The Song-Title Series

by Dyce

Unbreak My Heart
Both suffering from heartbreak, Jono and Jubilee

I Don't Want To Wait
Sequel to 'Unbreak My Heart'. Jono and Jubilee go on their first date.

Telling Everybody
The secret's out...but what will everyone say?

Lucky Me
Wolverine comes to visit...

At This Point In My Life
Tragedy strikes Jono's life. How will it affect his relationship with Jubilee?

London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)
It has been three years--there are new relationships, new situations. But some things never change.

Treat Me Good
More time has passed, but when one needs help, the other always comes running.

Permission To Shine
A terrible accident will change the nature of Jono and Jubilee's relationship.

Broken Road
Jon and Jubilee confess their feelings for one another.

To Get Me To You
Someone's getting married!