The Gift by Affro Chick
Two people receive special gifts from each other on a cold winter night.

Just Hum Along by Alexandria
Jubilee is killed and Logan cannot accept her death.

Pygmalion by Agent51
Things are not always what they seem...

All He Needed by Agent51
Two friends meet in a park.

The Birthday Wish by Agora
A terrible deception afters years of painful absencee threaten both Jubilee and Wolverine's lives. Crosslinked in the 'romance' section.

A Baby's Cry by A.J. Mathews
Five years ago, Jubilee died, but Logan must be continue to be strong so he can take care of their son... and find their missing child, who he has never met.

Homecomings by Alex Cartwright
Not all homecomings are happy...

The Twist Inside by Allykat
Sequel to 'Tagging Along With Wolvie'. When Jubilee returns to the X-Men, Logan must deal with his new feelings for her (also linked in the 'romance' section).

All The Way by Allykat
Sequel to The Twist Inside. Logan returns home close to death, his healing factor all but gone. Jubilee has a fiancee. Logan doesn't like him. Jubilee thinks it's jealously, but there's a darker reason lurking behind Logan's dislike, one that can get them both killed (also linked in the 'romance' section).

When Things Get in the Way by Amaranth
Sequel to 'So Cute'--Jubilee and Monet are the X-Mansion, when something goes terribly wrong.

When Things Get Out Of Hand by Amaranth
Sequel to 'When Things Get in the Way'

Family by Amaranth
The quietest member of Gen X sees what it's like to belong somewhere.

Scars by Amaranth
Jubilee in a more pensive moment.

Late Fragment by Ascian
It's the end of a beautiful friendship.

Dawn's Breaking by Tara Blue
A sequel to "Late Fragment". Wolverine, still mourning his loss, meets a very special young lady.

To Forget The Pain
by Bounce
Jubilee must learn to
cope with a disability.

Ranting by Burny
Jubilee talks to a lost friend...

I Will Survive by cjnfirecracker
A singer learns from Logan how to survive...

Long Distance by Fionny
Set after Jubilee joins the X-Corps, it's a one-sided conversation with Angelo.

Beginning by Genki Girl

Sequel to, 'Once upon a time...', this series brings Jubilee's past and present together. But her future is another matter...

One Step Closer by Genki Girl

One step closer to the step closer to breaking.

A Little Bit of Love by Bustix
Jubilee runs away, but in doing so finds more problems than she bargained for.

Next to Nothing...Gundam Wing
by Candy
In the far future, a young hero meets an old man, who tells him the story of the woman he once loved.

Request by Candy
Jubilee makes one last request of Logan....

Birthday Wish by Comicqueen
It's Jubilee's eighteenth birthday, but where is Logan?

The Tone of Life by Comicqueen
Sequel to 'Birthday Wish'.

In L.A. by Demon Buttercup Girl
Jubilee, all grown up and remembering the past.

Orphans by Dex
Scott and Jubilee have a heart to heart, and the leader of the X-Men helps her to see the things they have in common.

Eulogy by Dex
Jubilee says goodbye to Cyclops in her own way. Follows events referred to in Dex's classic tale, 'Orphans'.

Also A Man by Dyce
A poem

Second Strings by Dyce
Jubilee realises that no matter what she does, she can't compete with her perfect rival.

Maturity in B Minor by Dyce
The sequel to Second Strings.

Happy Families: Broken Promises by Dyce
Companion story to 'Maturity in B Minor'. The first part of the series, 'Broken Promises' is the viewpoint of, naturally, the person most deeply affected by Jubilee's loss.

Happy Families: Guilty Conscience by Dyce
Companion story to 'Maturity in B Minor'. Kitty writes in her diary.

Rising Sun Series by Dyce
A fantastic collection of stories following Jubilee through her pregnancy.

The Mask You See by Dyce
There is more to Jubilee than meets the eye...

Ashes by Farli
Set between Generation X issues 68 and 69, this is a simple short piece, centring on Jubilee.

Another Day Approaches by
Sequel to 'Nine Lives'. Logan comes back to say his last goodbyes.

The Soul of Dark and Light by Cat Claws
Jubilee is left alone in the mansion and Creed attacks. Things go very wrong and Jubilee must fight for her life. Not only against Creed, but the very memories of her past.

The Edge of the River Crossing by Gables
A visitor from another universe tells Jubilee of a possible future.

Secrets Revealed by Connie Gartrell
Jubilee discovers a secret about Logan that breaks her heart and changes her life.

The Delphina Saga by Gkem
Logan has a daughter, whom he discovers has ties to Sabretooth.

The Firecracker's Lament by Gladrial
Healers come in many forms...

Blood Remembers by Grym
After Mariko’s death, a grief-stricken Logan prepares himself to cope in a very traditional way. Can Jubilee stay his self-destructive hand? (Hopefully, an intense, angst-ridden, short tale about friendship in crisis.)

