A Short Vacation by Amaranth
GenX takes a 'short vacation'. Be afraid!

Bonding--Or, As itíŽs More Commonly Known by Girls, Shopping by Amaranth
Emma's Platinum card + Jubilee. Ain't nuthin' more to be said.

So Cute by Amaranth
Sequel to 'Bonding'.

When Things Get in the Way by Amaranth
Sequel to 'So Cute'--Jubilee and Monet are the X-Mansion, when something goes terribly wrong (also linked at the 'angst' page).

GenXanth by Amaranth
With Artie and Leech lost in the magical Land of Xanth and a gnarly gnome who's up to gno good on the loose, the kids are definitely NOT on vacation.

Same Ol' Grind by Amaranth
Comedy or high torture? Jubilee and Monet get a job.

A Glass of Water by Tara Blue
Jubilee and Wolverine make cameo appearences in a story that focuses on a sick Scott Summers.

The Cave by Borath
Wolverine has a really, really bad day.

Next Time I'm Going To Hawaii! by Ana Lyssie Cotton
On vacation from the X-Men, Logan gets stuck with an uninvited guest...

Cupid Doesn't Wear Leather by Diebin
[Movieverse] It's Valentine's Day, and Logan and Jubilee go to the mall...

A Real Man by Dyce
Logan has a bit of a problem...

Chesty Man by Dyce
A poem about...er, Logan's chestiness.

Torn at the Seams by Eiluned
Hot weather, ripped shorts, and telekinesis.

Like Family by Gables
Logan is having some peculiar nightmares...

Doobie Doobie Doo by Shera Crawler 007
Logan's faced some terrifying enemies, but nothing like this before.

Little Rays of Sunshine by Melissa Garcia (a.k.a. Melfi)
Kitty and Jubilee give Logan a pet.

Have Yourself a Merry X-Mas by Heather
Jubilee comes to the Xmansion at Christmas time to find the X-Men seem to have forgotten about it.

The Wish by Lady J
and Nichole
Logan and a 12-year old Jubilee switch bodies.

Poker Faces by Loki
The X-Men. The Avengers. Jubilee. It's the poker game of the century!

Poker Faces: The Sequel by Loki
The gang's back, but this time the Avengers are hosting the game. Expect trouble.

New Maids, Old Jobs, and General Torment by JB McDonald
A response the Neon Nurse's challenge.

The Dark Ride Saga by King Doom
Great plots! Amazing dialogue! Stunning character development! None of this at all in the continued adventures of my OC, Cal Deevone!!! Will the random exclamation points ever end!!!!!!!

Chains, Planes and Strange Villains by Mercutio
X-Men, sillyfic. The X-Men are captured by an evil villain who proceeds to torture them.

When Fictives Attack by Mercutio
Mercutio's fictives give her a little talking to.

Deck the Malls by Mercutio
It's Christmas, and Wolverine and Jubilee are at the mall.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Mercutio
Sequel to '
Bobby, Rogue, and the Vat of Hair Dye'. Emma assigns the class to write an essay on how they spent their summer vacation. Jubilee tries to figure out how to hide the truth without lying.

Jubie's First Date by Ms. Marvel
It's Jubilee's first date, and Wolverine has a few questions for the guy taking her out...

God...er, Dog by Mice
Comedy/Angst Jubilee flies to LA to help Bobby cope with his family.

When in Rome by Mice
Sequel to 'God...er, Dog'.

Bands of Gold by Mice
Prequel to 'God...er, Dog' and 'When in Rome'.

Subreality Hopscotch by Kelly Newcomb
Starring a teleporting Wolverine, with tongue-in-cheek references to other fanfics.

Warnings by Dana Night
Dana gets a few warnings from her favorite Marvel mutants.

Punk Rock Jubilee by Raven
What happens to Jubilee when Gen X finds out shes not as innocent as they thought?

"The Addiction" or "The Breaking of Jubilee" by Salamander
Jubilee has a little problem. Will the leaders of the X-Men, her headmasters, and Logan be enough for her to admit it?

Road Trip! by WhildChilds
Wolvie and Jubes take a road trip, and things will never be the same!

A Disaster of a Different Kind by WolvieGal
One fan's reaction to the X-Men Movie, and how it changes her life...

Jubilee Ever After by WolvieGal
Jubilee has got the flu and Wolvie keeps her company. Only thing is, Jubilee wants him to entertain her.

A Canucklehead Christmas Carol by WolvieGal
Charles Dickens--X-Men style.

Gremlins Take Westchester! by Verthril
When Logan returns home with a "special gift" for Jubilee, chaos ensues!

One Night... by XMenNova
When Logan finds Bobby in Jubilee's bed...well, use your imagination!



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