All right, folks. Admit it. Somewhere in your vast collections of comic books, there are moments between Wolverine and Jubilee that stand out. The scenes that you read over and over again because they manage to perfectly capture the essence of the Canuck and Firecracker's relationship. Well, we want to hear them. So, I welcome you to email me your favorite moments between Wolverine and Jubilee, and I will post them here.

"Who died?"
"YOU did, ya little pain in my ass! Scared the life half outta me"
"Really? Cool."
"Dude, ever heard of the words, 'mouth-wash?'"
Just goes to show that the rapport between Wolvie and Jubes never dims, even in the face of heart also just stopped when Wolvie heard that she was on the cross, and wigged...I'd thought maybe he'd forgotten about her during the past million issues, but seeing the way he jumped to her side like that and acted onnit...tho i think marvel should play up his guilt about "not being there" a little more...definitely upped his character points from my perspective.

kleah destua

They find his old car and they're sitting in it and jubilee's digging around in the glove compartment, etc. and wolverine says something like 'Careful, there might be souvineers.'  and jubilee gives him this horrified look and says "Oh my god, i better not find any panties in here..."  and he gives her a smile and says " I ment grenades."


One of my favorite moments are in Wolverine 146 when Jubilee finally managed to stop Wolvie from killing them all:

"Time for the hard choices "bub". You want to go after them you'll have to go through me first! You ready to do that Wolvie? You have always been there for me Logan--You've talked me out of some pretty dark spots in my life. Kept me from doing things I know I'd regretted later. Don't you think it's about time you let me return the favor? Logan you know I always been there for you. From when I first found you, nailed to the crucifix in the australian outback to when Magneto ripped out your adamantium on Avalon! Please let me--let us help you now! Or was all those combat games in the woods surrounding the mansion really just fun and games with nothing more at stake than a couple of rounds down at Harry's hideaway?"

I think that the scene really showes that Jubilee is rellay the only one that can stop Wolvie even when he has been into one of the four horsemen of Apocalypse....



How about after Mariko and Silver Fox died; Wolverine was trying to find a way to deal with everything and was in the Danger Room reliving some of the events. Professor Xavier had reservations about Wolverine's method of counseling - basically calling it Childish. Jubilee defended him:

Jubilee: "--um..."

Prof. X: "...what is it Jubilee?"

Jubilee: "Golly gee whiz Professor Xavier...I sure am sorry that Wolvie isn't a superior human being who can work out his problems internally like you -- isn't it like a crying shame that he has to resort to kicking over garbage cans and punching brick walls like the rest of us cerebrally underdeveloped homo-inferiors -- Gosh, it must be really terrific to have that much control over your emotions, but I guess that's what comes with all that brain-power, huh?"

Of course Jubilee is always the first to defend Wolvie, but this shows that she doesn't care who it is she's talking to or facing...even if it's Professor Xavier.


On the Blackbird, after Jubilee saved Wolverine from his "Death" persona, he was running around nude. Jubes made a comment to Kitty about perferring her Logan with clothes on. Then he, with all his glory out, walked past her. For the first time she, ever, she had nothind to say.

The other time was around the time Magik died and they were at the lake and Wolverine was comforting her, you even have a pix of that in the art gallery under the Wolvie and Jubes collection.


One of my favorite lines is in Wolverine #90. Jubilee is actually not in the issue but as Boomer skips on down to walk Sabes back to his room she takes his hand. Wolverine lookes at that and says "In all these years has Jubilee ever talken my hand like that? No."

It one of the solid examples of just how deep his feelings may run for her.


One of my favorite moments occurs in Wolverine, I'm not sure which issue. Jubilee finally confronts the two men who killed her parents and Wolverine is there to back her up. She wants to kill them like Wolvie would have, but he makes her see that killing them would hurt her more. I like how he was there for her and how he showed her another way to handle her anger and grief.


Along with the obvious #251-252 be sure to pick up #257, 258, and 261 as well for the story of what happens afterwards. (Assuming you don't already have 'em!) I've always been partial to Logan's Madripoor adventures as "Patch" and in these he and Jubilee head to his old tramping grounds. The portrayal of Jubilee is particularly interesting as she switches back and forth between hot-tempered (and sometimes petty) teen and passionate, protective friend who worries about the fact that Logan seems to be hallucinating and talking to invisible friends.

