Distant Voices by Andraste
Takes place in the aftermath of X-Men #98.

Fishing Trip by Andraste
Magneto and Professor X pretend to be dead in order to go...fishing.

Fishing Trip: The Same Generation by Andraste
The adventure continues...

Kilted Apologies by Ana Lyssie Cotton
Pete Wisdom, accompanied by his sister, apologizes to Kitty in the only way he can...

Justifiable Homicide by Ana Lyssie Cotton
Blood scares you? Turn back now and read something lighter.

I Keep Falling Off The Roof by Ana Lyssie Cotton
Gambit reflects on life and death.

Peace on Earth by Amaranth
[TCP] One terrible night will change a young mutant's life forever.

The Longest Night by Ascian
When Beast and Cecilia are kidnapped from a medical conference, it is up to Gambit and Marrow to find them.

Hearts of Fire by Ascian
Sequel to 'The Longest Night'. While on vacation in New Orleans, Gambit and Marrow do a job for the Guild. The cost? Their lives.

 Zero Plus One by Azurine
"At first, everyone chalked it up to hero worship brought on by Logan's involvement in their escape from Weapon X. Logan surprised them all by tolerating the attention with what passed for good-natured humor, Wolverine-style. He's not sure what amazes the others more: Bobby's attachment to him, or the fact that he appears to reciprocate."

Under A Blue Kentucky Sky by Dr. Benway
The X-Men gather when tragedy strikes.

Love Affairs Are Horrible by Dandelion
Gambit and Pete Wisdom reflect on their "bad luck".

The Alchemy Arc by Dandelion
A series of stories that take place after Scott's death, and that focus on Jean and her new relationship with Remy LeBeau.

Destination: Central by Dandelion
Sequel to 'Love Affairs Are Horrible'.

Orphans by Dex
Scott and Jubilee have a heart to heart, and the leader of the X-Men helps her to see the things they have in common.

Eulogy by Dex
Jubilee says goodbye to Cyclops in her own way. Follows events referred to in Dex's classic tale, 'Orphans'.

After Midnight by Diamonde
Unable to sleep, Gambit finds someone who is in sore need of some comfort.

The Other Side by Diamonde
Mystique takes Pyro home for Christmas.

Mutant High by Crescent Dreamweaver
A 10th Kingdom/X-Men: Evolution crossover. When the daughter of Wolf and Virginia enrolls in Bayville High, she is befriended by a special boy.

Test of Friendship by Crescent Dreamweaver
Sequel to 'Mutant High'. Crescent finally tells the X-Men about her fairy tale family, but the results are not what she expected. Can friendship survive?

A Beautiful Night by John Duffin
A vignette set after the death of Colossus.

I Do Not Love Thee, Mr. Twinkie by Dyce
A poem.

Counting One by Dyce
A poem.

A Certain Face by Dyce
A poem about Hank.

A Homely Touch by Dyce
Sally Marsden, cook and sympath extrodinaire, is stuck with the X-Men. But does anyone mind? No way!

The Road Not Travelled by Dyce
An alternate 'future' for Hank and Sally.

Goodnight, Sleep Tight by Dyce
Hard to describe without giving the story away...so read it!

A Man, A Woman, and a Tooth by Dyce
Wolvie needs one of his teeth pulled.

Psycho-analysing My Symbiote by Dyce
Eddie Brock gets analysed...

The 'Life' Series by Dyce
A collection of stories centered around Pete Wisdom.

The No Story by Dyce
Hank and Cecelia don't want to face their attraction to each other.

The Taste of Letting Go by Dyce
Kurt and Pete, bemoaning the lack of love in their lives, get wasted.

Dispensing The Shopping by Dyce
Scott has just gotten back from a trip to the store.

Fluffy Friendly Fever Dreams by Dyce
Cable is hallucinating...in Care Bear land...

The Song-Title Series by Dyce
A series of stories about a relationship between Jono and Jubilee.

Briny Deep by DuAnn Cowart
Deadpool, Madelyne Pryor, Domino, and Cable--stuck in a raft. Need I say more?

Zoo Day by DuAnn Cowart
Sequel to 'Briny Deep'. Deadpool and Cable meet at the zoo to discuss some...family business.

Four Years and Running by DuAnn Cowart
Sequel to 'Zoo Day'. The craziness continues...

Moment by DuAnn Cowart
This story is set sometime in the nebulous years of X-Force a few years ago before the team went out on their own and some time after Iceman's possession by Emma Frost.

Hidden Underneath by Eiluned
A Wolverine is not an animal.

Neatly Folded by Fionny
Bobby and Scott bond over feminine underthings...

Diamonds Etched in Blood by Galaxia Alpha
After the events that led to Remy being abandoned in Antarctica, the thief tries to piece his life back together, but is interrupted by the kidnapping of an old teammate.

Tears at the Crossroads by Galaxia Alpha
The sequel to Diamonds Etched in Blood! After using his powers to defeat Sinister, Remy is left barely holding on to life... and possibly about to let go... Just to let you know, there is a sequel to the piece that I'm working on.

