Save The Last Dance For Me by darkstar
After humans turn against mutants, Rogue and Logan find themselves trapped in a strange world in which they have no memory of a past nor hope for a future. Fate reunites them and now it's time to make a choice. Survival or freedom? Fear or love?

Niagara Falls by Diebin
Logan comes home. An unauthorized fieldtrip ensues.

The Godless Among Them by Dyce
A new arrival at the academy is not all that she appears to be...

Slavery, Deliverence, And Faith by Dyce
Sequel to 'The Godless Among Them'. Annie and Creed find a young girl named Clarice. Also archived in the Blink and Sabretooth Archive.

The Land of Blood and Honey by Dyce
Sequel to 'Slavery, Deliverance, and Faith'. Logan and Creed have taken their 'cubs' to a secure location, where they begin to train them in the art of survival.

Masquerade by Dyce
Not many people know the real Jubilee. Cain Marko is about to find out who she really is.

Falling In Love For The First Time by Dyce
Beast helps Rogue control her powers, but that's not the only miracle that happens.

Whistle a Happy Tune by Dyce
When Jubilee sets her sights on someone, no one better get in her way--especially when her target is Remy LeBeau.

Two Solitudes by Elizabeth
Elseworld - What if Wolverine had been working for Magneto when Rogue was kidnapped from the X-Men?

The Fatal Caress Series by Melissa Flores
How do you choose between love and destiny?

First Night by Melissa Flores
[Angel] When Cordelia and Rogue are whisked away by the Brotherhood, who are once again intent on 'saving' mutant kind, Angel Investigations and the X-Men must team up to save them, and yes, the world. Again.

 Jus Ad Bellum by jenn
One Rogue. Two timelines. Three personalities. Every possibility. Rogue discovers who she is, could have been, and everything she can become.

What a Christmas to Have the Blues by Addie Logan
Wolverine discovers love beneath the mistletoe...

Night Butterflies by Khaki and Loki
[Movieverse] Logan returns to the Mansion after three years, but when he arrives, his greeting to Rogue is...unexpected.

To Tame a Wolverine by Mara Greengrass
To tame a Wolverine - first, find a Wolverine...

The Evolution of Jubilee by Mara Greengrass
A school field trip to a museum turns into a crusade for Jubilee.

The Great Marriage Boondoggle by Mara Greengrass
A school assignment has unexpected consequences...

Finals by Mara Greengrass
Sometimes folks just need to lighten up a bit, don't you think?

Sympathy Pains by Epona Harper
A young doctor seeks out the X-Men for help in controlling her power. Her family ties, however, may land them all in hot water.

Translation by Kamara
Logan and Rogue need a lesson in communication

Defensive Lines by Molly
Logan, Rogue, and their various coping mechanisms.

I'll be Home For Christmas by Misty
Logan's been looking for his past for a long time. What if he found it?

Many Happy Returns by Jordanna Morgan
Rogue plans a surprise for Logan, but Jubilee has misgivings.

Evidence of Love by Jordanna Morgan
Less than emotion--more than words.

The Simplest Magic by Nails
Jubilee discovers a young woman with pointed ears in the Mansion’s driveway. The woman turns out to be an elf from another plane of existence that is trapped on Earth until she finds her destiny.

Thick as T'ieves by Nails
In the movieverse Jubilee doesn’t have Logan to be her surrogate father, will a certain cajun thief fit the bill?

The First and Last Places by nexus
Sometimes, your worst enemy is yourself.

Surrender by paxnirvana
When Gambit is hired to steal information from the Xavier Institute, he finds more than he could ever have bargained for.

A Simple Question by Ramos
Rogue asks Logan a question.

X-Cursions by Ramos
Five years after the events of the movie, the X-men are called to New Orleans to investigate several disappearances. This story won second prize in the WXFOnline contest.

Suffer the Children by Ramos
Jubilee and Rogue talk Logan into going shopping. Carnage ensues, and not the funny kind. (This is not a W/R 'shipper story. If anything, it's Logan/Jubilee story. But no snogging is had by anyone.)

Emergency Surgery by Ramos
The most peculiar kind of torture Logan has ever gone through...

Welcome to Genosha by Ramos
Logan finds more than he expected when he investigates Genosha.

The Best Laid Plans: The Art of War by Ransom
Logan tells the story of how he and Marie became a couple.

A Day in the Life by Jane Westin
24 hours of good ol' fashioned Jubilee fun.

A Conflict of Interest by Jane Westin
Sequel to 'A Day in the Life.' An exploration into Jubilee's relationship with Logan.

And It Is Bitter by Jane Westin
Sequel to 'A Conflict of Interests.'

Honestly by Jane Westin
Logan’s POV. Sequel to 'A Conflict of Interests.'

Bitter Unrequited by Jane Westin
Marie’s POV. Sequel to 'A Conflict of Interests'and companion to 'And It Is Bitter.'

Eating Worms (Or, How Things Change) by Jane Westin
Sequel to "Bitter Unrequited," "Honesty," etc. Hope you like!

Revelations by Jane Westin
The long-awaited sequel to "Eating Worms!" Yes, it's finally here! Where will we find our heroes after a year and a half? WHAT SECRETS WILL THEY REVEAL? You gotta read to find out!

Moving On by Jane Westin
Sequel to 'Revelations'. Can Wolverine and Jubile reconcile their differences after so much time apart?


Down To You by Agora
Logan considers his life after the events at Alkali Lake.

Ten Thousand Candles by Andraste
Charles Xavier reflects on his sins.

A Little Is Enough by Ascian
Kurt and Logan discuss the merits of love.

Point of View by Blueeyedtigress
Bobby and Rogue observe a romantic moment.

Still Life by domenika marzione
Colossus and Kurt discuss guilt, sin, and the finer points of flowers.

Teacher's Pet by Mad With Power
Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) / Storm (Ororo Munroe) about a month after the end of X2. Storm, lonely and aching from her loss, is tired of seeing Nightcrawler watch her from afar and confronts him about his crush. A little racy.

Enter the Showman by Mad With Power
Sequel to Teacher's Pet. Kurt and Ororo Munroe try to find a way to be together in perilous times.

A Peace of His Mind by Mara Greengrass
"Guns, champagne, Jean limping, Stryker smirking, fragmented memories flashing in his head."

Scribe and Scroll by Nix
Kurt thinks about scars, and Logan drops by for a chat.

Designs by Stellamaru
A brief conversation in the garden.

Grotesque by Stellamaru
Kurt and Storm hang out on the roof.

Unbound by Te
[Highlander X-Over] Out of the water.

The Xavier Mansion Diaries by Troll Princess
The innermost feelings of all our favorite people....

Lifestyle Changes by Wallace
So there's this girl, right, and she's in prison. And she's got super powers. Someone's bound to investigate. Crossover with 'Angel' of the Jossverse.


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