(BTW, if anyone knows more about what's going on with Nick Fury and Carol Danvers in these issues, I'd love to hear it. Very strange.)

In #257 while Jubilee sits across the room, Logan explains their situation to Landau, Luckman, and Lake's Rose -- a simple, gruff acknowledgement of how much he owes his newfound teenaged friend.

Rose: I must confess, though, you have looked better.... How bad?

Logan: Bad as it gets, across the board.

Rose: Youngster?

Logan: Lifeline. Without her, I wouldn't be here. Without her...I won't be goin' on.

#261 also presents one of my favorite moments: Logan patiently tolerating (and even finding some amusement in) Jubilee's temper tantrums in a Lowtown restaurant (read "dive"). Some truly funny moments in this one. :)

[In reference to Logan's letter to Jubilee at the end of Wolverine #75] ... certainly one of my all-time favorites! (Poor ol' Logan, though.) Even before the letter, there are so many impassioned and/or gentle moments between the two. When Logan first pops the bone claws, it's Jubilee's voice that seems to rise over the chaos of voices as she cries out to him, "No! Get outta my way! I gotta go to him! WOLLLVIE!"


Another good example of their friendship is in Wolverine 94, where he visits Gen X. He was saying something about how he didn't like being inside since he was living in the woods at the time.

Jubilee said "Why bother coming?", and Logan replied, "Because you asked me to darlin'."


A lot of the Wolverine comics have Jubilee in them. One of my faves is Wolvy 58. He and Jubes go in search of a kidnapped girl.

Wolvy 62 also has a few good scenes between the two. It is defedently a must.

Lastly is Wolvy 68. There aren't a lot of scenes with the two of them, just one realy good one at the end.


Another good scene is in either Wolverine 56 or 57. It doesn't have Wolvie in it, but Yukio asks Jubilee if she has a crush on Logan, and she gets all defensive. Pretty funny.


I'd forgotten about that. It's in 57 -- along with one of the saddest moments of Logan's life, the death of Mariko.

I'd also forgotten about the issues that follow, 58-59. Needing to shake his depression and grief, Wolverine takes a case behind Professor X's back -- the rescue of a kidnapped child. He grabs Jubilee as she charges downstairs to see "a shirtless Luke Perry doing a TV interview" and tells her to pack a bag. Like a *lot* of the earlier _Wolverine_ issues, these show their partenership quite well. And include that creepy critter, Terror, for added laughs.

Another recommendation from the _Wolverine_ series is #60. Much more somber throughout, it opens with Logan meditating in the rain at Mariko's grave, struggling with "feelin's and memories, tryin' to come to terms," as he tells Jubilee. She's right there with him, trying to comfort him with a hug, trying to help him "get a grip."

Nice picture. I really like her *strength* in these issues.


Another good issue with Jubilee and Wolverine is Generation X #34. It's where Jubilee is telling this girl who stole the hat Logan gave Jubes when he left, about Logan. Arigato, Jerica.


The Letter was written by Larry Hama, and kindly transfered by candy.

"This is the letter that Wolverine wrote to Jubilee in 'Wolverine #75'. With this being the Wolverine and Jubilee site, I just thought it should be archived."

Dear Jubilee,

This is just to say that I am going away because it is the best thing I can do. Without my adamantium-laced skeleton, and my healing factor not being what it used to be, I ain't hardly the best any longer. I am just a liability to the rest of the team. I should retire my pinstripes before I get traded to the minors. I understand that you are going through a difficult time right now. I wish I could stay here for you, but it just cannot be. I am not going to tell you that you have to be strong, because you are one of the strongest people I have ever met. You have the strength to go on being happy and have fun, despite the bad things that happened to you and the horrors you have seen. You don't have a callus on your soul like some folks who have had it half as bad as you. So, you go on laughing, darling. Hold on to your wonder--Aww, here I go getting preachy! You just stick to professor Xavier like glue, do you hear me? He did all right by this Canuckle-Head and he will do good by you! And remember that I will always miss you...more than you will ever know.


A great moment takes place in Generation X 27. Jubilee has been captured by Bastion, and he is trying to get her to give information on the X-Men. He shows her Cyclops visor, saying Cyc is dead.