Futures in the Mist by Galaxia Alpha
This is the sequel to Tears at the Crossroads, which is the sequel to Diamonds Etched in Blood: Mysteriously healed, Remy is called upon by New Son to do a job while he is secretly tormented by strange dreams of an unknown future.

Sneezes Make Lightning Bolts by Galaxia, Faile, & Skyflare
When Remy brings home a stray cat, chaos ensues.

Breathe by Genki Girl
When Gateway drops by for a 'visit' at the mansion, chaos ensues as the entire team, especially a particular Cajun, try to figure out who the new girl is that Gateway left behind with them.

Two Pair by L.M. Griffin
A Gambit/Jubilee series of stories, where the Cajun thief and the Cailfornia mallrat form a bond that will follow them through good times and bad. Sort of a 'What-If' out-look in the Marvel Universe.

Blinking Chaos by Darth Gouki
[Linked to author's site] Age of Apocalypse refugees Blink, Sabretooth, Wild Child, Prelate Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Weapon X are lost in the "normal" Marvel Universe, and must adjust accordingly.

Sadie Hawkins Day by Indigo
Angelo meets someone...special.

Mutie Godmother by Indigo
Marrow and Domino have a heart-to-heart.

The Invisible Lie
by Indigo
Logan, Jean...and Scott. Or was that Apocalypse?

Vale of the Sun, Valley of the Snow by Indigo
Special guest stars--a switch occurs in Limbo, dragging two couples into two different universes.

Break Through by Kassia
When Bobby finds himself a prisoner on Genosha, he has no memory of why he there. His only ally? His cellmate, Magneto.

The Blind Eye by Kassia
A terrible murder. A list of suspects, all of them X-Men. And Scott is on the case...

Postscript by Lady Kate
Love sucks--especially when you're the guy standing in the middle of a break-up between two friends.

The Morning After by Latex
The truth comes out after a one night stand between Remy and Marrow.

No One Said It Would Be Easy by Latex
Personalities clash and tempers flare when Warren confronts Logan over his intentions towards Jean.

Every Rose by Latex
Forbidden passion; conflict; soul-baring; angst; heartbreak. Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum love story. R

Breakfast Imbroglio by Link
Wolverine and Bobby face off at breakfast over who gets the last of the cereal. Written in preparation for a GRE exam.
Note: The email address for this author does not seem to be working. If the author should see this story and want it removed from the archive, let me know.

Thanksgiving by Quinn Logan
The spirit of Thanksgiving hits the X-Men as they consider what they have in their lives to be thankful for.

Bone and Blood by K-Nice
Elseworlds.Detectives Lebeau and Munroe follow the twists and turns of a murder case that has plagued them for months.

Dancing Ashes by Dannell Lites
Magneto finally catches up to his past.

Hero Under Pressure by Mara Greengrass
When Wraith is away, the guards of Weapon X will play.

Rubber Ducky by JBMcDragon and Paradoqz
Panty raids and Rogue blow-up dolls? Priceless.

The Iceman's New Clothes by Mercutio
Bobby, X-Men. When Bobby gets caught being a peeping tom, he finds the repercussions to be somewhat embarrassing. Response to Maria Cline's Naked challenge.

Bobby, Rogue, and the Vat of Hair Dye by Mercutio
Bobby, Rogue, Jubilee.  When Bobby decides to play a prank on someone, perhaps he should think twice about his choice of targets.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Mercutio
Sequel to 'Bobby, Rogue, and the Vat of Hair Dye'. Emma assigns the class to write an essay on how they spent their summer vacation. Jubilee tries to figure out how to hide the truth without lying.

Between The Shore And The Deep Blue Sea by Alicia McKenzie
A day at the beach for Cable and Domino...

Chalice by Alicia McKenzie
An Elseworlds tale...

Flying Dutchman by Alicia McKenzie
Grandfather, father, and son...together in a spaceship...

Conversation Over Hot and Sour Soup by Alicia McKenzie
Not long after moving into the mansion with X-Force, Cable goes to meet an old friend for a glimpse into his future.

Icons by Alicia McKenzie
This story is set sometime in the thirty-second century, over a thousand years after current Marvel continuity, and five centuries before Cable's time.

History Buffs by Alicia McKenzie
The author meets a certain "Chosen Son" at the library.

Just Believe by Alicia McKenzie
What if the 12 Saga had ended the way it SHOULD have...happily? What would Cable and Domino be doing on New Year's Eve, 1999? :)

Take Me Out To The Ballgame by Alicia McKenzie
Scott and Cable's trip into the city takes an unexpected turn.

Sparring by Alicia McKenzie
Skin and Cable have a heart-to-heart.

Suncross: Ash and Shadow by Alicia McKenzie
A What-if story.

Suncross: Eden In Your Dreams by Alicia McKenzie
Sequel to 'Ash and Shadow', and tells the story of how Cable and Cecilia 'get together' in this universe.

