Information Links:
Sites that are regularly updated with the most current comic book news and reviews..

X-Fan - the X-Men news source
X-Page Hotlist - a wonderful resource
The X-Axis - weekly, detailed reviews
Comic Book Resources - resource
Another Universe - resource
Wizard Press Home Page
- Wizard Magazine homesite
X-Men Unlimited - a cool resource with reviews, articles, a gallery, and more

Fan-Fiction: these archives are among the very best on the web...prepare to lose a few hours. - an archive that centers mainly on Cyclops and Logan, but has expanded to embrace the entire X-Men team.
The Hivemind - run by the Queen - the ultimate fan-fic archive
CFAN - fanfiction central
X-Men Movieverse Archive - closed to submissions, but still one of the most coplete X-Men Movie Archive on the net
Generation X Archive
No longer being updated, but still good.
Stars and Garters - Beast archive
(un)frozen - Iceman archive
X-Men: The Movie Fan-Fiction Central - a giant fiction archive
Alternate Timelines - Cable and Domino fic, mostly. Good reading.
The Wheel - same as above; fiction by Alicia McKenzie.
Dyce's Corner - 'nuff said.
Red Shades - a cool site specializing in Cyclops fic.
Valerie's Fanfiction - the premiere fan-fic writer has her own site
The Haven - Candylyn's new fanfiction site, accepting submissions.
Remember Us - fanfiction devoted to characters of color.
We Read Crap So You Don't Have To! - a great rec page.
Thunder and Brimstone - a wonderful Kurt / Ororo site, stemming from X2.

Characters and Teams:

Generation NeXt - one of the oldest and best GenX sites on the 'net.
GenerationX Link Database - want GenX links?
X-Men Favorites - a nice X-men site
Marvelous Lovers - inspired by the web owner's favorite comic couples
The Danger Room - another great X-Men site
Fatale Force X - the women of the X
Light It Up! - a Jubilee fansite
- nice Jubilee site: on hiatus, but with an assured return. - a great resource for all things Jubilee.
Jassa's Jubilee Page - a great new page full of pictures and more.
Jubilee Links - just like it says
The Unofficial Jubilee Page - a nice Jubilee resource
Wolverine and Rogue - a site dedicated just to them [movieverse]
Wolverine's Realm - a must see Wolverine site; it's a legend.
King of Hearts - great intro, must-see site on Gambit
Under the Knife - a Cecilia Reyes page
The Kitty Pryde Page - take a wild guess
The M-Files - a beauiful site dedicated to Monet
Down Home Charm - a beautifully designed Rogue page
Bamf Central - a great Nightcrawler page - another wonderful Nightcrawler resource
Nightscrawlers - a new Nightcrawler site.
The Mystique Files - a resource for all you Mystique fans.
A Thief in the Night - a new source of information on Gambit.
C's X-Men Haven - general information about Nightcrawler, Siryn, Jubilee, and Shadowcat
The Wildboy Club - Wolverine


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