The Things We Do For Love by Witheld
Love can creep into the very hardest of hearts...

A Little Warmth by Indy
Jubilee contemplates her place in Generation X.

The Hunts by Indy
Elseworld. Jubilee is a soceress.

It's a Far Better Thing to Give Than to Recieve by Leilee
Injured in a freak accident, Jubilee is taken to the hospital. There, she meets a little girl.

First Words (or Whatever) by Lynn
Penance, who finds her voice, talks with Jubilee about Wolverine.

Sunset by A.J. Matthews
When Jubilee comes back for a visit and winds up in a coma, will the X-Men tear themselves apart?

Illyana's Waltz by Jeanne M.
Even though she's gone, she still calls the tune. This is a look at how some of the people who were closest to her are still coping with her loss. This is Illyana's waltz.

Questions About Angels by Jeanne M.
Everyone has an angel....

Just Walk Away by Jeanne M.
The angry boy, a bit too insane...icing over a secret pain...

Paradigm of Thought by Jeanne M.
Mutations are errors that occassionally and unpredictably occur...

Being Strong by Jozzy
Jubilee is thinking about her time before and in Generation X, and her feelings for Wolverine. A prequel to 'Sessions'. You don't have to read this to understand 'Sessions', but it helps

Protector by Miko
Logan does what needs to be done--and pays the price.

Last Man Standing by Misty
Logan awakens from a long slumber to discover that he is very much alone.

A Bedtime Story by Jeanne M.
A future member of the X hears a bedtime tale.

Requiem by Jeanne M.
Jubilation Lee has lost a lot of people in her life, what would it take to push her over the edge?

Fading Forward to 'Normal' by Moondancer
Jubilee comes together with old friends to honor a lost comrade.

Loss by QMan
The X-Men have a mission and something goes terribly wrong and Logan is seriously hurt.

Of Infinity and Chaos by Parodys
Taken prisoner, Jubilee toils in a prison camp until the day she escapes. But can you ever really go home?

Chaos and Fury by Parodys
Sequel to Of Infinity and Chaos. Jubilee's capture is not going according to plan...even for her kidnappers. High drama in the depths of space.

Leave Well Enogh Alone by Polka Dot
Will Hank's attempts to help Jubilee, only end up hurting her in the end?

One Last Goodbye by Ramona Y
An Elseworlds story. A daughter says one last good-bye to her father, who is on death row.

Descendent Darkness Falling by Seraph
One possible, dark future.

Journey Home by Seraph
Jubilee and Wolverine return to the Mansion.

Dying Of The Light by Seraph
A heart touching look at the relationship between Jubilee and Wolverine when Jubilee discovers that she is dying.

Hold My Hand And Don't Let Say Goodbye Till The End by Seraph
Seraph's reworked version of "Dying Of The Light"

Sorrow, or, The Transience of Memory by Amanda Sichter
Love and grief can change a person...for the worse.

Violation by Tracy Sue
A look into Jubilee's mind after students at the academy light fire to her room.

A Walk by Kaylee
In the future, an honorable death does not always come to those who wish it...

Why by Maelstrom
Sequel to 'Second Strings' by Dyce. Monet tries to find out why Jubilee took the easy way out.

Never Tell Me The Odds by Alicia McKenzie
Logan has been captured; his memory gone, he must rely on Cable to help him.

Waking Nightmares by Misty
One X-Man has a long night...

Nightmares and Monsters by Misty
Sequel to 'Waking Nightmares'.

Weapons by Misty
The birth of Weapon X...

Doe, A Deer... by Jaya Mitai
Traveling through Tennessee, Logan and Scott hit a doe. The two get a lot more than they bargained for as they attempt to care for its fawn and remain inconspicuous in a small Southern town.

After The Storm by Dana Night
When a B Strain of the Legacy Virus hits the Marvel Universe, the effects are devastating.

To the Gallows Foot and After  by Melissa Nolen
A little exploration into the unique friendship between Jubilee and Logan.

Future Will Tell by Mica
Jubilee reflects on the man she has found in the Australian outback.

As Natural As Growing Up by Mica
Jubilee is growing up...a response to Ascian's challenge: write a W&J story without dialogue.

The Hunger by Parodys
A terribly choice drives Logan away.

Goodbye by Piper
Dying, Jubilee reflects on her feelings for her teammates and Logan.

The End of the Road by Ramos
A runaway mutant is caught by the police, but things aren't what he expects. Not actually a sequel to my "Steppin' Out with Wolvie" series, but follows it.

Emotion Sickness by Raven
Jubilee thinks about the past and pain.

Closure by Raven
Sequel to"Emotion Sickness". Jubilee tells Wolverine what happened.

One Last Breath by Riana
A poem.

Rose Red by Rosa de la Vega
Kidnapped, stripped of her memories, Jubilee must survive on her own while Wolverine searches for her.

Brick Wall Facade by Dani Royer
A poem

Blah, Blah, Blah by Dani Royer
A poem.