Tales of the Wild Pack by Alicia McKenzie
A collection of fantastic stories detailing Cable's years with the Wild Pack, a period of time in which he adapted to the twentieth century--and met Domino.

Mindful of Each Ghost by Alicia McKenzie
Set sometime after UXM #383. Gambit faces off with Cable, who is behaving in a disturbing manner.

Desperate Times, Ramen Noodles by Mel
A struggling lab technician is hired by Hank McCoy.

Winning Bets by Mel
The sequel to 'Desperate Times, Ramen Noodles'. Naomi meets Bobby Drake.

The Land of the Beautiful People by Mel
Sequel to 'Winning Bets'. Naomi moves into the X-Mansion--but can she survive being around so many beautiful people?

The Thingness of Being by Amanda
Sequel to 'The Land of the Beautiful People'. Naomi and Bobby enjoy each other's company.

Something Beyond Seeing by MizzMarvel
[X-Men Evolution] In the aftermath of "Day of Reckoning," Rogue is in serious need of being rescued. But who will REALLY save her?

Everyone Says I Love You by Mice
A hilarious, heartbreaking collection of stories that revolve around Bobby Drake, his family, and the X-Men.

The 'Kayoed' Series by Melissa Miller
There¡¦ a new resident in Xavier¡¦ School For Higher Learning, and the riotous, free-spirited girl¡¦ got everyone¡¦ favorite X-Men on their toes

Case X-1743: Unresolved Notes by Minisinoo
X-Files/X-Men Crossover. Long ago, Mulder investigated a case involving a young man with red beams coming out of his eyes. Case unresolved...until something happens that attracts his attention....

Something To Remember Me By by Meridian
Pictures, memories...do some dreams have to die?

Merely Superstitous by Nico
While on a routine mission, Gambit and Jean are held captive by a woman with strange powers.

Running to Catch Up by Nico
Rogue and Gambit are attacked by a gang of mutants while on a "date".

Shades of Red: Ruby, Fire, and Blood by paxnirvana
A terrible accident leaves Scott trapped in Rogue's body.

Come the Apocalypse by Persephone
Companion piece to Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? by Persephone
[Shadowlands] A hilarious look at what happens when an unlikely group of characters cross paths.

A Single Step Together by Persephone
The alternate world story of En Sabah Nur, and the woman he loved.

Just a Couple of Kids, After All... by Sue Penkivech
Set while all mutants are without their powers thanks to the High Evolutionary, Bobby Drake returns to the mansion to visit his friends, and makes a new friend in Kitty Pryde

Undercloak by queenB
In a different version of the Crimson Dawn arc, Psylocke tries to reclaim what is left of her life while the debt she owes to the Crimson Dawn looms over her every action. Archangel and Wolverine both try to help her through her struggles, but Psylocke realizes that only she can save herself.

Last Call by queenB
Two months after the events in "Undercloak," Logan deals with the aftermath and shares an interesting moment with Gomurr the Ancient.

For Remembrance by queenB
After Scott's "death" in X-Men 98, Warren pays his respects.

The Cat's Tail by QuilleCougrr
Logan and Gambit bring a young homeless mutant back to the Mansion.

The Jumper by Raietta
A depressed young woman attempts suicide, only to find her life turned upside down by a certain Cajun mutant.

A Day In The Life by Raietta
A leetle Beast fic. Yay!

Of The Earth by Riolee
An injured mutant woman and her infant daughter arrive at the mansion, where heated accusations are made against Gambit. How will the team adjust to this woman, to her daughter, and to her accusations?

The Happiest Night by RogueStar
Long buried secrets come out on Rogue and Gambit's wedding night.

Charming by Rose
Logan goes into the desert to meet his gods. Will Scott be ready for what awaits him there?

After Midnight by Amanda Sichter
"When he didn't come back, she took to smothering babies..."

All Creatures Great and Small by Amanda Sichter
What if humans weren't the only mutants?

Dealing with the Devil by Amanda Sichter
Remy has died and, not too surprisingly, found his way into Hell. But is this Cajun charmer going to stay there?

Remember, When Falling by Amanda Sichter
If you're a romantic, then this story is for you...

The Princess, The Thief & The Tall, Stone Tower by Amanda Sichter
A very sweet, very wonderful, Elseworlds tale.

The Shadow Inside by Amanda Sichter
What if Beast had been possessed by the Shadow King?

The Sunrise Ritual by KC Solano
Two friends renew a ritual.

A Friend in Need: Part III - Crash and Burn by Somogyi
Third in the wildly popular 'Friend in Need' series. A trip to the mall results in tragedy for Bobby and Jean.

Sunnydale Sentinals by StrangerWithMyFace
Buffy/X-Men Crossover. The Sentinels take up residence in Sunnydale.

Ultimate Change by Witheld
[Ultimate X-Men] The real reason Logan joined the X-Men.

The Golden Goose Series by Various Authors
Set in the Ultimate X-Men universe: the thoughts of a special mutant prisoner in the Weapon-X program...



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