so weak...

He couldn't let them know.

Then Eric gave him a mission.

Go find a bunch of weak wimps, and kill them. Wipe the telepath out.

He could handle it. He was Wolverine. The best. The meanest. A telepath would be no problem for him, where no other man could kill a telepath.

He accepted the mission.

When Weapon X captured him, he figured it was all part of Eric's plan. Eric knew what needed doing, and he did it. If he had misjudged, then Logan would have been back with the truly most unpleasant people on Earth.

But the X-Men saved him.

Like lambs to the slaughter, the X-Men saved him....

He let them. They weren't a bad bunch; nice, even.

Still, he was going to kill them. He had to kill them.

One day, after a long practice session with the rest of the sheep, he found Xavier alone. He smiled, sure that this was the moment. The moment he killed the telepath.

"Hello, Logan." Said the professor. "I was just sitting down to eat tea. Would you join me?"

Logan moved forward, a smile playing across his face. "I'd be happy ta, Chuck." He replied. The professor offered him tea, and he accepted, his smile sardonic. He'd drink the mans annoying little drink from his little cup. Why not?

Then he saw them. They sat on the small table in front of the professor, arrayed in a small pile next to the tea cup.

It had been so long since he'd had any that his mouth immediately started to water. He glanced at the professor, who picked one up and casually ate it.

~But I can't!~ Thought Logan in despair. ~If I eat it he'll think I'm weak!!~

Logan grasped his tea cup in the most manly way he could, throwing the tea back in one gulp. It was thin and watery, and he didn't like it.

He drew a deep breath. ~I have to. I'm going to kill him anyway...he'll never tell anyone.~

Logan reached down, picked one up, and ate it quickly, barely savoring the taste. It felt like water to a man dying of thirst...it was heavenly.

"I have tea every day at this time." Said the professor. "I would like it if you would join me at that time, so that we might speak of the people who implanted the adamantium in you."

Logan quickly adopted a sneer. "Sure, Chuck. Just don't expect me to eat your sissy food."

Charles raised an eyebrow. "Of course not, Logan. I wouldn't try to force it on you. You will be here?"

"Sure." He said coolly, standing up.

Well, screw Eric! Here Logan had a perfectly good excuse to eat crumpets EVERY DAY!! As long as he was discreet, no one would ever know! Not even his supplier!

Crumpets! Crumpety goodness, every day!

Screw the Brotherhood! He was an X-Man now!

Crumpety goodness...

Logan smiled widely. He supposed he'd have to kill Eric now. But that didn't matter; now he had his Crumpets.

Life was sweet.