Tales Of The Wild Pack

Cable's years with the Wild Pack (later the Six Pack) have always fascinated me. This is the period of his life in which he adapted to the twentieth century--and met Domino. Consequently, their developing relationship is at the heart of MOST of the stories in this category. This also seems to be the series for which I'm best known, for some reason. :) Not that I'm complaining, mind you...;) This series also serves as backstory for the Outsider's Arc. Most of the stories are based on throwaway references I've made, particularly in the course of True Believers.

UPCOMING: I have so many ideas for Wild Pack stories, I'll probably NEVER get to writing any of them...:)

First Dance

The Wild Pack is looking for a new member, and the young, ambitious mercenary known as Domino thinks she's perfect for the job. She may even be right--if she survives the interview!

This one had to be written. I wanted to make Domino's first meeting with Cable and G.W. Bridge as wild as I could...and as memorable. :)

Truth In The Tequila

A mission gone bad awakens dark and painful memories for Cable, and the rest of the Pack is floored by his unique 'coping strategy'.

One of the single most difficult stories I've ever written...but well worth it, in the end. :) Definitely my personal favorite of the series. It works into the Outsider's Arc backstory, a little, but it can stand perfectly well on its own, as well.

Friendly Fire

Winner of the 1998 Reader's Pick Prosh Award

Domino makes a catastrophic mistake in battle, and in the process of dealing with the consequences of her actions, learns a great deal about Cable and even more about herself.

A fan favorite, apparently. My first Wild Pack story, if not the first chronologically, and it still holds something of a special place in my heart...;)

Tango In Volgograd

On a mission in Russia, Cable and Domino find their relationship moving onto an entirely new level.

Not much of PLOT to this one, folks...:) This was my stab at a 'first-time' story, and it went over rather well, if I do say so myself. ;) A little implied sexual content, but nothing graphic.

The Second-Best Way To Prevent Hypothermia

After their helicopter crashes, Cable, Domino, Kane and Grizzly have to camp for the night. Domino and a concussed Cable find a better way than arguing to stay awake....;)

A SHAMELESS sillyfic, no other way to describe it. :)

Turn Around And Face Your Fate

After the Pack's final mission, Cable has to face up to the consequences of that last, horrific decision.

Important to point out that this ISN'T the end of the series...it's not like I've stuck to a chronological scheme anyway, as those of you who've followed this series as it came out have undoubtedly noticed. It's just a little vignette that came to mind and wouldn't go away...