Dreaming by Dani Royer
a poem.

Hold On by Perri Smith
The news of Wolverine's battle with Magneto has just reached Jubilee and Kitty. The story centers around their concern for Wolverine. Without his adamantium, can he remain human? Without Wolverine, can they hold on?

Seventh Inning Stretch by Perri Smith
A quick look at death in the Marvel universe, when a wise-ass angel forces Wolverine to make some choices about his life.

Blading by
Wolverine lost his adamantium and resigned from the X-team. What's a sidekick to do? Jubilee deals with Wolverine's absence.

A Friend In Need by
Synch and Jubilee are captured by Tessa and Shaw. A thoughtful look at how the resulting scars have lasting effects on the whole GenX team.

A Friend in Need II: Sweet Child of Mine by
The long awaited sequel: Jubilee is well on the way to recovery from the physical injuries she sustained during "A Friend in Need," thanks to the help of Logan and Jean. The psychic damage, however, has been slow to heal: she is still plagued by regular nightmares and her memory has not yet returned. And while Jean's endless devotion to Jubilee is helping her to recuperate, it is starting to put a strain on Jean's marriage to Scott.

A Friend in Need: Part III - Crash and Burn by Somogyi
Third in the wildly popular 'Friend in Need' series. A trip to the mall results in tragedy for Bobby and Jean.

Sometimes by Spark
When Logan leaves, Jubilee is left alone--again.

Happily Ever After by sparklagal
Not everyone gets a happy ending.

Once Upon A Time by sparklagal
Sequel to 'Happily Ever After'. An end...and a beginning.

It's My Life by Sparrow
After Jubilee's room is burned, she listens to a song....

Rising from the Ashes by superninja
Jubilee's 21st birthday: she has plans for Logan, but will things come together?

Hauntings by Tingle Pixie
Jubilee is forced to deal with the aftermath when Wolverine loses, among other things, his sanity.

Eye to Eye by TheMack
Logan remembers an old love.

Thicker Than Blood by 2280
Wolverine does not remember his days in the Weapon X project. But what if someone did--someone who wants revenge...

Punch Line by 2280
Sequel to Thicker Than Blood. Jubilee relects on how she feels about the appearence of Claire.

Damn Aborigine by 2280
Claire saves Jubilee on during a training session, only to find herself with a whole new set of problems.

Save for the Grace by Wallace
"Save for the grace of God go I" has never held so much meaning.

Broken Wings by Rebecca Ann West
What is Darkness? Is it a Mere Lack of Light? Or, a Terrible, Acheing, Vacancy Of the Soul? All I know, Is That Here it is Dark.....And i Ache.

The Things We Do For Love by Witheld
Crosslinked with the Blink and Sabretooth Archive: Love can enter into the very hardest of hearts.

When You Really Love A Woman by Witheld
Crosslinked with the Blink and Sabretooth Archive:
Sequel to 'The Things We Do For Love'. When Jubilee begins dating Bobby Drake, Sabretooth becomes involved.

Everything Will Be Fine Now by WolvieGal
It's Scott and Jean's anniversary, but as Psylocke discovers, not everyone is celebrating.

Everything Is Not All Right by WolvieGal
Sequel to 'Everything Will Be Fine Now'. Wolvie comes to talk to Psylocke about what she did in the last story. PG-13

Nothing Is All Right...As Usual by WolvieGal
Sequel to Everything Is Not All Right

Chaos is All Right by WolvieGal
Epilogue to the 'Everything Will Be Fine' storyline.

I Don't Wanna Be Alone by WolvieGal
Jubilee relives her escape from the Hulkster base.

Broken Glass by Raymond Wood
Angelo and Jubilee renew their friendship after the events of X-Men Unlimited #34.

Silent Screams by Raymond Wood
Based on What If # 87, the story follows a different outcome to Victor Creed's escape the night prior to the Phalanx Convenant, and the birth of Generation X.

Reborn by Raymond Wood
The birth of Rogue's child leads to the resurrection of a lost X-Man.

Accidents Will Happen by Nova Zion
Jubilee's been hit by a car and is taken to the Snow Valley hospital while Logan tries to get there. This story has a 'choose your own ending.'

Wolverine by Nova Zion
A poem.

Two Hearts Entwined by Nova Zion
The sequel to Lonely Hearts, a storyboard tale at the Wolverine and Jubilee Page. Remy and Jubilee are married and trying to have a child, with no luck thus far.

The 'Lucca' Series by Nova Zion

All Eyes On Me by Nova Zion and Dana Night
After Operation: Zero Tolerance, Jubilee need some healing time with the X-Men. But what force will change and mend a broken friendship?

Let It Be... by Wolvster
Logan contemplates the woman he loves...

Weathered by Wolvster
The years are many but there are still reasons to hold on.

Jubilee's Greatest Christmas Gift by XMenNova
It's Christmas, but what does Jubilee really want?

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