Jubilee: "For the record Pinky.. Im already tired of this game. Aint no way.. NO HOW.. yer gonna make me believe ya went and killed all the X-Men while i was sleepin. I dont care how many visors you throw at me! I ain't..

Bastion: "I didn't say they were all dead. Yet. Daria, open the window"

Jubilee: "Hope I got one with.. a view........ omi.. (tear in her eye)

Image of Wolvie hooked up to a bunch of machines, battered and bruised.

Jubilee: "Wolvie?"

Bastion: "He cant hear you"

Soldiers attempt to get him to talk, and he doesn't. They then shock him.

Wolvie: "P-please.... Stop..."

Bastion: "You can end this suffering Miss Lee. Just tell us what we want to know. Tell me. Tell me and I'll let you go free."

Jubilee begins to laugh uncontrolably

Jubilee: "Ya almost had me there, huh! You almost convinced me he was the real Wolvie gettin Fried! But ya' had to go and push it.. too far! Too flamin, freakin, flappin far!"

Bastion: "Oh really. How is that?"

Jubilee: "It was the "...Please... stop..." Any Wolverine I ever knew would die before he'd beg!"

It just shows how much Jubilee beleives in Logan and his character.

Later in Zero Tolerance, when the X-Men are about to escape the compound, Bastion is about to stop them. Jubilee is in the controll room, and throws herself on the controll panel, allowing the X-Men to escape, and causes Bastion to beat her. This shows Jubilee's self sacrificing attitude towards Logan and the other X-Men.

Finally, at the end of Zero Tolerance, in Wolvie#117, the X-Men have escaped zero tolerance, and are hiding in the surrounding desert. Jubilee has escaped, and is lost in the same dessert. In the middle of a battle, Wolvie picks up Jube's scent. Jubilee is fighting a Supreme Sentinal, and Wolvie finds her just in time to save her (Of course). After the battle,

Jubilee: "Wolvy? Dont say anything Wolvy.. Just hold me tight."

This is a great example of Logans love for Jubes. He leaves the rest of the team in the middle of battle, just to save her.

In Wolvie# 118, the tables are turned, and Jubes saves Wolvie from a Sentinal just in time.

Jaime C


My fave moment would be in X-Men 99, during the storyline when all the mutants on Earth were turned into regular humans by the High Evolutionary. It starts (page one of two pages) with Jubilee, human fleeing for her life down an alley. Where she is isn't said, Boston? New York City? Los Angelos???, but she's being chased by a group of hoodlums who want to gang rape and then murder her, or at least ruff her up. One of the skanky punks has her by her hair when out of the shadows Wolverine steps into save her life.

Keep in mind he's also human, with no super-senses so how did he find her? That question has never been answered to my satisfaction. Wolverine is also dying of adamantium poioioning and he's quite a mess. After telling her he won't bother the High Evolutionary, like Jubey ask's him too, he tell's her to take care of herself because she wont have him to watch her back anymore. Then staggers off to go hunt down Creed. Leaving her alone, after he tells her to go home and stay there.

Why do I like this seemingly lackluster mini-plot sooo much as to call it My Fave Moment? Several reasons, first what the HECK is Jubilee doing in some urban alley all alone, so far from home and her gaurdians The White Queen and Banshee? We all know she's headstrong and an adventure-seeking adrenaline junkie, who quite possibly loves the street-life. GenX never showed that side of her, but this mini-plot does or something else intriguing.

Then there's the mystifying question, how did Wolvie know she was in danger? There are myraid of answers from the fabulous to the mundane, my fave being Jubilee and Wolvie have a spiritual rapport that has nuthin' to do with being mutants.

I also love the dialouge between them in this ish, Terry Havanagh really knew his Wolverine and Jubilee. The subtle ways they communicate, like how he show's his dipleasure at her, by calling her Jubilation, and she not taking it calls him hairball. Really excellant, a must read!

Leah Chiquita

i dont remember what issue it was but it was in a generation-X magizine when
jubilee went into the woods to look for wolverine and she talked about how
much she missed him and they got all sentimental and then hugged it was

(From Yezra:
That'd be from Gen-X #6, August 1995. I love that issue... very Logan and
Jubie-like at the end. Je tells her that he needs her and he's proud of her
like a father would be....)


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