Thieves, orphans, survivors...Gambit and Jubilee have lived through it all, with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts. They are kindred spirits, and in the comics, great friends and partners. The original bad boy and bad girl, the trouble they get themselves into is the stuff of a fan-fic writer's dreams. So welcome to the Gambit and Jubilee Archive, and explore how the fans view this unique friendship.

I Drove All Night by Agent51
He knows he needs to go to her...

Whistle a Happy Tune by Dyce
When Jubilee sets her sights on someone, no one better get in her way--especially when her target is Remy LeBeau.

Two Pair by L.M. Griffin
A Gambit/Jubilee series of stories, where the Cajun thief and the Cailfornia mallrat form a bond that will follow them through good times and bad. Sort of a 'What-If' out-look in the Marvel Universe.

Nine Lives by Jen
When Logan disappears from Jubilee's life, she turns to Remy for comfort...and for love.

An Unusual Night by Megumi
A night out forces Remy and Jubilee to reevaluate their feelings for one another.

The Dragon and St. Gambit by Mercutio
When Wolverine deserts Jubes, will Gambit pick up the pieces?

Times Change and We With Time by Muir
After the Academy shuts down, Jubilee leaves in anger. Using her savings, she travels first to Paris and onto London. There, in Heathrow Airport, she bumps into Gambit. He's taking a short break from the X-Men and Jubilee moves in with him.

A Feral Kind of Love by Parodys
Jubilee has grown up and a couple of the X-Men are beginning to notice. The question is, who will she fall in love with?

Twice a Theif by Shaianne K. PeriHawk
Elseverse tales centered around Gambit and Jubilee.

A Little Romance by Katya Jade
Jubilee is an adult who has returned to the X-Mansion from college, and finds 'a little romance'.

A Simple Kind of Life by Jane
[Movieverse] The makings of an epic, as Jubilee and Remy LeBeau join forces. (Note: I've linked directly to the author's site, 'Tangent Central'--look to the left hand side of the screen for the links to the different story parts.)

Killer's Gambit by Seraph
A response to Alara's Challenge. Logan goes missing after taking on a new job, and Jubilee calls in the help of a certain thief in order to find him. Set in an elseworld's location. Logan is a professional assassin and Jubilee his protege.

No Man's Land by Perri Smith
A must-read. Gambit, Logan, Jubilee, and Delphi are on the run from the FOH.

The Darkest Night by Riolee
When Jubilee discovers a mystery surrounding the deaths of her parents, she leaves to investigate--only to discover that Gambit has followed her.

Explosive Combination by Verthril
AU Fic: Kindred Souls finding one another in the night, a collision of powers, an explosive beginning. Staring Remy and Jubilee.

Along Came A Spider by Verthril
The Sequel to Explosive Combination : Remy and Jubilee find a new ally in Manhattan after their adventures in the Shi'ar Empire.

The Forgotten by Verthril
Ultimate Universe : Even those who fall through the cracks can find strength together, to fight for what's right.

Shadow Over The Heart
[storyboard] When tragedy strikes, Jubilee finds support in the forms of Remy and Logan.

Lonely Hearts
[storyboard] Logan has left the X-Men to start a family, and Jubilee and Remy, who are deeply in love with each other, go and visit him.

Two Hearts Entwined by Nova Zion
The sequel to Lonely Hearts, a storyboard tale at the Wolverine and Jubilee Page. Remy and Jubilee are married and trying to have a child, with no luck thus far.


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