We've Got Company
The Marauders invade the Mansion, and it is up to Jubilee and Wolverine to stop them.

On the eve of her marriage, Jubilee realizes who she should really be with.

Forever, and Eternity
Jubilee finds herself in an abusive marriage. 

Jealousy's Jest: A Soap Opera
Logan and Jubilee are getting married...to other people.

Jubilee's Bored!
Jubilee is bored, and to make matters worse, she's on a sugar high! Be afraid...be
very afraid.

Jubilee's Eighteenth
Drunk, Jubilee does something she's wanted to do for a very long time.

Jubilee's Missing!
Jubilee is kidnapped from the mall.

Jubilee's Sinister Gift
Sinister makes some...alterations...to Jubilee. 

Lonely Hearts
Logan has left the X-Men to start a family, and Jubilee and Remy, who are deeply in love with each other, go and visit him.

Shadow Over The Heart
When tragedy strikes, Jubilee finds support in the forms of Remy and Logan.

Romeo and Juliet: X-Men Style
Jubilee falls in love with Victor Creed's son, Ethan.

Wonderful Journey
Jubilee is kidnapped from her wedding.

Jubilee: Vampire Slayer
Jubilee is called as the new Vampire Slayer!

It's a Wonderful Life, Jubilee
Guardian angels comes to Jubilee, and show her what life would have been like if she had not been born.

The Past Remembers
Sometimes, the past catches up with you.

The Perfect Weapon
Sequel to 'The Past Remembers'.

The Past Revisted

Sequel to 'The Perfect Weapon'.

Back To Mojo: Jubilee Style!
"Compliance always did what she was told. She had been ordered by her master to kill a feral mutant. She had killed only once before, before she was Compliance. When she was still Jubilee. That was a long time ago, before she had sold her soul for a minute of life. Life for someone she loved."

Sick As A Wolverine
Set in the Movieverse. When Logan's healing factor is compromised, he catches the flu and is forced to spend some time with Jubilee.

Logan's Magenetic Personality
Set in the Movieverse. After a mission, Logan suddenly becomes...er, 'magnetic'.

Everything Old Is New Again
Set in the Movieverse. Logan loses his mind, and in the ensuing scuffle, takes Jubilee hostage.

Sessions with the Wolverine
Sequel to 'Everything Old is New Again'.

Sparks and Ice
Jubilee takes a break from college, trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do with her life. What follows is a heart to heart with none other than Bobby Drake.

The Return of Ascian
The writers of the storyboard wrote a wonderful story for me. Let the Muses come!

What Dreams May Come
When Logan disappears, Jubilee, Gambit, and Nick Fury go in search for him


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