The Birthday Wish by Agora
A terrible deception afters years of painful absencee threaten both Jubilee and Wolverine's lives. Crosslinked in the 'drama' section.

The Twist Inside by Allykat
Sequel to 'Tagging Along With Wolvie'. When Jubilee returns to the X-Men, Logan must deal with his new feelings for her (also linked in the 'angst
' section).

All The Way by Allykat
Sequel to The Twist Inside. Logan returns home close to death, his healing factor all but gone. Jubilee has a fiancee. Logan doesn't like him. Jubilee thinks it's jealously, but there's a darker reason lurking behind Logan's dislike, one that can get them both killed (also linked in the 'angst' section).

Rodeo Hearts by Dazzler and Emily
In an alternate universe, relationships are created and broken at a rodeo.

The Song-Title Series by Dyce
A series of stories about a relationship between Jono and Jubilee.

Whistle A Happy Tune by Dyce
[Movieverse] Remy--walking, talking, sex-magnet--finds a friend in Jubilee.

Exit to Eden by Gemz
Five years later after Jubilee's departure from the team, the X-Men go in search of a city rumoured to be a mutant's paradise. But all is not as if seems in Eden as the X-Men discover an old friend in the midst of a rebel war...

The New Kid Series by Nate Grey
X-Man crashes into the Biosphere and is befriended by Jubilee, but Gen X's deadliest foe soon arrives with plans for revenge!

Two Pair by L.M. Griffin
A Gambit/Jubilee series of stories, where the Cajun thief and the Cailfornia mallrat form a bond that will follow them through good times and bad. Sort of a 'What-If' out-look in the Marvel Universe.

Storm's Night Out by Imag
Storm needs a break and convinces Wolverine to come with her...

A Little Romance by Katya Jade
Jubilee is an adult who has returned to the X-Mansion from college, and finds 'a little romance'.

Changes by Katya Jade
A violent encounter with an old enemy changes Wolverine and Jubilee's relationship.

Bad Dreams and Waking Nightmares by Katya Jade
Sequel to 'Changes'.

Malls, Goons and Marriage Proposalsˇ¦Oh My by Katya Jade
A simple trip to the mall turns life-threatening.

A Simple Kind of Life by Jane
[Movieverse] The makings of an epic, as Jubilee and Remy LeBeau join forces. (Note: I've linked directly to the author's site, 'Tangent Central'--look to the left hand side of the screen for the links to the different story parts.)

Nine Lives by Jen
When Logan disappears from Jubilee's life, she turns to Remy for comfort...and for love.

Lost in Time by ice princess deluxe
A journey into the past throws Jubilee into the life of the boy who is to become Wolverine.

Back Where the Sun Can Find You by Addie Logan
A collection of stories. Logan and Jubilee try to rebuild their friendship after spending years apart.

Love Dies Hard by LonelyOsito
Logan overhears a conversation between Jubilee and Storm, during which he learns that Jubilee loves him. He deals with it over one of the best movies ever.

An Unusual Night by Megumi
A night out forces Remy and Jubilee to reevaluate their feelings for one another.

Ultimate Firecracker by Miko
Set in the 'Ultimate' universe - Jubilee catches up with a Wolverine who remembers nothing of their past together.

Times Change and We With Time by Muir
After the Academy shuts down, Jubilee leaves in anger. Using her savings, she travels first to Paris and onto London. There, in Heathrow Airport, she bumps into
. He's taking a short break from the X-Men and Jubilee moves in with him.

A Feral Kind of Love by Parodys
Jubilee has grown up and a couple of the X-Men are beginning to notice. The question is, who will she fall in love with?

Graduation by Parodys
Jubilee graduates from college and the political world is in turmoil as the mutant lives hang in the balance. Logan tags along for the ride.

When Stars Collide by Snowviolet
Jubilee returns to the X-men a respected physicist with shocking new powers. Mysterious disappearances and adventures ensue as Wolverine and Jubilee are drawn together by forces outside of their control.

Home from the Hill by Ramos
Jubilee returns to the X-Men after years lost fighting in the Sh'iar empire. Nothing will ever be the same again. Cross-indexed under '

Steppin' Out With Wolvie by Ramos.
A series of stories following Logan and Jubilee as they take their relationship to the next level.

Meet the Family by Ramos
When Jubilee returns from school, she brings her boyfriend with her.

Human After All by Tyna and Utendi
Logan comes down with a cold after his healing factor has been tampered with and it's up to Jubilee to find and take care of him. To make matters worse, Mid Autumn storms reap havoc in Westchester causing all kinds of mischief.

Guileless by Yezra
With her tutelage under the White Queen over, Jubilee returns to the X-Men and the Mansion, though she no longer feels like she is truly one of them. So many things in her past were left unsaid, and her situation goes from bad to worseˇ¦ Especially with Logan. Perhaps she needs to prove her abilities to herself more than anyone elseˇ¦

Seasoned by Yezra
Sequel to 'Guileless'. Just as Jubilee and Logan begin to settle into a life together, they are called into action by events that ally them with old friends and take them far from home.


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